You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 4 - A night and a bit more

Chapter 4 – A night and a bit more

“Go where?” Qing Ya asked faintly, filled with the joy of taking revenge. Taking a step back to speak, this man was still quite decent, and was much better than a street thug.


“Seems like you are prepared for every moment.” Qing Ya said coldly as she walked to the front of Ye Hua.

“Of course, after all, a woman like you is hard to come by.”

Qing Ya turned around and asked curiously, “What about the previous woman?”

“I won’t touch the same woman twice.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

Qing Ya slightly went into a daze, this man truly has an interesting personality. In any case, this is a one night stand, we won’t know each other after tomorrow, just that, I didn’t expect that there would be a day that I would be like this.

On the second floor, there were 3 rooms, one was an office, one was a bedroom and the last one was a storeroom, Ye Hua reminded, “The left side is the bedroom.”

Qing Ya opened the door and walked into the bedroom. Actually, Qing Ya was feeling very nervous, but at the same time, she also felt very excited.

“Ah!” Suddenly, Qing Ya let out a shriek, a large pit bull was laying down on the floor at the side of the bed.

Along with the shriek, the pit bull opened one of its eyes, immediately emitting out a thought of greed, its huge body suddenly stood up and stared fixedly at Qing Ya.

“Lie Gu, go back.” Ye Hua calmly yelled.

Lie Gu who was prestigious just a moment ago immediately became terrified. After whimpering, it walked out of the bedroom.

“You are a strange person, even the dog that you raise is weird too.” Qing Ya sat on the bed and said faintly. Sizing up the bedroom, it was very clean and there was also no weird smell. On the wall, 3 paintings were hanged. When Qing Ya saw the paintings, she slightly went into a daze.

‘Garçon à la Pipe’, wasn’t this Picasso’s work…This ‘Le Rêve’, it is also Picasso’s work. Hmmm, there is actually ‘The Card Players’ too.

“Those few paintings of yours are fake right.” Qing Ya sneered, seems like this man likes to act, bluffing woman to his room and showing off those paintings, and if the woman was not sure about those paintings, she could really get duped by this man.

Ye Hua took a look at the paintings, “You will have to ask my subordinate, he has a strange hobby of collecting things.”

“Collecting counterfeits, it is truly a strange hobby.”

Ye Hua did not reply. Taking off his outerwear, he walked towards Qing Ya, and Qing Ya also mustered up her courage and gazed at Ye Hua. Comparing stares, I Qing Ya have never been afraid of anyone!

Ye Hua could be seen pressing Qing Ya under his body, and the latter was still not showing any fear.

“What are you doing? Are you preparing to give up your life for righteousness? We are only mutually pleasing each other, try to loosen up a bit.” Ye Hua’s tone was very calm, but his hands were not idle as he took off the expensive gown that Qing Ya was wearing. This woman’s skin sure is good, add points! Oh, those undergarments are not ordinary goods too, add money!

“Relax…relax.” Ye Hua said tenderly and kissed towards that alluring cherry lips, and Qing Ya also gradually became relaxed, my first kiss is gone…my first night is also going to be gone soon…

Half an hour later, Ye Hua lay down on Qing Ya’s body. He discovered that this woman’s body was too weak. This is not good, I finally met such a good perfect woman after waiting for such a long time, this must go on for an entire night, who knows how many years I will have to wait for the next one.

“Spirit recovery!”


After using 2 lower magic on Qing Ya, Qing Ya who was in low spirit just a moment ago immediately became vigorous and lively again. Ye Hua sighed lightly, I remember that the previous one lasted for an hour before I had to use magic.

All the way until the sun raised, then did Ye Hua came to a stop. Embracing Qing Ya who had a face full of tear stains, he propped his waist and said, “Seems like this corporeal body of mine still requires training, just this degree and my waist is already feeling a bit sore.”

Qing Ya finally knew the taste of being a woman, it is just like sitting on a roller coaster, I was obviously already tired to death, but suddenly, I became energized again, and this cycle just keeps on going. However, speaking the truth, this man has brought me happiness, my gloomy mood from yesterday has been vented out by quite a lot.

