Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 964 Don't Get Wrong Idea...

Chapter 964 Don't Get Wrong Idea...

When Lu Lian left Mr. Wong's home, she was already late for the office. She thought to first go home and get ready for the office so she called her assistant on the way back home.

While driving Lu Lian dialed her assistant's number and turned on the speaker. 

"I'll be late today. Will directly attend the meeting."

"Mr. Ming already informed," the assistant replied and she added, "He said Ms. Lu can take a break today if she is tired."

Lu Lian paused for a moment as she didn't know what to think about this situation. He left without telling her and suggested not to come to the office. 

"I'm not tired. Would be there soon." Informing, Lu Lian hung up the call. 

Lu Lian reached the home where elder Lu was outside spending some time alone. 

Lu Lian stepped out of the car and greeted elder Lu, "Good morning grandpa."

"Morning dear," elder Lu greeted back smiling lightly but didn't fail to notice the sadness behind the smiling face of Lu Lian. "Did that old man troubled you so much?"

Lu Lian understood what her grandpa meant, "No grandpa, Mr. Wong treated me really well."

"Good to know it or I would have shown him what it meant to trouble my granddaughter."

Lu Lian smiled for real this time as she said, "You three old men really suit each other when it comes to showing fake anger."

Elder Lu smiled too, "I heard there it rained. Was everything fine?"

"Is there really a need to tell anything?" Lu Lian countered as she knew her grandpa must already know everything.

Elder Lu smiled back, "You must be tired. Go rest."

Nodding Lu Lian left. Getting ready, she went to the office directly to attend the scheduled meeting where she had to present the new changes and plan she had for what she was incharge of. 

When she reached her office, the assistant updated her with a few things as Lu Lian directly went to her workshop in the office where she had to work on the new blueprint she had created and prepare it for the meeting.


In Ming Rusheng's office…

"Boss,  Ms Lu is in the office," the assistant informed.

"Hmm," Ming Rusheng didn't react much as if he had already expected her to do it even after asking her to take a leave.

"I have informed about taking a leave but….."

"You should prepare for the meeting," Ming Rusheng interrupted the assistant.

Assistant understood there was something wrong with his boss. Till yesterday it was like whenever he mentioned Lu Lian's name in front of his boss, he could see his boss' eyes brightened up and everything seemed good with his boss but what changed suddenly. 

Questioning himself, the assistant left while Ming Rusheng continued working. 


It was the time for the meeting so Lu Lian came out of her office with the assistant. She looked at Ming Rusheng's office as it was the habit that Ming Rusheng always came out of his office at the same time and both went to meetings along with him. 

But that day, Ming Rusheng was not there and she felt a bit disappointed. Before this she never thought about it but things have changed and she was used to having him around her.

She left alone for the meeting where everyone was present but Ming Rusheng. Just as everyone took their places,  Ming Rusheng arrived. Standing, everyone greeted him but he didn't react. 

Lu Lian hadn't seen him since the previous night and it was a relief that he was finally in front of her. 

Ming Rusheng sat in his chair at the end of the rectangular table where Lu Lian sat on his right-hand side. 

Lu Lian expected him to look at her at least once but he didn't and ordered to start the meeting. 

He looked cold and aloof as if he would kill the person if someone poked him. Not just Lu Lian but others could feel the same thing 

She could see he was different from how he was before with her. It was just her gut feeling but she was somewhere sure that it had something to do with what happened the previous night. 

Brushing off these thoughts which would distract her from the meeting, Lu Lian gave attention to the meeting. 

                             During the entire meeting, he was cold. When it was Lu Lian's turn to present her things he just focused on the projector screen and listened to her. 

Giving her few instructions just like how did it with others,  he didn't talk much. Just as the meeting ended, Ming Rusheng stood up and left as his assistant followed him.

Before he used to get out of the meeting with Lu Lian but this time he acted as if she was not there it surprised her. 

Lu Lian went to her office and thought about what to do. She felt awkward around him like this and needed to talk to him at least once. 

She went to his office where the assistant let her in without informing his boss. Just as Lu Lian entered the office, Ming Rusheng looked at her and she stepped towards him. 

He resumed his work, "What can I help you with?"

Lu Lian preferred to keep standing. "Is there anything wrong?" she asked, directly getting to the point.

Ming Rusheng stopped working and leaned back in his chair as he looked at her, "About what?"

"About leaving Mr. Wong's home so suddenly. Was there any emergency?" she asked. 

"I had no reason to stay there," Ming Rusheng replied coldly while looking into her eyes. 

His such behavior was unexpected for her and she didn't know what exactly she wanted to ask him and why she felt so restless.

"I was just worried," she replied calmly.

"No need to be worried about me. Just focus on your work," Ming Rusheng instructed, his words and his behavior hurt her.

Lu Lian felt like she misunderstood this man. Her previous opinion about him was right but she just got swayed away by his caring actions towards her and got it wrong. She cursed herself in mind and got hold of herself. 

"Sorry to trouble you, Mr. Ming. I'll take leave." Saying Lu Lian turned to leave but Ming Rusheng called her.

"Ms. Lu."

She turned around, "What happened the previous night, I hope you won't get any wrong idea."

She looked at him questioningly, "As in?"

"Things like that keep happening and I don't wish you to think about it and make things difficult for me," Ming Rusheng replied, his voice devoid of any emotion as if what happened between them didn't matter to him.

Lu Lian was a bit shocked but she couldn't let herself down and chucked.

"Mr. Ming, I think you got me wrong. Seems like you are the one who is thinking about it," she spoke while staring straight into his eyes.

Ming Rusheng continued looking at her. He was a bit surprised to get this sudden change in her. Just a while ago she looked like she would talk about it but now she looked like she didn't care.

Lu Lian continued, "If I had taken those useless things seriously, I would have ended up dealing with so many annoying men in life. I must say Mr. Ming is a good kisser, but not that satisfying. My standard is high so Mr. Ming should not keep his hopes up thinking I'll come after him for such small things."

As always, Ming Rusheng left speechless and Lu Lian turned to leave. She stopped at the door, "Next time even if I'm about to die, don't even dare to help me."

She left and Ming Rusheng said nothing. He closed his eyes and thought, 'I should be happy as this is what I wanted but why am I not feeling good?'

The memories from the previous night flashed in his mind and he could feel his heart beating faster. He liked every moment he spent with her but something was there that stopped him from thinking of him and her together. 

He remembered the way she just talked with him. Though she seems angry, he found her adorable who would never accept her defeat. 

While remembering each word said by her, Ming Rusheng opened his eyes in shock as a few lines said by her rang in his ears.

'If I had taken those useless things seriously, I would have ended up dealing with so many annoying men in life.'

Slamming the hands-on his work table, he gritted his teeth, "Other men?" he mumbled.

Ming Rusheng couldn't imagine the thing if she had done it with someone else too. He felt angry and frustrated.


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