You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 20 - Quarreling is nothing out of the ordinary

Chapter 20 – Quarreling is nothing out of the ordinary

Opening the door and entering into the house, Ye Hua couldn’t help but sighed for a bit. This woman’s family is not just the typical rich, however, only this kind of family would be able to teach out this kind of woman.

If I did not see wrongly, this floor should be sandalwood, where a square meter is at a few thousand rmb. For such a big house, just the floor alone is already quite a big expenses, not mentioning the other furniture, if it is in the lower amount, it would be around a few hundred thousand rmb, and if it is in the higher amount, it would be around a few million rmb.

“Your family such is rich.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

Qing Ya said lightly, “We do okay I guess.”

This woman is beginning to get cocky again, seems like I cannot praise her.

“Big miss, you have finally come back.” An old man who wore a butler outfit could be seen walking over with a smile. When he saw Ye Hua, he slightly went into a daze, but very quickly regain his composure and returned back to how he was before.

Qing Ya revealed out a shallow smile which could be rarely seen, “Uncle Fu.”

“Second miss and Mister Long have already arrived.” Uncle Fu said with a smile.

Qing Ya nodded her head, took out a pair of female slippers from the shoe cabinet and gracefully took off her high heels.

Uncle Fu sighed repeatedly. The big miss seems a bit different this time, and it seems like she has become much prettier.

“Slippers.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

Qing Ya wished she could give a tight slap to Ye Hua. Is there someone who acts like that much of a boss? To even want me to help you take the slippers! However, when she saw that Ye Hua was carrying that much gifts with his hands, she reluctantly helped him to take the slippers.

This time, it was Uncle Fu’s turn to become astonished. The big miss actually squatted on the floor to help him change into the slippers, I am not blind right! Just who is this man, her friend? If it was her friend, she wouldn’t be that intimate with him, her boyfriend? But that shouldn’t be, the big miss’s fiancé is still currently sitting inside, and his identity was even confirmed by the master.

“It’s too small.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

Qing Ya almost flipped out. Don’t think that just because you are the child’s father, you can act like this!

Uncle Fu said with a slight smile, “Mister, I will go and find a pair for you, please wait for a moment.”

“There is no need for that Uncle Fu, there is still another pair here.”

This time, Ye Hua was finally able to wear the slippers and did not have any more reasons to make things difficult for Qing Ya.

“Big miss, mister, inside please.”

Qing Ya was a little nervous, after all, she came to lay her cards on the table today, and refused to be an obedient girl.

“Uncle Fu, is my mom home yet?” Qing Ya asked.

“The master is together with big madam. The second madam is also here too.” Uncle Fu said.

Ye Hua was a bit curious, what is the meaning of second madam? Originally, I thought that Qing Ya’s mother had already passed away, after all, she said she and Qing Yutong had the same father but different mother. But from the looks of it, it isn’t as what I had imagined.

Her father actually had 2 women and even openly brought both of them home. This is a bit interesting.

Seeing that Ye Hua was laughing, Qing Ya immediately knew what Ye Hua was thinking about, and immediately became angry and stepped onto Ye Hua.

When Ye Hua saw the layer of slipper print that was imprinted onto his pure white sock, his mysophobia mentality immediately erupted.

“Do you want to quarrel with me here?” Ye Hua said coldly. This woman is very cocky huh!


How could Ye Hua be able to tolerate the stain on his sock, just seeing the stain on the sock makes him want to rip the sock apart, “Bring me a new pair of socks!”

“You!” Qing Ya was also extremely angry. Isn’t it just a small black stain? Is there a need to make such a big deal out of it!

“Quickly!” Ye Hua said in a deep voice, not being able to tolerate the stain for another half a minute.

Uncle Fu hurriedly walked up, “Mister, please wait a moment.”

“Uncle Fu, don’t bother with him!” Qing Ya was also angry now. If I was to get a new pair of socks for him to change now, what about in the future then! He will just become much worse in the future!

