Young and Beautiful Wife: Sir, Be Patient

Chapter 478 - Chapter 478: Odd Feeling

Chapter 478: Odd Feeling

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Mu Anan watched as Zong Zhengyu took the package and handed it to the servant beside him. “Put it in the car.”

The servant took it respectfully.

Mu Anan’s gaze was fixed on the servant, watching her walk out with the parcel.

Zong Zhengyu watched from the side. He pressed the back of Mu Anan’s head

and recaptured her attention, having her look at the dining room.

“Kid, it’s time to eat.”

Although Mu Anan nodded obediently, she still couldn’t help but look back at the door.

However, the servant had already walked out, and Mu Anan could no longer be


“Just leave it in the car. It won’t be lost.

“I know, I’m just…” Mu Anan muttered softly. “I just feel worried.”

After all, it was too precious.

That was the only thing her mother had left her.

Not only that, but there were also some secrets inside.

However, she was too conflicted.

Mu Anan took a deep breath, reassuring herself, “No one will steal it in Yuyuan


After all, it was very important to her. However, to others, it was just an ordinary package that no one cared about.

Mu Anan retracted her gaze completely and followed Zong Zhengyu to the dining room for breakfast.

Xiao Jiu and Song Ting weren’t there.

They had apparently gone shopping early in the morning, so Mu Anan did not pay much mind.

After breakfast, Mu Anan did not leave immediately. Instead, she went to the back garden and picked some bellflowers, wrapping them into a bouquet.

Bellflowers were her mother’s favorite flower.

Mu Anan had always felt that the purple bellflowers were very suitable for her mother.

Both the bellflowers and her mother had a graceful beauty.

Her mother was the most elegant and gentle mother in the world. Mu Anan was in a daze for a long time while holding the flowers.

Not far away, Zong Zhengyu had one hand in his pocket as he looked at Mu

Anan calmly.

Ever since Mu Anan had finished her meal and went to the garden to pick flowers, Zong Zhengyu had been waiting there.

Behind Zong Zhengyu, Luo Sen was also waiting.

Luo Sen was already completely used to this state.

Time was money; a minute was worth thousands of gold. Zong Zhengyu was known for being impatient, but he had always been very patient with his little princess.

He often stood in this state, watching Mu Anan from afar, waiting for her. Mu Anan was in a daze for a while. When she looked up at Zong Zhengyu, who was not far away, she immediately smiled.

Mu Anan held the flowers in her hands and quickly walked toward Zong Zhengyu, showing him the flowers in her hands as if she was presenting a treasure.

“Seventh Master, do you think this flower bouquet looks good?”

“It looks good.”

The man looked down at the flowers, his voice pleasant.

He lifted his hand to remove the green leaves on Mu Anan’s head and helped her fix her crooked hair clip. He put it back on her hair behind her left ear, exposing the side of her face.

Mu Anan reached out and touched the hair clip.

That was a gift from Zong Zhengyu when she was in the hot air balloon in Liuli


The clip’s design was a very complicated map of Yuyuan Estate.

She couldn’t forget the scene on the hot air balloon when he said that Yuyuan Estate was her.

It was a lifetime of warmth.

Mu Anan raised her chin and smiled even more brightly. “Zong Zhengyu, Mom will definitely be happy to see me like this, right?”

“Yes,” Zong Zhengyu said as he stroked the back of Mu Anan’s neck and led her out.

Mu Anan held the flowers with both hands and obediently followed behind Zong Zhengyu.

From time to time, she would look down at the flowers.

When she passed by the glass at the side, she couldn’t help but look at herself in the mirror.

“Seventh Master, do you think I should change into another white dress? Isn’t it not gentle-looking enough?” Mu Anan looked at herself through the glass. “Mom likes me to be gentler.”

When Mu Anan was young, her mother would often touch her face and say, “What should I do? I can’t wait to see you grow up. You will definitely become very gentle when she grows up.”

She wanted to show her mother her gentlest and most beautiful side.

“Is my makeup not good enough? Should I meet Mom without makeup? Or is the lipstick too thick? Should I just put on some lip balm?” Mu Anan could not help but mutter again.

She was very nervous.

After much silence, Mu Anan noticed the man beside her looking at her with a smile.

Mu Anan did not understand and was even a little angry. “Zong Zhengyu, what are you smiling at?”

“It’s nothing. You look good like this.”

Mu Anan did not respond. She turned around and tidied her long hair m front of the glass mirror.

It was a little windy today, and her long hair was a little messy. “I think I should comb my hair.”

Zong Zhengyu did not say anything. He stood behind Mu Anan, his slender hands caressing her soft long hair and tucking it in bit by bit.

Then, he pulled off the red hair band on his hand and tied her hair up loosely. Mu Anan’s face was small, so when her hair was tucked away, it made her features stand out even more.

She was a refreshing beauty.

Mu Anan tilted her head and touched the hair band. “Zong Zhengyu, you’ve been wearing it.”

“Yes.” Zong Zhengyu nodded and bowed. “A certain girl gave it to me. If I lose it, she’ll get angry and be very difficult to coax.”

-No!” Mu Anan refuted and muttered.” She’s obviously easy to coax…”

“Is that so?”

-Yes!” Mu Anan looked at Zong Zhengyu seriously and nodded. However, after she finished speaking, Zong Zhengyu laughed. He lowered his head and touched his nose.

She didn’t seem easy to coax…

“Let’s go.” Zong Zhengyu only smiled and walked out with Mu Anan.

Mu Anan could not help but glance at the mirror. “Do I really look okay?”



■■Good-looking and gentle, you’re the most beautiful girl.” Zong Zhengyu followed Mu Anan’s expectations and praised her. Mu Anan was finally satisfied and left with the Zong Zhengyu. Outside the door, seven or eight cars were lined up vertically. Luo Sen had arrived earlier and was standing in front of the Maybach in the middle.

When he saw Zong Zhengyu walking out with Mu Anan, he immediately opened the car door for them.

“The package…” Mu Anan could not help but ask before she got into the car.

Luo Sen replied, “The package is in the trunk of this car.” Mu Anan nodded and subconsciously looked at the trunk. In the next second, Zong Zhengyu brought her to the trunk. The trunk opened automatically, and a small black package lay quietly inside. Mu Anan was a little embarrassed.” Zong Zhengyu, I wasn’t worried. I was just looking.”

“I know. I was just casually letting you take a look.” The man’s tone was calm. After Mu Anan confirmed that the item was still there, Zong Zhengyu brought her back to the car.

The car doors closed, and the convoy slowly moved toward the gate.

After going around the garden, the convoy arrived at the main exit of Yuyuan Estate.

The heavy golden iron gate opened automatically, and the convoy drove out one by one.

In the car, Mu Anan felt a little awkward.

She felt that she was too pretentious today. In the past, she was clear and decisive. But today, she was not easily satisfied.

Just as Mu Anan grabbed the seat casually and her thoughts were complicated, she felt a warmth on the back of her hand.

In the next second, her hand was grabbed tightly and wrapped in another’s palm.

Mu Anan was a little surprised and looked up at the person beside her..

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