Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 1408 - Meeting Him

Chapter 1408: Meeting Him

It hadn’t been long since Lu Yeming had given the order to have her exiled out of Country A. Meanwhile, he was sitting in a luxury car with Mu Yanyan.

A quiver ran through Jun Xiqing’s heart. She desperately wished to rush up and give his car two hard kicks, or to pounce forward and scratch that smug, frivolous face of his.

But she could only dream as she was surrounded by a gang of Imperial Forest Army soldiers. She would be shot to bits if she dared to make a sudden move. By the time she looked up again, the car had driven away.

Jun Xiqing was filled with fury. He was right. She was nothing now while he remained a high and mighty ruler.

“Miss Jun, please go and pack up your things now. I will come over tomorrow morning to personally send you off.”

After that debacle, Jun Xiqing returned to her hotel room. As for her belongings, she didn’t have much to pack. She never imagined that she would end up in the exact same situation as she was three years earlier. Being chased away by him.

It was aggravating.

Extremely frustrating.

But she would be leaving tomorrow. Since they had broken up, there was no reason for her to remain in Country A. She would go seek out her birth parents and take her first step toward a brighter tomorrow.

Jun Xiqing shut her eyes and went to sleep.

The next morning, Fan Men came to personally see Jun Xiqing and Ping Ping off.

Jun Xiqing suddenly thought of something. Where was the jade pendant that she always had on her?

She felt about with her hand. The jade pendant was nowhere to be found on her body.

Her heart gave a heavy thump. She wore this jade pendant everywhere she went. How did it disappear? This jade pendant was closely linked to her birth history.

What should she do?

The jade pendant was gone!

Jun Xiqing quickly calmed herself down. She carefully recalled how she could have misplaced the pendant.

Hmm… The jade pendant was still on her when she had gone to the bar.

It disappeared after she left the bar.

Lu Yeming?

Yesterday at the bar, she only had a brief moment of physical contact with him. Would he know where her jade pendant was?

Even if he didn’t know. He was the ruler of Country A. He could easily help her investigate the whereabouts of the pendant.

Jun Xiqing broke out in cold sweat. The jade pendant meant a lot to her. It was imperative she recovered it.

“Steward Fan.” Jun Xiqing looked at Fan Men.

“Yes, Miss Jun.”

“I wish to see President Lu. Now. Immediately. Right away!”

“This…” Fan Men hesitated. “Alright Ms Jun. I will call His Highness and ask if he is willing to meet you.”

The Palace.

Lu Yeming didn’t sleep the entire night. Since returning last night, he had been working in his study all the way until now.

Reading the documents with lowered eyes, he held a lit cigarette between his long fingers. The ashtray was full of ash and the entire study was steeped in the smoky smell of tobacco.

He had never been a heavy smoker.

But his chest was full of grievance, and he wished to use tobacco to soothe himself.

Jun Xiqing…

The image of Jun Xiqing’s little face suddenly appeared in his mind’s eye. She was saying resolutely to him: Lu Yeming, let’s break up then!

His deep eyes were bloodshot as rage and anger filled his heart. He had actually been dumped by a woman.

It was preposterous. Given his good upbringing and his gentlemanly attitude toward women, he had never behaved ungraciously toward any woman whom he had a relationship with.

But yesterday at the bar, he had given the order to Fan Men to exile her out of Country A. He had even passed the message to ask her to stay far away from him, or he would kill her.

Was he under a spell?

He felt like he was having some sort of a mental breakdown.

This breakup shouldn’t matter. With his qualifications, there were countless young ladies who wished to marry him. Why did he need to stoop to such low levels?

Lu Yeming reached out and swept all the documents on his desk onto the floor.

His heart ached.

Three years ago when Mo’er left him, he had felt a heart-wrenching pain. Since her return, he had not experienced such a pain again.

Now, his heart was suddenly aching again.

Lu Yeming pressed his chest and massaged it. Had he been driven mad by that Jun Xiqing?

Taking out his cell phone, Lu Yeming scrolled down to a number. Looking at that number, his frustrations started to ease and his expression softened.

He gently caressed that number and clicked “call”.

But then he immediately clicked “cancel”.

He did not dare to call her.

He did not dare to call her at all.

He knew she was living a very good life now. He did not dare to bother her again.

It had become a luxury to hear her voice.

Lu Yeming got up and stood tall and erect before the floor-length windows. As he surveyed Country A’s landscape, his gaze drifted afar.

His cell phone rang at his moment.

It was Fan Men.

Lu Yeming accepted the call. “Hello.”

“Master,” Fan Men greeted him. “Miss Jun wants to meet you.”

She wanted to meet him.

Lu Yeming’s eyes went blank for a couple of seconds. His lips then slowly curled up. He was smiling.

In seconds, his heart suddenly stopped aching. He lifted his eyes and looked at his own reflection in the window glass. Lu Yeming, what are you smiling for?

His lips instantly flattened into a straight line, displaying a cold, harsh expression. “Ask her to leave. I am not meeting her.”

At that moment, a moving voice sounded out. “Lu Yeming!”

She sounded very anxious. Melodious and soothing, she sounded really enticing.

Lu Yeming’s fingers twitched imperceptibly. He recalled the day when she got her voice back. He had pushed aside a national-level meeting and rushed over just to hear her call him “Lu Yeming”.

She had refused to call him in the past when he wanted her to.

“Hmm?” He subconsciously answered.

“Lu Yeming, I have something important to tell you. I want to meet you now!”

Lu Yeming remained silent for a few seconds before speaking in a mild tone. “Have Fan Men bring you over. I will give you three minutes.”

He hung up the phone.

Jun Xiqing heard the dead dial tone and her heart grumbled. This President Lu really knew how to sulk.

Jun Xiqing followed Fan Men to the palace. She stood outside, waiting anxiously.

The doors opened and a tall, regal figure walked out.

Lu Yeming had just bathed and changed into a black shirt and a pair of black pants. His face was exquisitely chiselled and extremely elegant. His deep almond-shaped eyes landed on her palm-sized face.

“Speak. What’s the matter?”

His low, magnetic voice was devoid of any warmth.

Jun Xiqing dashed toward him. “Lu Yeming, did you see my jade pendant? After I was with you yesterday, my pendant disappeared.”

Jun Xiqing observed that man’s face anxiously only to see his face frost over.

Lu Yeming looked at her and gave a slight smirk, giving off an exceptionally scornful vibe. “Jun Xiqing, you came looking for me over a lousy jade pendant?”

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