You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 675 - Public Display of Love: Forget Chuan is Mrs. Shen (20)

Chapter 675: Public Display of Love: Forget Chuan is Mrs. Shen (20)

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At once, the news that Shen Liangchuan had responded to Forget Chuan’s post created a storm on Weibo.

Because the man had given such a reply:

[Shen Liangchuan: Stop it //

Forget Chuan: It seems, I’ve become your mistress? @Shen Liangchuan]

Stop it!!

Although it was a simple message, it fired everyone’s imagination.

It sounded exactly like what a man would say affectionately to his girlfriend when she threw a tantrum, “stop it.”

Suddenly, there was an eerie silence on Weibo.

Within two minutes of the publication, no one posted a single comment.

Until someone finally ventured a timid question:

[Our idol, has your Weibo account been hacked?]

Then, as though this was a triggering spark that could start a wildfire, Weibo went wild again.

[My god, Best Actor, what is wrong with you?]

[Is that reply meant to scold Forget Chuan?]

[Why does it sound like there’s a sort of affection in the reply?]

[Ahhhh! I must be imagining things!]

[Sc*mbag Shen! Are you admitting that you’re having an affair with Forget Chuan? Have you thought about how your wife would feel?]

[Ahhhh! What they are doing is wrong, but they still get to be openly lovey-dovey. It’s a complete insult for the singles like me.]

[Person above, you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth! Why do I feel so envious of their interaction?]

[I wonder if Best Actor Shen does not intend to clarify anything in today’s press conference, but rather announce that he and Forget Chuan are in fact in love with each other?]

All the posts seemed to be coming in at once.

To the extent that Shen Liangchuan, who was about to call Qiao Lian, couldn’t because his cell phone froze.

When Shen Zihao saw his brother’s response, he was so mad that he almost smashed his cell phone. “This Shen Liangchuan, he’s too much!”

“How can he do this? I’m speechless!”

Then, picking up his cell phone to call his brother, he realized…

“Why can’t I get through?”

Qiao Lian explained, “Probably there are too many incoming messages and made the phone shut down.”

Shen Zihao: …

He looked at Qiao Lian with a puzzled expression. “Why are you so calm?”

She looked back at him and asked, “What should I do then?”

“Give this cheating couple a piece of your mind!”

“Rumors and nonsense!”

Shen Zihao: …

Before Shen Zihao could say anything else, they had arrived at the venue of the press conference.

He was fuming with anger. “You don’t appreciate goodwill!”

They got out of the car and quietly walked into the venue.

As they were early, the press wasn’t there yet.

Hence, Qiao Lian and Shen Zihao went backstage to take a short break.

While using the washroom, Qiao Lian was fortunate enough to run into… who else but Zhang Chunhua!

When the woman saw Qiao Lian, she raised an eyebrow and sneered, “Forget Chuan, you actually dare show up here?”

Qiao Lian twitched her mouth and replied, “Why wouldn’t I dare to?”

“Even if Shen Liangchuan replied to you on Weibo, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re a mistress. You think that you’ll get sympathy by coming here and acting pitiful? Let me tell you, you’re done for.”

“A male celebrity cheating and having an affair is something that people will forget in a few years, but it’s different for a woman.”

“It’s swarming with reporters here today, and you dare to make an appearance. I think you must be crazy!”

“What you really need to do now is to plead on Weibo and ask everyone for their forgiveness. Perhaps then, you might get a little sympathy! You’ve been seriously stupid to openly provoke Mrs. Shen so much.”

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