Yama Rising

Chapter 1262: Century-long Upheaval (3)

Chapter 1262: Century-long Upheaval (3)

Countless Yin spirits littered throughout countless plazas all over the world were staring up at the screens above them. No one was mentally prepared for such an astonishing bombshell to be dropped onto their heads.

Interplanar war... The concept seemed so far away from them.

"Did I mishear the broadcast?" In Europa, an elderly Yin spirit wearing a crisp suit had dropped the leash of the dog that he was walking onto the ground, but he was too shocked to even notice.

This must be a dream...

This very same thought was passing through the minds of countless Yin spirits, but they quickly discovered that this was most definitely not a dream.

As soon as the image of the galaxy was displayed, a narrator's voice began to ring out. "The canter underworld is split up into three major alliances, each of which is led by a being above the Yama-King level. Here is an introduction to the canter underworld's forces..."

On this day, countless Yin spirits were stunned into silence in front of their television screens.

One group of Yin spirits left, only for another group to gather before the LED screens. Even more Yin spirits were gathered in their own homes, staring at their television screens and listening to their radios with astonished expressions. Regardless of whether they wanted to accept it or not, they had to come to terms with the fact that war was imminent.

This was going to be the most brutal and spectacular war in the history of Earth's underworld!

A middle-aged man gently stroked his wife's long hair, and his wife rested her head onto his shoulder with a concerned expression.

In the face of the upcoming war, all of the netherworldly citizens across the entire underworld had to prepare for hardships and adversity up ahead, all for the sake of freedom and honor!

The same broadcast was also being played in all of the underworlds' military bases. All of the Yin soldiers, regardless of which underworld they came from, were staring intently at the unfolding broadcast with tightly clenched fists.

After the broadcast on all of the information on the canter underworld was completed, the netherworldly citizens were of the opinion that the broadcast was over, but the image transitioned into a shot of Qin Ye.

He was the third King Yanluo of the Cathayan Underworld, and there wasn't a single person in the underworld who didn't know who he was.

"In order to lay everyone's doubts to rest and assure you all that this isn't a joke or a drill, I'll be telling you all about how we discovered the canter underworld."

All of the Yin spirits across the underworld were glued to their television screens.

The documentary regarding the canter underworld ran for a full hour, and it was played on a continuous loop for 24 hours. It started from Qin Ye's conversation with Mictlantecutli and Mictetikasiwa on the new continent, followed by Qin Ye's observation into space through the Omeyocan plan's super astronomical telescope, then discussed the remains of the extraterrestrial death god and how it had ended up on Earth.

After that, the Cathayan Underworld's space exploration plan was detailed, followed by the black boxes kept by the four pillars...

As Qin Ye's voice grew louder and louder, the accompanying background music also grew louder in volume, and half an hour later, Qin Ye declared amid a chorus of rousing music, "Everyone, we are far from powerless to resist! For the sake of continuing Earth's heritage! For the sake of all of your descendants! For the sake of all of the religions that have stood for thousands of years! The four pillars are hereby extending a genuine pledge to all netherworldly citizens to come together and fight for Earth!"

As soon as his voice trailed off, the image of him vanished, only to be replaced by a massive factory.

"My god!"

"What is that!?"

"Is that... the emblem of the Cathayan Underworld?"

"Is this our trump card?! A space fortress?!"

"I see... This is why the Cathayan Underworld wanted to pursue space exploration! They knew that the threat from space was already dire!"

The image that had appeared was that of the Cathayan Underworld's Jade Rabbit space fortress, which was constructed from the inner demon's body!

Its appearance didn't match its name at all, but that hardly mattered. It was extremely grand and majestic, and all of the Yin spirits that laid eyes on it felt as if a jolt of electricity had run through their entire body, while their souls were screaming in awe.

It was incredibly, unfathomably massive. Countless engineers and engineering vehicles were gathered around it like ants, and countless sparks were flashing incessantly. Even further away, the Cathayan Underworld's flying shuttles had already formed a dense line, and they were ready to be loaded onto the Jade Rabbit at any time.

Not only were the Yin spirits astonished to see this, even all of the ruler death gods couldn't help but draw a sharp breath in response to this rousing sight.

This was the true power of the Cathayan Underworld!

However, before everyone had even recovered from their shock, the image transitioned once again, and the world's gate was revealed to the entire underworld, accompanied by Qin Ye's narration once again.

"This is the world's gate, where all of the most powerful death gods in the entire underworld are gathered. Here in Earth's underworld, we do not have just the 60 or 70 death gods that you know of. There are vastly renowned names in history such as Gilgamesh, Napoleon, Confucius, Mencius, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great... All of them are here, and they've already served to keep us safe from extraterrestrial invasions for hundreds of years!"

As the footage continued to play, the grand exterior of the world's gate was revealed to everyone. There were countless patrolling soldiers, as well as innumerable warships berthed at the ports. The Yin energy above the world's gate was so dense that it was like a substantial cloud, and this was an extremely rousing image for all beholders.

This was the power of Earth!

