You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 1358 - Nianyao and Mo Xicheng (31)

Chapter 1358: Nianyao and Mo Xicheng (31)

When the short-haired girl heard this, she got anxious at once and said, “What are you talking about? My idol is not as terrible as you make him out to be!”

“Well then, why hasn’t he made it big? I’d like to ask everyone in this cinema if they’ve ever heard of Mo Xicheng? But everyone knows who Chen Junjie is.”

When she said this, many of the fans in the cinema showed their agreement.

“That’s right, I’m here because of Big Brother Jie.”

“Exactly, who cares about Mo Xicheng?!”

Chen Junjie was at the peak of his popularity and he had scores of fans.

“You- you people,” the short-haired girl’s voice trembled in anger. “Even if male idol is not so popular, he is the lead. Your Chen Junjie still had to play a supporting role.”

That lady fan of Chen Junjie immediately said in response, “This is a joke. So what if he’s the male lead? Let me ask everyone here, how many of you are Chen Junjie’s fans? Just raise your hands and we will be able to tell who is the most popular actor.”

At once, people across the cinema started to raise their hands. At one glance, there must have been two thirds of the audience who were Chen Junjie’s fans.

“Well, you see that? What have you got to say now? Clearly, your Mo Xicheng depends on our Chen Junjie’s ability to attract the audience.”

The short-haired girl was speechless.

Mo Xicheng’s fans immediately became the disadvantaged minority.

Shi Nianyao felt an extreme ache in her heart when she saw this.

It wasn’t because of the fans, but because of Mo Xicheng.

He had the looks, the acting skills, the right connections and people skills. Not to mention Shen Liangchuan, but even she could easily invest in a few movies which would catapult him to as much fame as Shen Liangchuan had.

But this man had always deliberately kept a low profile.

She had seen him film.

He didn’t have airs of superiority and displayed a serious attitude when at work.

He was always the one setting the tempo during filming, to allow the weaker actors to slip into their roles more easily.

He would even set aside his personal time to personally rehearse scenes with his female lead, just so that the outcome would be more professional.

But what right did these people have?

Shi Nianyao clenched her fists tightly.

The short-haired girl was now somewhat choking and her eyes were bloodshot. She said, “Even if Chen Junjie is more popular, you shouldn’t slander my male idol.”

The Chen Junjie fan sneered icily, but before she could say another word, Shi Nianyao spoke, “So what if he’s so popular?!”

She got up on her feet. As a fair-skinned beauty, she had an air of authority that came from being the daughter of the Shi family. Her gaze swept the cinema like she was the leader of the pack. Everyone fell silent as they lifted their head to look at her.

Taking a long hard look at these Chen Junjie fans, she spoke after a pause in a steady voice that rang clearly in everyone’s ears, “This industry doesn’t lack new blood. It may be Chen Junjie today, but who was it last year? Does anyone remember? Where is he now? And the year before that? Do you remember? Every year there is a hot young idol, or even a few, but how many times have they won Best Actor awards? And who are the ones who have truly gained respect? You judge a person’s standing by his popularity in that moment? Then what about Best Actor Shen? Chen Junjie has 70 million fans on Weibo, but Best Actor Shen has only more than 50 million. And would you dare say Best Actor Shen is not as popular as Chen Junjie?”

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