Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1007 - Help From The Friends...

Chapter 1007 - Help From The Friends...

Lu Lijun looked at Jiang Yuyan, "I have something important to do. I should take a leave."

Before Jiang Yuyan could permit him, one of the three young guys among his old friends interrupted, "Lu Lijun, we all only want you to have one drink with us? What's the problem?"

Lu Lijun ignored the guy and was ready to get up, but just then, another one spoke, "Wait! Wasn't it your elder brother's birthday?"

Hearing it, Lu Lijun stopped and looked at the guy to know why he mentioned it.

The guy continued, "We all respect the previous president, so we all should make a toast in his honor."

Hearing it, others agreed, "He should at least drink in honor of his brother."

Lu Lijun didn't reply, and the other guy spoke, "Don't worry. If you don't wish to, president Lu is there to be your knight again."

Hearing it, everyone on the opposite side smiled while Lu Lijun had no other option. He looked at his two friends that only they could understand the meaning of it.

As Lu Lijun didn't get up, the others understood he was ready to drink, and finally, one of the old men said, "Serve the drink to Mr. Lu."

The attendant put the glass of wine in front of Lu Lijun. Everyone was ready to make a toast while Jiang Yuyan felt worried about Lu Lijun.

Just as she thought to pick up Li Lijun's glass, Lu Lijun looked at her and shook his head lightly as his sight said- trust me.

Jiang Yuyan listened to him, and Lu Lijun picked up the glass.

The one man spoke, "A toast in honor of the Previous president of Lu Corporation, Mr. Lu Qiang."

Everyone drank together, including Lu Lijun, and emptied the glass in one shot.

Jiang Yuyan and Xiao Min looked at Lu Lijun worriedly, who was calm even after emptying the glass.

Just then, Noah's cell phone vibrated. He picked up the call and stood up, "Fourth young master, important call for you."

Lu Lijun nodded and stood up. Getting the cellphone from Noah, he looked at others sitting around the table, "Excuse me."

Lu Lijun walked away towards the door to get out of the hall, and Noah followed him after excusing himself. Noah was his assistant, so it was right to follow his boss.

The three young guys looked at Lu Lijun doubtfully, but even before they could follow him, Jake spoke, "Three of you are Lu Lijun's friends, right?"

The three nodded, and Jake offered, "Have a seat then. I would also like to know Lu Lijun's friends."

With this, everyone's attention shifted to Jake, and they forgot Lu Lijun.

The businessmen present there were already interested in Jake, so they got a chance to interact with him more.

One of the men, who was one boy's father smiled widely and looked three young guys, "Yes, have a seat. He is Mr. Jake, the prince from one royal family in England."

It took everyone's interest, and everyone forgot what happened a while ago on the table.

Ming Rusheng and Wen Zac could guess what was happening, and they felt glad that Lu Lijun had such friends.

Lu Lian felt relieved as if she was the one suffering, and finally, it stopped.

Jiang Yuyan and Xiao Min saw Lu Lijun getting out of the hall safely and sighed relief.

Answering a few questions and talking to those people, some time passed, and Jake's cell phone vibrated.

Picking up his cellphone, Jake stood up and said politely, "I would like to take a leave. Thank you for having me here."

The others agreed and greeted Jake to say goodbye.

One of the boys stood up, "Mr. Jake, let's meet again somewhere out."

"Sure," Jake agreed and left.

Lu Jinhai, who was silent all the time, looked at Jiang Yuyan, and she looked back, assuring him that everything was fine.


Handling himself not to let himself down so easily, Lu Lijun stepped out of the hall's side door, which opened into the corridor, and fortunately, no one was there. He didn't go to the main door, thinking there would be people around.

Just as he stepped out and turned to one side, he felt he could no longer handle himself and wished to drag himself even further.

Just then, Noah caught up to him and helped him walk a bit away. Then San Zemn arrived there with his two men who held Lu Lijun and took him out from there from the way they already cleared.

Lu Lijun ultimately passed out till they got him inside the car. Noah sat with him in the back passenger seat, and they left as San Zemin's two men accompanied them. San Zemin got back to the venue as he was there to protect his boss.

San Zemin messaged Xiao Min that everything was fine, and Xiao Min informed his boss.


Before drinking, Lu Lijun looked at his friends as he knew they would help him in all the way possible. He knew it wouldn't stop until he drinks and satisfies the sly people in front of him.

He didn't wish Jiang Yuyan to drink for him as he was worried about her too.

Jake and Noah understood what Lu Lijun would do. When everyone made a toast, Jake dialed Noah's number, which helped Noah show that he got a call for his boss Lu Lijun.

Xiao Min and Jiang Yuyan, who observed it looked at each other, and Xiao Min nodded to what his boss didn't even have to say.

Xiao Min messaged San Zemin what to do, and San Zemin did the same. Once Noah sat inside the car with Lu Lijun, he called Jake, and Jake could make an excuse to get out of there.

Noah took Lu Lijun to his home, and soon Jake reached there too.

Leaving the party, Jiang Yuyan sat in the car and asked, "How is he?"

"He is fine. Noah took him to his home," Xiao Min informed.

Jiang Yuyan nodded, and Xiao Min instructed the driver to start the car.

Jiang Yuyan sat quietly, closing her eyes as she looked deep in thoughts. After some time, the car stopped, and Jiang Yuyan opened her eyes.

"Where are we?" Jiang Yuyan asked, looking around the place as it was not Lu Mansion.

"I thought the boss would like to see fourth young master," Xiao Min replied.

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