Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 101 - Mo’er, Please Be Good, I Won’t Hurt You

Chapter 101: Mo’er, Please Be Good, I Won’t Hurt You

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Was she really going to give him her virginity tonight?

But he already has Lu Qi’er by his side.

Tang Mo’er’s delicate body instantly stiffened and she shouted, “President Gu, stop! I don’t want this!”

Gu Mohan lifted his head and looked at her after he heard her complaining about being in pain. His handsome and cold-looking facial features were tense and drawn. He asked in an impatient tone, “What’s the matter now?”

“President Gu, I’m taking it back. I can’t go through with this.”

She gave up halfway the other time and wanted to put a stop to it this time. Gu Mohan wasn’t satisfied and he spoke even while the corner of his lips were bleeding, “Miss Tang, I’m almost halfway there and you’re going to put a halt to it all of a sudden? Are you kidding me, hm?”

Tang Mo’er still wasn’t able to go against her own principles. She was not willing to be a homewrecker or a mistress. It was morally unacceptable and she didn’t want to ruin her ideals of having a pure and innocent relationship. She replied, “President Gu, you promised me that I could put stop to it whenever I wanted to, now let go of me.”

She was struggling anxiously, her delicate body was just like an Enhydris sliding around his body. Tang Mo’er was going to be the death of him. Gu Mohan cursed silently inside. He was going to be screwed up by this little creature sooner or later.

“Tang Mo’er, it’s too late, you’ve lost the right to stop everything now!”

Tang Mo’er didn’t want it anymore, she felt as if he was raping her since she was forced against her own will. She hit him with her two fists while shouting, “President Gu, Gu Mohan, let go, don’t touch me!”

She was being uncooperative and Gu Mohan’s veins were pumping. He was determined to have her.

He soon realized something was wrong with her. “Ah!!” she screamed and suddenly broke down, as though her strings had snapped. Her delicate body was stiff and she bit his palm without hesitation.

He bled after receiving a bite from her. Gu Mohan would not be surprised even if she was going to bite an entire piece of his flesh and rip it out from her ferocity.

He stretched out his palm and held her head tightly in his chest. He panted while allowing her to continue biting him. His suddenly shouted with his deep and husky voice, “Tang Mo’er, let go!”

She continued to bite him without moving an inch, it was as if she didn’t need to breathe.

Gu Mohan was heartbroken, he kissed her silky hair while anxiously pacifying her, “Mo’er, please be good. Let go now, I won’t hurt you, I’ll only dote on you!”

About 10 seconds later, Tang Mo’er tentatively released his hand and moved backwards. She lifted her head and looked at him listlessly. Her face was covered with streams of tears and her eyes were red and puffy.

Gu Mohan pulled her to him and held her tiny face with his two large palms as he observed something through his deep and narrow eyes. She seemed to be extremely sensitive towards men forcing themselves onto her, she behaved in a totally different manner. She became a shell of herself, acting instinctively with her real self hidden away.

“Tang Mo’er, are you hiding something from me?” His sharp gaze was about to pierce through her soul.

Tang Mo’er’s lifeless pupils slowly started to gain some focus. She gasped for air, it was Gu Mohan and not that scoundrel!

She clung on to his neck with her tiny hands and then buried her tiny face in his broad chest. He brushed her palm-sized face against his shirt collar, just like a spoiled kitten.

She was terrified at that moment, afraid that the scoundrel would suddenly appear.

It’s not him… it’s not him.

Gu Mohan’s breathing became heavier and it was as if his throat had been raked through hot charcoal. He didn’t know how to deal with her when she was like this. She had always been headstrong, dancing circles around him since the day he met her, but just out of reach. He consoled her with a gentle voice, “Mo’er, everything is fine now. Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Tang Mo’er heart fluttered after listening to his consolation. She lifted her head up and made the first move. She kissed his thin lips.

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