The two of them lay on the bed and slept until afternoon 6pm before waking up. Qing Ya slightly opened her beautiful eyes, and firstly discovered that she was laying within a man’s embrace. Upon realizing that, her heart jolted. However, after recalling what happened yesterday night, she became relaxed.

“Woke up?” Ye Hua asked indifferently.


“Now you know the difference between being drunk and not being drunk right.” Ye Hua caressed Qing Ya’s shoulder and asked lightly. This kind of woman, placed in this era, she is something that normal people could not imagine. Grandeur, cold and strong! Only this kind of woman is interesting…of course, there is also that alluring body too.

If it happened under the influence of alcohol, it was reckoned that Qing Ya would have the thought to want to kill someone now, but since this outcome happened due to Qing Ya’s willingness, she did not regret it.

“What is your name?” Qing Ya asked, she ought to at least know the name of the man who took her first time right.

Qing Ya patted Qing Ya’s shoulder, then got out of the bed and wore his clothes, “Is this very important?”

Qing Ya nodded her head and did not continue asking about it. Afterward, she got out of the bed too and wore her gown, why don’t I feel any pain…

The two of them did not say anything else and went downstairs. However, Ye Hua walked into the bar counter and Qing Ya walked out of the bar. With that, the one night stand came to an end.

At this time, Wei Chang and Qing Ya walked past each other. Right now, Qing ya had already turned back into an eminent and unapproachable woman, every footsteps of her’s were filled with the confidence of a woman. That cold manner of Qing Ya made Wei Chang sighed, where do the ignorant humans get their confidence from…

“Boss.” Wei Chang shouted respectfully.

Ye Hua squinted his eyes, his right hand propping his chin, “The paintings that you collected were called counterfeits by a second woman.”

“Boss, should I burn those paintings then?”

“Forget it, after such a long time, I’m already used to seeing those paintings. We are about to be opened for business soon, go and start preparing.”

“Alright, boss.”

Ye Hua who was yawning walked upstairs. Seems like the boss is truly tired from yesterday night, Wei Chang laughed bitterly, the boss is truly becoming more and more human-like.

“Lie Gu, catch.” Not sure when, a ham sausage appeared in Wei Chang’s hand and he tossed it over to Lie Gu.

Lie Gu totally did not have the intention to catch it at all. After taking a look at Wei Chang with his eyes slanted, he raised his chest high and walked upstairs with a proud and arrogant look.

“Sigh, Lie Gu is still the same as usual, not having the nature of a dog.” Wei Chan laughed bitterly.

“Uncle Wei~” Tang Wei walked into the bar and greeted with a smile. Seems like her mood had gotten a lot better.

“Xiao Tang has arrived, let’s begin to work then, we are going to be opened for business soon.” Wei Chang clapped his hands and shouted loudly. If those ordinary people knew Wei Chang’s identity, they would definitely pee their pants from fear!

As an undead, Ye Hua still at the least had the form of a skeleton, and Wei Chang was totally not a human at all. To be precise, Wei Chang was a strange monster. Even up till now, Ye Hua still does not know what Wei Chang was, but just like that, Wei Chang joined into Ye Hua’s group and became one of the seven sins. During the last battle, he arrived here along with Ye Hua, and of course, the dog too!

Actually, Lie Gu was not a dog, and was a skeletal dragon! Lie Gu was also one of the seven sins, and was also Ye Hua’s mount. As for why he turned into a dog, Ye Hua said that he did not feed a dog before and wanted to try it, he was already sick of raising a dragon.

(裂骨 : Lie Gu –Lie Gu’s name literally translates to ‘Cracked Bones’ by the way)

At the start, Lie Gu refused, but gradually, he discovered that being a dog was also not bad, sleep after eating, after finish sleeping, eat…And there was also rewards time to time. Just thinking about the rewards was enough to make Lie Gu’s saliva drip out of his mouth.

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