Finally, the image settled onto the inky-black world's gate, which was several dozen meters tall with the head of a lion engraved upon it. At the same time, a line of red text appeared on the screen: "We are now recruiting soldiers from all over the world. Fight for the sake of Earth!"

After the first round of broadcasts concluded, a line of text appeared: "In five minutes, the rules of the alliances and an announcement for worldwide conscription will be released, alongside the details for joining the military and all of the benefits you stand to receive from doing so."

Ashmound Plaza was the largest shopping plaza in Ashmound, and at this moment, there were over 1,000 people gathered there, watching the LED screen intently. As this segment of the broadcast drew to a conclusion, a Yin spirit finally lowered his head as he massaged his won sore neck.

"I would've never seen this coming..."

"Indeed... The mortal realm has been trying to search for extraterrestrial civilizations for a long time without the search bearing any fruit, yet there's one so close to us, and they harbor animosity toward our plane!"

"A war is coming..."

Regardless of whether the Yin spirits on the plaza knew each other or not, everyone was discussing spiritedly among themselves.

A young Yin spirit shrugged as a wry smile appeared on his face.

He had been born in a peaceful era, but he had died early from leukemia.

Due to the fact that he had already died young once, he was even more afraid of death.

He didn't think that he would be able to step onto a battlefield. He had heard from many people and seen through many movies that adrenaline and instincts were the things that fueled one on a battlefield, so courage was irrelevant, but just the mere thought of having to rush into battle against enemy soldiers was something that he didn't think that he would ever be able to do.

However, that didn't mean that he couldn't contribute to this war!

A determined look appeared in his eyes as he gritted his teeth tightly.

Even if I can't go into battle myself, I'll make sure to support our forces in any way that I can! I'm going to do everything in my power to ensure that our soldiers on the front lines don't have to worry about their homeland...

Right as he was consoling himself, his expression suddenly stiffened slightly.

He wasn't the only one. All of the Yin spirits on the entire plaza... In fact, all of the Yin spirits in the entire nation had faltered in unison.

This was because they had just heard a very clear cracking sound.

It was as if a panel of glass had just been broken right next to them.

Countless Yin spirits looked up at the heavens. The sound was coming from the sky, and right in front of their very eyes, the sky was falling apart like a window that had just been shattered!

Despite the sky's resemblance to shattered glass, it was dissipating like a white veil, and countless specks of white light were raining down from above before disintegrating into white Yin energy that slowly disappeared.

Countless Yin spirits were looking up at the sky with their mouths gaped open, and they had no idea what was happening. At the top of the North Yin Pavilion, Qin Ye and Zhao Yun were also looking on with solemn expressions.

"It's finally over..." Qin Ye sighed as he closed his eyes, and there was a series of mixed emotions surging through his heart.

The Array of the Nine Gods had just been completely opened. It was such an unremarkable spectacle, so much so that everyone would most likely forget all about it in a matter of hours.

He had envisioned this moment many times, thinking of how much of a marvelous spectacle he wanted this moment to be, but in the end, he had chosen to open up the Array of the Nine Gods in the most peaceful and mundane way possible.

This array had been like a cocoon, protecting the vulnerable Cathayan Underworld before it was ready to be exposed to the world.

It allowed him time to develop the nation and gave him the courage to deceive everyone, allowing him to paint a false picture that no one could verify.

At this point, he was ready to step out into the world, and it was time to say goodbye to the array.

"I think it's a new beginning," Zhao Yun said in a calm voice.

A faint smile appeared on Qin Ye's face. "Indeed, it is."

This was indeed a new beginning, the beginning of the most spectacular chapter in the history of the underworld!

If they couldn't overcome their enemies, then they would be enslaved. The interplanar war in 100 years was going to decide whether they would be able to step out into space or be reduced to a colony.

This war was perhaps going to rage on for a very long time, perhaps even lasting the course of centuries, but they had the determination and resolve to see it through to the very end!

"I chose this time to open up the array because I don't want to make any more headlines," Qin Ye said with a smile. "If we wait until the recent storm subsided before officially opening up the array, then our Cathayan Underworld would undoubtedly attract a lot of attention. Now, no one's going to look at us at all. Let's go. We've already set everything into motion, so we have to dedicate ourselves fully to the cause. Our goal lies among the stars! We can't allow ourselves to fall before we've even reached the first hurdle!"


In the short span of just three days, the entire underworld had erupted into a frenzy.

Even the most reclusive of Yin spirits had heard the news about the imminent war. However, this wasn't going to be a war between nations. Instead, it was going to be a clash between planes and civilizations.

There were no tricks involved, just a clash of power and courage. All of the underworlds were going to be united on this occasion, directing their swords toward the stars.

Three days later, the eight alliances made a joint announcement, declaring the commencement of development into eight spaceships.

There was the Asian Alliance's Jade Rabbit, the Southern Alliance's Yaksha, the Middle Eastern Alliance's Winged Dragon of Ra, the Europa Alliance's Hades's Judgment, the Northern Alliance's Veles, the Mythic Spirit Alliance's Viracocha, and the Southern and Northern New Continent Alliances' Tecutli and Tikasiwa.

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