Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 143 - I’m Bleeding, Gu Mohan. Did I Suffer a Miscarriage?

Chapter 143: I’m Bleeding, Gu Mohan. Did I Suffer a Miscarriage?

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Gu Mohan raised his brows and lifted Tang Mo’er up without another word.

As Yan Dong opened the doors to the presidential suite, Gu Mohan carried Tang Mo’er and stopped beside Huo Beichen, his eyes piercing as he glared at Huo Beichen with deep and narrowed eyes. “Don’t let me catch you touching her again, or I’ll chop your hands off.”


Gu Mohan carried Tang Mo’er into the room.

In the presidential suite.

Tang Mo’er was placed on the plush, handmade carpet, Gu Mohan walked in front of his desk and put down the documents. With firm hands and slender fingers, his moves were steady and deliberate as he moved to unbutton his shirt, shrugging off his gray blazer before he hung it on the chair. As he rolled up his sleeves, his gaze was fixed on her. “You are not allowed to wear so little clothing before leaving your room.”

Mm, he was… angry.

As she looked at his cold side profile, Tang Mo’er pressed her cherry lips into an unhappy pout, seemingly displeased. “How am I wearing too little? I am not even revealing anything.”

Although it was a silk nightdress, it was still considered normal, nothing was exposed at all. In fact, she wore similar dresses for event appearances.

Gu Mohan walked towards her after hearing her words, he was exuding an extraordinary aura when he wore a white shirt with black trousers. “Beichen was pressing himself against you in that way even though you were dressed decently. I guarantee that you would have been raped if you had revealed anything more.”

Tang Mo’er sniffled her tiny red nose and her eyelashes fluttered as she blinked. With a petulant pout, she mumbled to herself, “It’s not my fault that I am born this pretty, it’s also not my fault that men are attracted to me. Do you need to be so petty and be angry with me because of such small matters?”


Gu Mohan stretched out his large palm and held on to her tiny face, he could only observe her red nose and eyes, it was as if she was about to cry.

His pupils contracted. “What exactly happened today? Why are you crying when I’ve only told you off a little, hm?”

If he was honest with himself, he was more than a little jealous. The thought of Huo Beichen pressing her against the wall made him feel a tightness in his chest that threatened to spill over in dark rage. If he was not mistaken, Huo Beichen was definitely hard. He wanted to kill him.

“I’m bleeding, Gu Mohan. Did I suffer a miscarriage?” With her wide eyes that were glistening in tears and her soft voice, she looked the epitome of pitiful and helpless.

Gu Mohan was stunned, he then shifted his gaze down to look at her thighs. Her silk nightdress only covered down to her knees, he stretched out a slender index finger to lift up her dress.

“What are you doing?” Tang Mo’er screeched and hurriedly pushed his hand down, not allowing him to lift up her dress.

“Mo’er, if you’re not going to let me check, I won’t be able to figure out if you’ve had a miscarriage?” He raised the corner of his sexy lips and revealed a spurious smile.

Tang Mo’er blushed, she had accidentally been fooled by him again.

With her pale and delicate face now embarrassingly red, she pouted her pinkish lips, “Gu Mohan, you’re not concerned about the baby and I at all! I’m bleeding and you’re still in the mood to joke around?”

Gu Mohan moved his Adam’s apple and spoke thoughtlessly, “You’re not pregnant, how can you have a miscarriage?”


Tang Mo’er stared at him in shock.

“That time when you were drugged, I didn’t break your hymen. You’re still a virgin. It’s impossible for you to be pregnant.” His explanation was concise and to the point.

Tang Mo’er gaped at him, opening and closing her mouth wordlessly. It took her a full minute to understand his words. Taking two steps forward, she punched him squarely in his muscular chest. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier, you did this on purpose. You even duped me into dating you with my pregnancy as a reason. Gu Mohan, you jerk!”

Gu Mohan allowed her to hit him, before pulling her head towards him as he kissed her on the lips.

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