Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Sometimes Thinking Too Much Is Also Considered Showering Affection on an Uninterested Party

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Gu Mohan turned around and spoke with a deep voice, “This thing is my replacement and it will protect you on my behalf, I definitely have to familiarize myself with it.”

Protect her?

F*ck his protection!

“Mr Gu, what’s with the provocative language? I’ll report you to the police and have them arrest you!”

Gu Mohan sat on the edge of the bed, supporting himself with one hand. His muscular body loomed over her from above and his other hand was busy massaging her abdomen. “On what grounds, engaging in sexual services? Don’t joke, if it’s about prostitution then the both of us will end up in the police station.”


Tang Mo’er was speechless, she stretched out her fair hand and tucked her black, silky hair behind her ears. Her two slender arms were laying on the bed and she lifted her head to look at him with her pouty red lips and beautiful eyes.

Gu Mohan’s strong body froze, he had considered himself different to other mere men, who were always blinded by beauty and sex and couldn’t control their desires. However, at this moment, he couldn’t deny the fact that he truly doubted himself.

Gu Mohan bent down and kissed her hair, her body scent captivated him. “Do you need me to help you paste your pad?”

Tang Mo’er was stunned, he was an influential businessmen who wanted to help paste a woman’s pad?”

Does he even know how to do it?

“Mmm, there’s no need…”

“Then do you need my help washing your underwear?”

Washing my underwear?!

A vivid scene popped up in Tang Mo’er’s mind, her tiny underwear held in his strong, masculine hands and he would wash and twist it around. God, how embarrassing!

“I don’t need you to help me wash my underwear!” Tang Mo’er shrieked, rejecting him with her face fully flushed like a radiator. Secretly, she was happy inside, this man was really quite considerate.

Tang Mo’er wore a white, pure cotton underwear with a cartoon character printed on it. Underneath it all, she was truly… a cutesy girl.

Rubbing his thin lips against her tiny face, he whispered against her cheeks, “Aren’t you thinking too much?”

With blushing red cheeks, her delicate face was like an irresistible red apple that he wanted to just ravish and eat her up. Cocking her head, she asked in a puzzled manner, “What?”

“Don’t forget, it’s not only your underwear that you need to wash…”


Tang Mo’er took a few seconds before she finally understood him, he didn’t actually want to help wash her underwear—!

The sweet feeling she felt towards him vanished and she leapt off the bed to pummel him with her tiny fists.

Shameless! Gangster! Huge jerk!

Sex-driven jerk!

Gu Mohan held her fists in his palms, giving her a spurious smile, “Sometimes, thinking too much is also considered showering affection on an uninterested party. Your underwear is full of blood and it won’t be clean even if you scrub it clean with soap. Just throw it away, I’ll buy you some new ones tomorrow.”

Tang Mo’er just wanted to claw at his handsome face, her clear eyes were watery and she pouted her red lips. “Other men buy their partners jewelry but Mr Gu only buys me new underwear, do I really need to thank you?”

Gu Mohan knew that she was angry, but her look as an angry little kitten was extremely charming. “If you really need me to wash your underwear, I can do it if you want. However, Mo’er, before I do it, are you willing to bring our relationship to the next level and wash my underwear too, hm?”

Tang Mo’er answered his question with her actions, she pushed him away and ran into the bathroom.

She was not willing!

She didn’t want to fall further into this experienced man’s trap!

In the bathroom.

Tang Mo’er entered through the frosted glass door and took a hot shower, taking care to cleanse herself thoroughly. Soon after, she was finished and stepped out, drying herself before putting the pad on her new underwear. With one delicate finger, she hooked her blood-soaked underwear and threw it straight into the bin before she made her way out of the steamy bathroom.

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