Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1491: Did You Miss Me?

Chapter 1491: Did You Miss Me?

Wen Zac came out of the bathroom after having shower, wrapped in his towel as he saw Ming Lan standing by the window quietly. She seemed to have lost in her own world as she didn’t realize Wen Zac was already out. He didn’t disturb her and started to wear his clothes as he put the towel aside and put on his pants. Just then the dazed woman seemed to have noticed someone’s presence and looked at him.

“Oh! Sorry!” She looked away immediately, though he was not naked and had underpants already, she could not help but feel flustered.

“It’s fine!” he said and comfortably wore his clothes but then found one button of his shirt was loose. “Tsk!”

Ming Lan looked at him hearing that ‘tsk’. “What happened?”

“Nothing. I need to get another shirt,” he said as he continued to look at that loose button.

She walked towards him and saw it, “I’ll get another shirt for you.”


She opened the wardrobe once again and contemplated over which shirt to get, ‘He is wearing light color pants so once again any dark color will do.’

She pulled out the Dark Brown shirt and turned to give it to him but…

He was standing just behind her and she was about to bump into him. She stepped back immediately and gulped seeing him shirtless, holding his blue shirt in his hands.

Her heart almost stopped beating at this sudden surprising sight and she felt flustered. Wen Zac simply observed her and passed her shirt in his hand and got the one from her which she was holding for him to wear.

“You can put it in the laundry basket. Servants will fix the button,” he instructed.

She nodded lightly, with her gaze not daring to glance at the man who was wearing his shirt while standing in front of her and she was like trapped between him and the wardrobe.

“Mind helping me with the buttons?” he asked once he put on the shirt.

She looked at him with a shocked gaze but immediately got back to her senses, “Ah, Y-Yes. Leave it to me.”

She stepped forward under his silent gaze and stood closer to him so she could button his shirt, her loudly beating heart making her deaf. She looked at the first button as her trembling hands reached the shirt. She could feel his gaze on her but could not dare look at him.

‘He smells so good.’

That fresh scent after bath coming from him was messing up with her senses and making her heartbeats unstable.

She was too slow to take a long time for a single button only as what she was feeling, making her unable to focus on it.

Just as her hands moved to the second button, Wen Zac held her palms in his and gently squeezed them, “Why are your hands trembling?”

She looked at her hands and then looked at him, his gaze felt like piercing through her soul.

“ not sure..” she answered in a low voice.

“Why do you look so nervous in front of me?” he asked, his hands not letting go of her hers.

“ not…” she replied looking back at him.

“To me it looks like you are.”


“You were not this nervous when you didn’t want to let go of me at the airport,” he said, his eyes carrying the meaning which she could clearly understand.

His words reminded her of how reluctant she was to let go of him when he kissed her at the airport. She really missed those moments and wished they could be like that. Feeling guilty she lowered her gaze.

Seeing her sad suddenly, he let go of her hands and asked gently this time. “Will you tell me what you are thinking about?”

She sure wanted to talk about it, she wished to apologize about how she stayed away for so long and made things difficult for both of them and now they felt like strangers to each other.

“I wanted to apologize,” she replied. It was better to talk about than keeping things inside.

“And for what?” he asked as he watched her lowered face.

“For not returning home for so long even though we were just married. I had no choice but….”

“There is nothing to apologize for. That’s your work,” he interrupted her.

She looked at him, with her eyes a little moist. Since she had returned home, she was overwhelmed with how everyone treated her so well and no one blamed her for anything which made her feel more guilty and emotional.

“If I was not gone, we would not have been like this,” she said, trying her best to control her emotions.

“Like what?” he asked softly.

“Like strangers. It feels like we have gone back to how we were before our marriage. Before leaving, everything between us felt so right and….”


“And… I liked how it was.”

“Then we can again go back to how we were,” he said and looked at her with a gentle yet meaningful gaze to which she offered him a puzzled gaze.

“Will it be that easy?” she asked.

“Hmm,” he nodded, “I can prove it to you right away.”


His gaze moved from her beautiful puzzled eyes to her trembling lips, “I know how,” he said and leaned closer to her face as he stopped just a breath away.

“If you don’t mind,” he asked in a low voice as their faces were just an inch apart, “Do you?”

She shook her head, “I don’t.”

A light smirk painted on his lips as he closed the distance between their lips. She felt his thin and warm lips pressed against her soft ones as they stayed there like this for a few moments, which made her heart almost jump out of her chest and made her hold her breath.

She found him opening his lips and capturing her lips with his as he gently sucked them.

Ming Lan opened her lips to reciprocate that kiss as she closed her eyes. Wen Zac closed that little distance between their bodies by pressing his body against her as he continued to kiss her, taking turns on her sweet lips, his one hand holding on the shelf of wardrobe behind her while the other one had moved to the back of her head to cradle her face to angle it to his comfort.

That closed place between the doors of wardrobe felt like intimate heaven to them as the two continued to kiss for long.

What Wen Zac was holding back for so many months, finally was showing up and he didn’t wished to stop at just a little unlike how considerate he was before when he had kissed her. The kiss became intense one as he claimed her mouth with his tongue, tasting every bit of it, making her tongue go numb, suppressing those sultry moans in her throat with that intense kissing.

Her hands moved to hold on to his shirt which was yet not button and she found her hand slipped over the sides of his shirt and happened to touch his bare chest. Under her hands, that strong and sculpted chest felt so good that she boldly continued to feel it. Light needy moans left her throat with the way he was kissing her- so passionate, needy and getting rough with each passing moment.

When they finally stopped, that little place between the doors of wardrobe was filled with the loud sounds of panting, as the two tried to breathe.

“Did you miss me?” she heard him ask, with his forehead resting against hers.

“I did,” she answered, catching her breathe.

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