Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 1121 - I Will Never Touch Your Lips

Chapter 1121: I Will Never Touch Your Lips

He wanted to buy one night of her time with money.

Feng Lingxue lifted her eyes, looking at him calmly. “Silver Mask King, you may not fully understand my market price. If you want to buy a night of my time, convert this box of cash into a box filled with checks before coming to me.”

Xuan Ying narrowed those inky eyes, pinching her jaw with more force.

Feng Lingxue could feel her jaw almost being crushed by him, but she remained composed, exuding a charismatic look with her eyes. “We can try out many different things in a night, it’s a different price if you choose not to use condoms. In your case, you’re definitely going to use SM on me, a box full of checks is probably not even enough.”

Right after she said that, the man pulled her arm, forcing her to sit on his muscular lap.

“Feng Lingxue, I know that you’re promiscuous, but I hadn’t expected you to be so slutty. How many men have you slept with, do you remember, or have you lost count?”

Feng Lingxue looked in his eyes, “Silver Mask King, are you really talking to a prostitute about this? I’m slutty and filthy, I’ll probably dirty your clothes if I sit on your lap. Just let me kneel on the ground.”

Xuan Ying’s eyes were just like ink that spilled everywhere, he finally erupted just like a raging storm.

She continued provoking him, over and over again.

It had been three years, she really was full of spikes. Or perhaps, it’s because she wasn’t afraid of him enough yet. She thought he was the same old Brother Ying, she had no idea how brutal he had become.

Stretching his hand out, he ripped her maxi dress.

Feng Lingxue was trained in everything after entering Ah Jiao’s Room, from the music to literature, but the only thing she didn’t learn was martial arts. If only she had learned some martial arts, she would have been able to protect herself. But the problem was, she was supposed to serve men in the Ah Jiao’s Room, how could she even learn to resist them?

So she had no ways of protecting herself against him.

She tried to press on the top half of her dress, since he had ripped the bottom half apart.

Her delicate skin was exposed to the air, making her feel the chill in the evening air. She quickly held onto her bra.

Xuan Ying knew what she was planning to do, she was trying to cover her intimate parts, the last piece of her so-called dignity. He grinned, revealing a mouthful of pearly white teeth just like a wild beast that was ready to pounce onto her and bite her.

He would only let go once she fell under his hands.

Lifting a finger, he pulled her bra strap forcibly.

“Ahh!” Feng Lingxue screamed.

Her chest felt cold, her clothes were ripped open and she was completely exposed.

She lifted her arm, wanting to give him a slap.

But he was Xuan Ying. With movements as fast as lightning, he caught her hand and forced it behind her body as he let out a cynical laugh. “Tsk tsk, you’re angry? Taking your clothes off should be what you do best, like all prostitutes do.”

Feng Lingxue’s eyes reddened. Other than the two of them, a chauffeur was present in the limousine. The partition hadn’t been lifted up and the chauffeur had seen her, even if it was just her back view.

Gritting her teeth while shuddering, every breath was frosty. “What exactly do you want from me?”

“Are you afraid of me now? Do you concede?” he asked.

Feng Lingxue knew that he not only planned to humiliate her, he wanted to step on her, destroy the last shred of dignity she had left.

“If you don’t answer, it means that you’re not afraid yet. Excellent, it seems a common slut is trying to set up her chastity board. Now let me push you out and let everyone see your unclothed body for free.”

W-What did he just say?

Feng Lingxue’s pupils contracted with horror.

Xuan Ying twisted his arm, her curvaceous body leaving his lap. He pushed her against the door from behind. There was a huge crowd outside. His underlings, the guests at the party, there were too many pairs of eyes.

She was exposed on top.

Feng Lingxue fell on the carpet of the limousine, clutching at anything she could grab, refusing to get out. One fingernail broke, digging into her flesh. It hurt so much.

Bending over, Xuan Ying raked his fingers through her hair and he yanked it, pressing her face against the carpet forcibly. He exuded a devilish charm even when he did such a heinous act. “Are you afraid yet? Do you concede?”

Feng Lingxue clutched at the door, having flashbacks of her early days at Ah Jiao’s Room. Whenever she didn’t obey the instructions given, she would be whipped and not given any food. One day, she climbed up the window ledge, wanting to just jump down and die. Death seemed like a better option than living such an ill life. She didn’t want to end up like her mother, being thrown into the military base to become a prostitute. She wanted to escape from this miserable destiny.

Right when she was about to jump, Brother Ying appeared. He hugged her, bringing her back to the ground.

It was then that Brother Ying had given her a piece of candy. She placed the candy in her mouth, it was so sweet.

It was her first time tasting sweetness in life.

Feng Lingxue fluttered her lashes, tears trickling down her cheeks.

She moved her lips and relented. “I’m afraid… I concede…”

After she backed down, he let go of her long hair, lifting her up.

She sat on his lap again.

Xuan Ying looked at her. Her hair was messy, a few strands entangled around her neck. He was too heavy handed just now, her face had become red just like a freshly bloomed rose that had been ravaged and beaten in a storm.

Lifting his hand to caress her face, her skin was as smooth as silk. He was obsessed with that feeling. “Now you’re being good.”

After speaking, he buried his face into her…

All color drained from Feng Lingxue’s face, it was pale as a sheet of paper. It was such an intimate action that only couples in love would engage in, but she hadn’t felt a single bit of warmth from it.

Xuan Ying lifted his head, kissing her face. He had exerted so much force just now when he pressed her face against the ground. He drew his brows together as he kissed her. “Are you dead? I’m not expecting you to moan sensually, but you don’t even have any reaction at all. Are you trying to make me unhappy?”

Feng Lingxue dodged. He could kiss any other part of her, except her face that had just been pressed against the ground by him.

“I don’t know what I should say, what I should do. Silver Mask King, you can teach me.”

Xuan Ying’s eyes turned bloodshot. He loved it when she listened to him and behaved obediently, but now he felt that she was too robotic. It irritated him.

Slumping on the seat, he grabbed her slim waist. Her performance in the lobby earlier suddenly flashed past his mind. Three years had passed and she had become even more charming. Pulling her into his arms, he ordered, “Serve me like how you usually serve other men.”


Feng Lingxue hugged his neck, bringing her lips closer to kiss him.

Xuan Ying could smell that alluring scent coming from her, her lips slowly approaching him.

She was about to kiss him.

His Adam’s apple bobbed.

But the next moment, Feng Lingxue suddenly paused. “I’m sorry, I forgot that you were disgusted by how filthy I am. Silver Mask King, don’t worry, I’ll never touch your lips, never.”

After saying that, her hands moved downwards to his belt, unbuckling it…

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