You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 797 (The Whole Family Acting Pretentious)

Chapter 797 (The Whole Family Acting Pretentious)

"What! Fighters! How old are our children!"

"Yeah, what kind of rule is this? It's just playing blindly."

Ye Hua heard the murmurs from the people around and knew the advantage of selecting students this way. The key was not to defeat the Fighters, but to observe the children's talents.

Ye Hua whispered, "Ah Li, Ye Shen, go easy when you make your move later."

"Yes, Dad, we understand."

Although Ye Hua spoke quietly, he was still heard by the people in front and behind him.

In his heart, he also thought, 'This guy is really good at acting pretentious, asking such young children to go easy. If the Fighters show mercy, it's considered good enough.'

Donghuang Li was still quite interested, but Ye Shen, standing next to her, had a stern expression and showed no interest at all. They were just Fighters.

If it were an Order level powerhouse, it would be a different story.

Ye Hua looked at Donghuang Baizhi, who was feeling down, and gently kissed his wife's cheek. "Alright, don't be too sad."

Ye Hua's actions seemed ordinary, but in the eyes of these people, it was different. In the Sapphire Continent, it was no different from ancient times. There was no such practice.

It was a complete moral decline.

Moreover! Kissing such a beautiful woman in front of us! Unbearable!

Even if she's your wife, you shouldn't do that. If this weren't the foot of the Jade Vein Mountain, he would surely be beaten up. People despised men who acted pretentious like this, thinking they were something special just because they had a beautiful wife. Look at his smug face; they'd like to stamp it with a shoe.

"Ah Li," Donghuang Baizhi called out softly.

"Mom," Donghuang Li reached out and held her mother's hand.

Ye Hua shook his head; it seemed that Donghuang Baizhi was a little upset, and it was understandable.

The team moved quickly, and the people descending the mountain were also fast, most of them were bringing their children down the mountain. It seemed that the proportion was quite high.

Gradually, Ye Hua finally arrived at the front platform of the Jade Vein Mountain, and behind the platform stood a huge plaque.

Jade Vein Mountain!

The three characters carried a strong sense of majesty. At a glance, you could tell that it was not ordinary, and it must have been crafted by a master.

As long as you could enter the gate of Jade Vein Mountain, it would be a matter of great honour for the sect, and at least that's what everyone thought.

On the high platform, three old men sat silently, watching the scene below.

In the centre of the arena, a child of about 10 years old was competing with a 5-year-old child who was visibly shorter.

To be precise, it wasn't a competition; before they even started, the 5-year-old child was already crying in fear.

Then, the next one stepped up.

The strength of the Fighters in front of the children was quite intimidating.

It was understandable, but the requirements for joining the sect had indeed become much higher than before, when it was mainly about testing one's talent.

Ye Hua watched as these children left one by one in tears, shaking his head. It seemed that they wouldn't be recruiting many today.

Soon, it was Ye Hua's turn and his family's turn.

"Who's going first?" Ye Hua asked softly.

His calm demeanour made people feel as though his children could easily win. He was even asking who should go first when the opponent was a 10-year-old Duelist!!!

It was terrifying.

"Sis, you go first," Ye Shen said casually.

Donghuang Li shrugged, "Okay, I'll set an example for you."

The onlookers: "..."

This girl is quite pretty, why is she bragging like this?

Even the three elders sitting on the high platform hesitated for a moment. This girl seemed interesting; they wondered if she had real talent.

Donghuang Li walked directly to the platform, looking at the boy across from her.

The boy blushed as he looked at Donghuang Li. She was a beautiful girl, seemingly one of a kind in the entire Jade Vein Mountain, even more attractive than a celebrity.

That's right! The 10-year-old genius Fighter, Mu Gao, was a reincarnator, and the extent of his abilities was unknown.

Donghuang Li glanced at the boy in front of her and said calmly, "Come on, don't just stand there foolishly. The longer you stare, the less likely it is to be yours."

Mu Gao: "..."

Listening to Donghuang Li's words, everyone felt the heat; she was not someone to mess with.

"This girl is impressive; she doesn't seem afraid in front of Mu Gao," one of the elders on the high platform commented lightly.

"Yeah, it looks like she's got some potential."

"Actually, whether she has potential or not, you can tell by looking at her parents."

The three elders nodded. From Ye Hua and Donghuang Baizhi, it was evident that this girl must have some potential.

Mu Gao gestured, and Donghuang Li, somewhat reluctantly, followed suit and gestured back.

"Be careful!" Mu Gao said in a deep voice.

Donghuang Li chuckled softly, "You should be the one who needs to be careful."

Before the words had even finished, Donghuang Li's petite figure disappeared, and Mu Gao felt a heavy pressure in his chest as he was pushed back dozens of steps!

The whole arena fell silent. This... this girl... actually pushed a Fighter down.

How is this possible!

The three elders on the platform suddenly stood up, murmuring, "This girl actually has the strength of a Fighter! How is this possible! Such a thing has never been seen on the entire Sapphire Continent!"

But it was happening right in front of them, making the three elders feel like they were dreaming.

Mu Gao stared blankly at Donghuang Li in the arena, feeling a bit dazed. He had actually lost to a girl...

She was really strong!!!

Ye Hua shook his head, advising Ah Li to keep a low profile, but in the end...

She just had to follow her sister's lead. She really likes to show off.

"Ye Shen, don't follow your sister's example," Ye Hua admonished.


"Donghuang Li! Pass!" As an elder announced, Donghuang Li had passed, which was expected.

Donghuang Li bowed to the surrounding audience to express her gratitude. It was too easy and not very interesting... It would have been nice if Yan'er were here, so they could show off together. But unfortunately, her younger brother was as cold as ice.

A senior approached and smiled, "You two must be Donghuang Li's parents."

Ye Hua nodded, and Donghuang Baizhi held her daughter's hand, looking reluctant to part.

"You can rest assured. Every year, we have a family visit day, so you can come into the sect to see your child. Safety is not a concern, as no one dares to cause trouble in the Broken Vein Mountain."

Donghuang Baizhi was relieved to hear that and whispered, "We entrust our child to you."

"Don't worry, Donghuang Li is a promising talent, and we will focus on nurturing her," the elder said with a faint smile, believing that Donghuang Li would definitely rise within the sect.

"Brother, why are you still standing there like a dummy? Come on!" Donghuang Li shouted at Ye Shen.

The elder suddenly became puzzled. "Your son too?"

"Yes," Ye Hua replied calmly.

Looking at Ye Shen, the elder thought that this child was probably only about five years old. If this was his sister, it seemed that the younger brother wouldn't be any less remarkable.

Jade Vein Mountain was quite lucky today, discovering two new stars. However, they would have to test them to know for sure.

Ye Shen walked onto the platform without changing his expression. Mu Gao stabilised his internal energy and joined him, emitting the aura of a Fighter. However, Ye Shen showed no reaction at all, leaving everyone stunned!

How could his sister be so powerful, and yet his younger brother was equally extraordinary!

The faces of the three elders instantly turned strange; it was a mixture of shock!

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