Young Master Fu’s Incredible Real Heiress

Chapter 256 - Social Death

Chapter 256: Social Death

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Shi Jin said lazily, “Why do I remember that there’s a school-wide meeting next Monday? There’s no need to mobilize so many people.”

Shi Xuexin was silent. How could she have forgotten about that!

Shi Xuexin’s heart softened. “Shi Jin, Teacher Zhang is a teacher after all. You can’t…”

“Why can’t I? Only the state can set a fire, but the common people can’t light lamps?”

“You…” Shi Xuexin was momentarily speechless.

Zhang Shaogang said, “Can I apologize to you privately? It’s my fault.”

This apology was utterly insincere.

Zhang Shaogang had indeed apologized for Principal Jiang’s sake. Otherwise, he would not have bothered with Shi Jin at all.

Shi Jin didn’t even glance at him from the corner of her eye. She just reached out and patted the non-existent dust from her school uniform.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll make a move first.” Shi Jin shouldered her school bag and took a few steps before turning around. “Don’t forget, next Monday.”

Shi Xuexin’s expression changed drastically.

Zhang Shaogang had not expected Shi Jin to be so unappreciative. He had personally come to apologize, but she still refused to budge! Was it wrong for him to call her rude?

However, he didn’t dare to complain on Weibo anymore.

“Teacher Zhang, as you can see, it’s not that I don’t want to help, it’s just that Shi Jin is too…”

Zhang Shaogang’s face darkened. “I understand.”

Shi Xuexin knew that she had offended Zhang Shaogang greatly this time. Given his vengeful personality, he would probably remember her forever.

Thankfully, Zhang Shaogang did not have any real power, so Shi Xuexin was not afraid of offending him.

Zhang Shaogang was about to apologize, but due to the attention of the entire Internet, there was no need for Shi Jin to mention it. Everyone had already latched onto the school’s student assembly next Monday.

There was no lack of busybodies online who kept asking about this matter. Someone even started a countdown.

When Shi Jin saw it, she just smiled.

Of course, there were also people who had privately messaged her, telling her to be lenient and not pursue the matter with Zhang Shaogang.

Shi Jin did not reply.

Why would she spare him? From the beginning, Zhang Shaogang had been the one who posted the bet online to smear her reputation.

When he had posted that Weibo post, had he considered her feelings and the consequences that it would bring her?

If she hadn’t passed the admission test at Beijing University, would Shi Jin, who had been mocked by everyone on the internet, have been let off? Would he spare Shi Jin and not make her apologize?

Of course not. He had been waiting for Shi Jin to apologize to him ever since he had made up his mind to blow things up. Shi Jin was just following his wishes.


At Second High School:

On Monday:

The school assembly was held as scheduled.

Shi Jin stood among the crowd.

Wang Boyan and Ye Ke, who did not need to attend class, had specially come over today to witness Zhang Shaogang’s apology.

Many students had also switched on their phones. Some fans were even secretly hiding outside the school to record the scene.

Quite a number of reporters had even come.

Principal Lu gave a speech as per usual, praising the students who passed the final exam and carrying out other tasks as usual.

Everything was peaceful. It began and ended peacefully.

Teacher Zhang Shaogang did not appear.

The reporters and fans also reported this situation online.

This time, even the students who had been supporting Zhang Shaogang could no longer sit still.

“If you’re willing to bet, you have to admit defeat. That’s how it goes, right?”

“Since Shi Jin passed the test, why didn’t he abide by the bet?”

A passerby was not as calm as the others and directly said, “What kind of man is he? A coward who dares to fail but doesn’t dare to admit it!”

“Ha, you still have the cheek to call yourself a role model. Don’t embarrass your colleagues.”

“It’s an eye-opener for Beijing University to have such a teacher.”

“Don’t say that. A sports department that can’t even be ranked in Beijing University can’t represent the university, right?”

“That’s right. Beijing University cannot be represented by people like Zhang Shaogang!”

“Forget it, forget it. I’ve finally seen everything. I can only laugh at him now.”

Zhang Shaogang had avoided the apology, but not social death.

The entire internet looked down on him. The entire department looked down on him. The entire university looked down on him.

When he walked into class, there would be people pointing at him from behind.

However, all of this had nothing to do with Shi Jin. She neither cared nor bothered to listen to such news.

At Supreme Entertainment:

As Shi Jin was attending an event, the designer was taking measurements and making new clothes.

Yao Jiahong was very willing to spend money on her now. Clothes, skincare products, bags, and resources were all piled on her.

He had to give Shi Jin a share of whatever other artists had.

If not for the fact that he was only in his thirties, some people would have suspected that Shi Jin was his daughter.

As for why they would not suspect that Shi Jin was his girlfriend, how could he have such a cold and indifferent girlfriend who would barely look at him?

“This fabric is really good. Do you mind making me the kind of dress that I usually wear?” Shi Jin asked.

Yao Jiahong immediately agreed. “Whatever you need, you can get the designer to make it for you.”

“Would you mind helping me make a set of men’s clothing?”

Yao Jiahong was speechless. Why was he having his jealousy incited when Fu Xiuyuan wasn’t even there?

However, he wasn’t such a petty person. After all, Fu Xiuyuan was still his boss.

The designer said, “I need his measurements.”

“No problem, I’ll recite them to you.” Shi Jin cuddled Fu Xiuyuan to sleep every night. Naturally, she knew his measurements like the back of her hand.

Speaking of which, after experiencing so many things in her previous life, Shi Jin was the one who was under a lot of psychological pressure. Although she couldn’t compare to Fu Xiuyuan in terms of insomnia and nightmares, she was still more serious than ordinary people, but it was precisely because she could sleep with Fu Xiuyuan every night that she slept better than the night before.

It was hard to say that she had healed Fu Xiuyuan. It was Fu Xiuyuan who had healed her.

Yao Jiahong asked, “Did you and Master Fu… get the wrong script?”

Shi Jin glanced at him from the corner of her eye. “Hm?”

“Nothing.” Yao Jiahong didn’t want to suffer any more.

In the end, Shi Jin left with Fu Xiuyuan’s clothes. As for her… she could do her clothes later.

Along the way, Shi Jin received a call.

She checked the screen. It was her grandfather.

In other words, it was Old Master Li.

Old Master Shi. She had long changed his name on her phone to Grandpa Shi.

Old Master Li was Shi Jin’s biological grandfather. However, in both lifetimes, they rarely interacted with each other. In this lifetime, Shi Jin had not even met him.

Thinking about it, it must be because Li Juekai’s leg had recovered that he had rushed over from the town to meet Shi Jin.

Shi Jin swiped to answer the call.

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