“Big miss…”

Ye Hua’s gaze became colder and colder, and there was even sort of a tendency of him going into a rage, “Qing Ya, I’m warning you for the last time!”

“I will also warn you for the last time, I am not your maid, I am your wife, there is a limit to my patience too!”

Uncle Fu’s eyes were opened wide as if he had just seen Thanos invading the earth. The big miss actually said that…she is his wife! What is going on!

It was still the first time that Ye Hua had met with such an arrogant woman, he was practically at the edge of bursting with rage, if it was not for the child in the stomach…

“Take off the socks for me!” Ye Hua breathed in and out repeatedly, controlling his anger. His temper had become better and better in those few years, if it was placed in the past, he would have long begun massacring everyone.

Oh? This man actually gave in, and I still thought that he was going to persist and quarrel with me to the end.

Since you have taken a step back, I will also take a step back too then.

Qing Ya obediently squatted down and took off Ye Hua’s socks. Only then did Ye Hua’s anger settled down.

Uncle Fu felt that his world was changing. What is going with the big miss, for her to even squat down to help this man take off his socks.

“You better not contradict me in the future, my temper is not good.” Ye Hua said coldly.

Qing Ya snorted coldly, “I am a pregnant woman, you better not make me angry!”

Pregnant woman!!! Uncle Fu had a feeling of wanting to faint. My god! Are they merely acting for me to see or are they being serious!

But, isn’t their atmosphere a bit too strange? Both of them are not willing to bother with each other, but at the same time, they also seem so intimate with each other. I hope that the big miss won’t go too overboard today, great master and master have been worrying a lot for this matter.

The corridor was not very long, along with Uncle Fu pushing open the double door, a few people appeared in front of Ye Hua’s eyes, and those few people also looked over towards him.

Long Aotian had arrived here since early morning. Of course, his purpose was very clear-cut, which was to come and win over the favor of the people of Qing Family, helping them check their pulse, and talking a bit about things that are good for maintaining health.

Qing Ya’s grandfather was 80 years old this year, and there were various kinds of ineradicable disease on him. However, ever since Long Aotian appeared, all of his symptoms had been gotten control over and even slowly gotten better. Also, his spouse, son, and 2 daughters-in-law have all been treated by Long Aotian too.

I didn’t expect that my old battle companion would have such a formidable grandson. If Qing Ya is to become a pair with him, it will definitely be a blessing for the Qing Family.

“Aotian, how have you been getting along with Qing Ya?” Qing Chengren drank the tea which his big daughter-in-law Wang Qing boiled and asked with a smile.

Long Aotian’s appearance is pretty good, he can be counted as being able to squeeze into the category of handsome guys. He looks very clean while wearing a leisure outfit, however, he is lacking a bit of dignified aura. However, that doesn’t really matter.

And right now, Long Aotian was currently looking at the big celebrity, Qing Yutong. Just now when Qing Yutong walked in, he was even dazed, why is the big celebrity Qing Yutong here, so she is actually Qing Ya’s sister, and is birthed by the second madam, Zi Han.

Being able to see Qing Yutong herself in person, I feel so happy right now. Temperament which is refine and clean, just like a fairy, white color long dress, revealing out a small part of each of her arms, beautiful hair which is smooth and soft like a waterfall, extremely clear beautiful eyes, which are like spring water, not containing the least bit of impurity at all, graceful sitting posture which reflects out her good upbringing, and the curve of her body that is revealed is incessantly alluring.

Her figure makes one’s heartbeat speed up, and wish that they could immediately kneel down and lick her feet. From her head all the way to her feet, not a single blemish can be found at all. This woman is simply a top quality among women. No, no, no, she is already at the category of fairies already.

Furthermore, a woman like this is not in the slightest bit lacking compared to Qing Ya, and the main point is that she is even my sister-in-law, my god! This is the tempo of me going to be able to embrace two beautiful women in my embrace. I, Long Aotian, have to express that I am feeling very great right now. Although it seems that she disdains me right now, but what can be confirmed is that, she is going to become my small wife in the future, this is how the plot line should expand.

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