Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1130 - Getting The Approval

Chapter 1130 - Getting The Approval

The next day, Lu Lijun reached England. Martha and Jerome were happy to see him.

"How is the Fourth young master?" Martha asked.

"I'm good, Martha," Lu Lijun replied calmly and asked, "How are you two doing?"

Martha and Jerome were taken aback. It was rare for Lu Lijun to ask something like this. He always replied to what was asked of him, and the conversation ended there, but it was something unexpected this time.

Lu Lijun stared at the two while Noah spoke, "They are shocked to see you talking more than one or two words."

Jerome and Martha returned to their senses.

"We are doing good, Fourth young master," Jerome replied.

"I'll be leaving soon. I have a meeting to attend," Lu Lijun replied as he climbed the staircase to go to his room.

Noah looked at the shocked two and commented, "He is changed, right?"

The other two nodded in sync, and they looked at Lu Lijun, who was climbing the stairs.

"Don't worry, he is absolutely fine...finally," Noah added and went upstairs to the room next to Lu Lijun's.

After having breakfast, the two were ready to meet Mr. Montbatten. The car was ready for them as they had the same person Carl as their driver.

Inside the car, while looking out of the window, Noah said, "It's been only three months, but it feels like we are here after so long."

"Hmm!" Lu Lijun nodded and turned into a teasing mode. "Nervous to meet your father-in-law?"

Noah turned to glare at his Suddenly turned to be a shameless and bold friend. "My ass!"

It didn't affect Lu Lijun. "Well, you will be fine."

Noah frowned. "You should worry about your in-laws and especially your wife's brother, who doesn't like you even a bit."

Lu Lijun was calm. "As long as his sister likes me."

"This side of yours…." Noah sighed. "I feel worried for your wife."

Lu Lijun smiled as he agreed to what Noah said. "I'm sure she is the one who can handle me."

"I wish her brother would trouble you to your bones. He is capable of that and the way he frowned that day showed he expected nothing less from you."

"What do you mean?" Lu Lijun asked.

"That day after you ran away from your engagement, and everyone was shocked, your brother-in-law came to us and asked what happened. When he got to know the reason, he sighed with a frown and said- 'Can never expect less from him.' If you had seen his expressions, it was clear he didn't like you or didn't like what you did."

"It's fine. He is a sharp man who understands everything; that's why he keeps giving cold shoulders."


"Nothing. Let him be," Lu Lijun replied as he commented. "You worry about your first business meeting with your father-in-law. You need to make a good impression."


They reached Mountbatten corporate sector. Jake's father, Chairman George Mountbatten, waited for these two.

"Nice to see you, Mr. Mountbatten," Lu Lijun shook hands with him, and the older man greeted back while smiling pleasantly. Noah too followed, and the three sat on the couch inside the office as Mr. Mountbatten's assistant accompanied them.

"I have looked into the project file you sent me. I must say it's promising," the older man commented.

"Thank you," Lu Lijun replied and waited for Mr. Mountbatten to talk as he knew there was no way this man would agree to be their partner so easily.

"But what's more, you can offer so that I can't reject you at all," he asked.

"Besides getting this huge project that will open a good opportunity for your company in China, we will offer you to expand business in Asia that this company has been trying for long but yet to achieve the desirable," Lu Lijun replied.

"Any proposal you have planned?" Mr. Mountbatten asked.

Noah passed one file to Mr. Mountbatten's assistant that she passed to him.

He looked through the file as Lu Lijun said. "One of the Lu Corporations subsidiaries, which is mentioned there, would work for your company. In collaboration as the brand is already known, slowly you can use it and capture the market under its name at the start, where consumers will get used to your brand name. Once it's known, you can start everything while getting most of the profit. It will also help you get familiarised with the market you can aim at, and we are always there to guide."

"Are you ready to bear the loss? We might take it over, and your company will have a strong opponent."

"One can always come up with new plans and strategies. Sticking to old ones for life will only take us down," Lu Lijun replied confidently.

For him getting this project was the important thing as he could stop Mr. Wen from causing greater harm which would take time to recover.

"Looks like you're ready with a backup plan already," Mr. Mountbatten commented.

Lu Lijun just smiled and spoke. "I can assure Mr. Mountbatten won't regret it."

"Hmm," Mr. Moutbatten paused for a while and went through the file carefully.

"I'll let Jake handle it then. He is already in China," said Mr. Mountbatten.

A light smile painted on Lu Lijun and Noah's lips, getting approval from Mr. Mountbatten as they felt relieved.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Mountbatten," said Lu Lijun, and the older man just smiled.

There was a knock on the door, and the middle-aged lady wearing an elegant white corporate-style knee-length dress entered the office; Mrs. Olivia Mountbatten, Jake's mother.

"Is everything over already?" the lady asked as she smiled at the two young men.

Lu Lijun and Noah stood up to greet the lady.

"How are you two?"

"We are fine, Mrs. Mountbatten," Lu Lijun replied.

"I was expecting to see my son here, but it seems like he doesn't wish to return just like his elder brother," said the lady.

Lu Lijun and Noah could only smile lightly and sat back as the lady sat beside her husband.

She looked at the two. "I am here to pressurize Mr. Mountbatten to accept your proposal if he rejects it."

"They are capable enough to convince me on their own," Mr. Mountbatten countered.

"I was sure they are, but sometimes I know how stubborn Mr. Mountbatten can be," said the lady as she looked proud of the two boys.

Once they left, Olivia asked her husband. "Did you accept it just because they are Jake's friends?"

"The only advantage they got for being Jake's friend was I freed my busy schedule only to have a meeting with them. Rest things are solely based on their good work."

"Good to know it. I always knew these three are extraordinary," commented the lady and the man agreed by nodding lightly.

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