Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 112 - Miss Tang, Call Me Husband

Chapter 112: Miss Tang, Call Me Husband

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Lin Shiyu would be jealous? It was more likely she would rather he had affairs with a dozen women outside so she could give the status of Mrs Fu to others.

Fu Qinglun hooked his thin lips and said, “With such a kindhearted wife, there’s no way I would dare to. Tonight, I’ll need to pay what’s owed to my dear wife. By then, Mrs Fu would naturally realize I don’t have any unsavory affairs outside.”

His words were somewhat crude and all the men burst out in laughter.

“Young Master Fu, you came here to show your love today right?”

Lin Shiyu let out a cold smile in response.

“Well that’s enough. Let’s begin playing Truth or Dare. The rules are that everyone draws a card and we’ll find out who has the highest and lowest card. The one with the highest points after three draws can ask the person with the lowest points to do something.”

The first round began. Lin Ruoxi had the highest points. The person with the lowest points was… Gu Mohan.

“Brother Mohan, I dare you to kiss Sister Qi’er.” requested Lin Ruoxi.

Gu Mohan kissing Lu Qi’er.

Tang Mo’er glanced up and looked at him. Will he kiss her?

Gu Mohan’s face was indifferent. He threw his cigarette into the ashtray and looked at Lu Qi’er.

Two faint patches of rosy pink appeared on Lu Qier’s pretty face. Her eyes were brimming with hope and expectation.

“Brother Mohan, you’ve accepted the bet, just concede defeat. Don’t try to get out of it!”

Gu Mohan got up. His tall, masculine body walked with purpose towards to Lu Qi’er and bent down, moving closer to her cheek.

A sultry body scent with a hint of tobacco had surrounded Lu Qi’er. As he moved closer to her, her heart started beating faster. At this moment, the man’s knuckle caressed her silky hair. He leaned over and kissed her.

All the men who were present started whistling and applauding. Lin Ruoxi looked at Tang Mo’er and Lin Shiyu smugly and said, “Brother Mohan, mother-in-law called to ask about Sister Lu last night. She asked Sister Lu if you behaved well in Karghalik or if you had met someone new.”

Gu Mohan’s mother calling Lu Qi’er naturally acted as a confirmation of the rumors revolving about the Gu-Lu marriage.

Everyone present were all clever. They could read between the lines. “Why would President Gu need to meet someone new? Surely President Gu only has eyes for Miss Lu. You can tell they love each other deeply from that intimate kiss just now.”

“Exactly. President Gu and Miss Lu are a match made in heaven. When are we going to attend your wedding banquet?”

Lin Ruoxi became more and more smug and it showed in her arrogant smile. However, at this moment, she felt a heavy gaze fixated on her. She glanced up and saw Gu Mohan staring at her impassively.

Lin Ruoxi’s stiffened at the hard gaze.

Tang Mo’er’s facial expression did not change. Her hands had already turned cold. Evidently, she was the ‘other woman’ Lin Ruoxi was talking about. Lin Ruoxi had deliberately said it for her benefit.

At this moment, her hand felt warm. Lin Shiyu had grabbed her fingers.

Tang Mo’er blinked and looked at Lin Shiyu with clear eyes. Don’t worry, I’m fine.

Fu Qinglun stared at Lin Shiyu. Comparing her cold-hearted demeanor every time she was in front of him, to the care and concern she showered Tang Mo’er with, a chill ran down his spine. He was her husband and she had never bothered giving him more than a cursory glance. Why was Tang Mo’er any business of hers?

His status was incomparable to Tang Mo’er. It felt horrible.

The second round of Truth or Dare started. This time, Gu Mohan had the highest points while Tang Mo’er had the lowest points.

“Miss Tang, call me husband,” stated Gu Mohan.

Call him husband?!

Everyone at the table stared at the two with wide eyes.

Tang Mo’er stiffened at the strange dare and smiled softly, “President Gu, I’m not married yet. If I call you my husband, I don’t think I can account for it in the future. Please change it to something else.”

Gu Mohan raised his eyebrow and gestured to his cigarette. “Come and light my cigarette.”

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