Young and Beautiful Wife: Sir, Be Patient

Chapter 176 - Chapter 176: Acting Miserable, Miss Anan Is Serious

Chapter 176: Acting Miserable, Miss Anan Is Serious

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Mu Anan looked at Zong Zhengyu nervously.


She even had the urge to stop Seventh Master from saying anything. She didn’t want to hear it.

Of course, it’s just an impulsive emotion.

She held back a bit and the emotion was gone.

“I will go to Liuli City tomorrow morning.” Seventh Master spoke and added, “It will take longer this time.”

Mu Anan’s face fell when she heard this.

As expected, it was terrible indeed.

“Didn’t you just come back?” As Mu Anan said, she reached out and grabbed Zong Zhengyu’s sleeve, “Why are you going again?”

Moreover, it would take a long time.

How long would that be?

“Something’s not done yet.” Zong Zhengyu said.

The grand master’s condition had just stabilised.

An accounting problem arose within the Zong family that needed to be dealt with.

Naturally, Seventh Master would not tell Mu Anan about these trivial matters because it was unnecessary.

Zong Zhengyu placed the cup of water on the table and rubbed Mu Anan’s hair, “Take a good rest at home these days.”

“Can I go with you?” Mu Anan tugged at Zong Zhengyu’s sleeves with both hands. Her voice was soft and coy, like a pitiful child.

Mu Anan was a pitiful girl indeed.

She had just proved her innocence at the hospital. She had not been appeased for the grievances she had suffered previously. It was also unknown whether she would continue her internship at the mental hospital.

Wasn’t she pitiful?

She was so pitiful.

Mu Anan started the preparation before acting pitiful. She pouted and glared at him with her wet almond eyes. Her voice sounded a little choked, “Seventh Master, I’m still injured. It’s also tough on my heart, and 1 have nightmares at night. If you go to Liuli City like this, what should I do?”

“Now, I feel that the entire Yuyuan Estate is cold and empty. Without you, I feel the world is lifeless. I fall into a depressed mood every day. When you come back, I’ll probably be so depressed that I wouldn’t be alive at all. You won’t be able to see your cute girl anymore.”

Mu Anan was a top actress when she acted pitiful to Seventh Master.

Her words were full of emotion and were extremely pitiful as if she was about to be thrown away at any moment.

Zong Zhengyu’s calm expression changed because of Mu Anan’s pitiful look.

He squatted down and used his thumb to wipe away Mu Anan’s tears, “How about 1 come back early?”

Mu Anan shook her head decisively, “I can’t stand being away from you for a day. You are my comfort now, and I can only be comforted by looking at you.”

She acted as miserable as she could now.

Just like the lyrics of the song, “No one cares me, no one loves me. I’m a cabbage that no one wants in the field.”

Zong Zhengyu stared at Mu Anan for a while, “1’11 be busy and won’t be able to take care of you.”

“I can take care of myself. I feel comforted to be able to breathe in the same air as you.” When Mu Anan saw that Seventh Master was showing signs of agreement, she took advantage of the situation, “Just don’t leave me here alone. I feel like I’ve been left behind…”

After saying that, she lowered her head and her tears fell.

Zong Zhengyu couldn’t bear to see the girl so aggrieved. He frowned, “Raise your head.”

Mu Anan raised her head reluctantly. Her expression became even more innocent. Her eyes were covered with crystalline teardrops that were reflective in the top light.

Zong Zhengyu wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes and sighed helplessly, In the end, he compromised and said, “Let’s go together.”

Mu Anan’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

Zong Zhengyu nodded.

Mu Anan screamed and immediately hugged Zong Zhengyu, “Thank you, Seventh Master. I love you!”

When she got excited, she passingly confessed.

Mu Anan raised her head and looked at Dr. Gu, who was dumbfounded and used to it. The foxy girl blinked slyly.

She was showing off that he had successfully acted pitiful again.

However, when she let go of Seventh Master, Mu Anan looked at him obediently, “Are we leaving tomorrow morning?”

Zong Zhengyu nodded and wiped the tears from Mu Anan’s eyes.

He was wondering that if he didn’t agree, this child would cry on the spot.

The child…

Forget it.

He doted on her. There’s no other option but to spoil her.

Zong Zhengyu said, “When you get there, don’t run around. Don’t be naughty and keep good behaviour. Okay?”

Mu Anan nodded seriously.

Anyway, all she needed now was a verbal promise.

It would be up to her when they got to Liuli City.

When they got to Liuli City, she could behave as she pleased.

When Seventh Master took out his phone, Mu Anan glanced at the screen. She didn’t see the caller’s name, but she noticed that it was from Liuli City.

Zong Zhengyu stood up and pinched Mu Anan’s earlobe before walking out of the boxing room and answering the phone.

Mu Anan also touched her earlobe that Zong Zhengyu had pinched. Her face was red as she lowered her head and giggled.

Her heart skipped a beat.

It was the first time that Seventh Master would take her to Liuli City.

She would soon be able to go to the city where Seventh Master grew up. She expected to discover some of his secrets passingly.

Mu Anan was in a cheerful mood and secretly delighted.

However, when she looked up, she met Black Tea’s probing gaze, tilted her head and acted innocent.

Black Tea showed Mu Anan a fake smile.

Mu Anan tidied her ponytail and stood up from her chair.

Just as she was about to walk past Black Tea, Black Tea suddenly pulled her to his side with a serious expression, “Miss Anan.”


“Miss Anan, since you started practising boxing a few years ago, have I been doing my best to teach you and impart all my techniques to you without reservation?”

H ii

Mu Anan stared at Black Tea’s expression suspiciously. Upon hearing her words, she roughly understood why Black Tea was looking for her.

Before Black Tea could speak, Mu Anan immediately said, “No money!”

Even if she had money, she wouldn’t give her.

Black Tea was well off and keen to buy a private island. She saved her money but pretended to be poor and asked for money everywhere.

Black Tea was speechless.

Dr. Gu was standing nearby. He stared at Black Tea’s changeable expression and laughed on the spot.

Black Tea glared at him, “How dare you laugh! 1 bet my last hundred on you to win, and you chose to lose? Piece of sh*t!”

Dr. Gu was innocent, “Did you see the look in that master’s eyes? If it was you, would you dare to win?”

“Did you lose to me on purpose?”

Black Tea did not say anything, but Mu Anan caught the main point.

When Dr. Gu heard this, he hurriedly found a reason to leave, “My ribs hurt. I need to go back to put on medicine. 1 gotta go.”

With that, he slipped away.

Dr. Gu had gone, but Mu Anan was not stupid. She could tell that Dr. Gu had pulled his punches.

Mu Anan suddenly felt frustrated.

Black Tea comforted her, “With Gu Shuqing’s defence power, general experts can’t even hurt him. Not to mention that you haven’t practised boxing for a long time.”

Mu Anan remained silent.

She was a proud and confident person.

She was confident in his racing, boxing, and studying.

Such frustration made Mu Anan feel that she wasn’t good enough yet.

So, at this moment, Mu Anan made a decision!

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