Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 11 - Look at her small feet

Chapter 11: Look at her small feet

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Tang Mo’er’s heart jumped. Given that she had come across many men before, she was able to tell whenever they had thoughts about her. This man’s words were simply too… profound.

Looking up towards him, she cocked her head in question, “What does it have to do with you if I end it or not?”

Gu Mohan’s eyes became smouldering black. Stretching out his long legs, he walked quickly towards her.

His aura was simply too strong, crushing everything around it with a force akin to a high-speed sledgehammer. His eyes were like gunmetal, sharp and precipitated many things, as if he was able to see through her at a glance.

She was still too young in his presence.

Tang Mo’er backed away, her tiny steps small and subtle. However, her lithe body had hit the wall, leaving her with no room to move.

A gush of air rushed into her nostrils and lingered about, teasing her face and dancing around the tendrils framing her face. It was a scent that was undeniably masculine. His odor was perfect for someone like him — strong yet full of vigor, making it easy for one to be addicted.

His imposing figure stopped in front of her.

Not only did he block her line of vision, he attacked all of her senses too.

On a subconscious level, she wanted to hide. However, the man stretched out his slender fingers, locking on to her petite jaw. His rough fingers rubbed the muscles of her jaw, back and forth, exerting a slight force in the midst.

Tang Mo’er felt her muscles burning and could feel a flush starting to creep up her next and onto her face. Feeling a strange numbness, she asked him peculiarly, “What are you doing?”

Gu Mohan stared at her with a complex expression.

Tang Mo’er had a sudden thought, her mind racing into threatening waters. Just now when Su Zhe had touched her jaw, he wouldn’t have… have been wanting to wipe off any trace of Su Zhe, would he?

Seeing a red tinge stain her delicate skin in such a short span of time, Gu Mohan stopped his ministrations, seemingly satisfied, “He is not good enough for you.”

Tang Mo’er was stunned to the point she forgot to react.

Gu Mohan slowly let go of her. He stretched out his long legs and walked in the direction of the door. Before he left, he turned back to take another glance at her. This time, his gaze was fixed on her feet.

“Remember to wear shoes next time.”

He opened the main door of the apartment and left.

Tang Mo’er fixed a coveted gaze on her small feet. Indeed, she was barefooted. As the apartment was usually lined with soft woolen carpet, she liked running around barefoot at home, feeling the plush bounce of the cushion on her toes.

Where did she go wrong?

Her delicate face slowly blushed red. Why did he look at her feet? It was normal for any man to focus on a woman’s chest and butt as they formed the unique curves of beauty bestowed to a woman. Yet, he was solely fixated on her small feet.


Night time at CC Bar.

Heavy-metal music reverberated through the atmosphere, walls pounding and a mesh of bodies swaying to the beat in an upbeat symphony. Tang Mo’er sat at the bar counter and looked languidly at the men and women writhing on the dance floor. She raised her hand, taking a delicate sip from the cocktail perched around her fingers.

Seated next to her, Qi Xi scrunched her eyebrows together, her voice furious, “Mo’er, is Su Zhe really that blind to fall for that pretentious bitch, Han Xiaowan?”

Tang Mo’er shook her head and chuckled, “Qi Xi, most men like pretentious bitches. Su Zhe is just one of the many.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Tang Mo’er replied, “If you think about it, the appearance of a pretentious bitch is pure, refined and pitiful. However, once night time falls, they become a… whore. Isn’t this what all men are after? A delicate lady in the day and a slut at night.”

An ungracious snort of laughter escaped.

Qi Xi laughed hard. She simply loved Tang Mo’er’s simple yet crude explanation. That Han Xiaowan was the epitome of the term “pretentious bitch”.

“Mo’er, forget about this Su Zhe. Men who have been seduced by other women aren’t worth a second thought. There are so many other men out there. Let’s find someone better out there and piss him off!”

“Sure, let’s toast and celebrate my newfound single life.”

Tang Mo’er and Qi Xi raised their glasses with a light clink. However, she found that her cup was empty as she had finished drinking the cocktail earlier on.

Looking up at the bartender, she noticed him swirling a glass of wine expertly in his hands. The transparent liquid in the glass was strangely mesmerizing and she found she could not look away. It reflected colorful light, the colors dancing around in temptation.

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