Worlds’ Apocalypse Online

Chapter 674 - First day of the great era

Chapter 674: First day of the great era

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In the end, the figure of light was only a manifestation of Law, it could only act according to the protocol.

So it didn’t respond and disappeared in front of Gu Qing Shan.

Gu Qing Shan silently processed everything that happened just now.

———-the Gods have established a ‘cannot tell the secret answer you receive’ curse in the 200 million World Layers.

Could they have left any other curse?

Going against faith isn’t exactly a big deal, but it’s generally part of the Church’s duties, things to be dealt with by the upper echelons of the Church, it wasn’t something the Gods themselves would interfere with.

So Gu Qing Shan tried it out.

Which ended with nothing happening.

It made sense as well since the Gods most likely wouldn’t tell the secret to achieving Godhood to mortals if they weren’t already in dire straits.

During such a crucial moment, being able to rally all living beings in the 200 million World Layers was already quite a feat, how would they have time to care about the Church’s matters?

So, what should I do now?

Gu Qing Shan’s thoughts moved away from the Gods.

9 billion World Layers have already been destroyed, even the Gods could only flee or die against that.

This proved one thing: Becoming a God will allow you to become stronger, but against the Apocalypse, that didn’t matter at all.

Not to mention, there was no telling whether or not there were any traps hidden there.

Gu Qing Shan wouldn’t step into such an open hole.

He glanced around.

More and more figures of light were disappearing.

The void monsters were beginning to move again.

According to the figure of light, these monsters weren’t actually considered to be very powerful.

Deeper into the space vortex, there were other more powerful Demigod monsters!

But Gu Qing Shan couldn’t win against even these monsters right here.

In just a few breaths’ worth of time, one of these monsters might consider Gu Qing Shan to not be too little of a meal and come to eat him.

This isn’t the time to be standing still.

Gu Qing Shan sighed and randomly grabbed a small rock that flew by.

——there were a lot of insignificant things inside the space vortex, not just random small rocks, there were all manners of things in here.

With the rock in hand, Gu Qing Shan activated [Mystery of All Beings Equal].

He disappeared without a trace.

The rock fell to the ground, once again swept away by the wind of the space vortex, flying somewhere undetermined.

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Powerful void monsters of the space vortex wouldn’t pay a lick of attention to such a small, insignificant rock.

They quickly chose the Holy Church they wanted and quickly went on their ways.

At the same time, various flying transits went into the space vortex.

The endless and boundless space vortex gradually became lively.

Almost everyone had begun their journey, heading towards the various Holy Churches.

This was the first day of the era of pilgrimage!

The void monsters no longer needed to take over and camp in one place, as they could easily travel while replenishing stamina by hunting.

Some powerful void monsters did as they pleased inside the space vortex, knocking camouflaged transits out from their hiding spots and devouring them.

Of course, not all of it went swimmingly.

There would always be a lot of people on those transits who would step out and fight against the monsters with everything they had.

Sometimes, the monsters would be wounded and chased away.

Sometimes, the living beings on those transits would be unable to stop the monster’s attack and be devoured.

To escape, some transits even knocked other camouflaged transits out from their hiding places.

That way, those transits would be forced to endure the void monster’s attacks as well.

They would have to join in and help.

Within the established path of the space vortex, various battles quickly erupted.

And the battles were only becoming more frequent.

Monsters roared and screamed.

Spells and magic exploded.

The desperate cries and screams of living beings echoed.

From today onwards, the space vortex would thoroughly bid farewell to the peace it once had, becoming more and more lively by the day.

———because all of the living beings were madly hurrying along.

Everyone wanted to light their Tree of Divinity as soon as possible and quickly step onto the path of becoming a Demigod.

The great era of pilgrimage approached!

Lying on the small rock that drifts through space, Gu Qing Shan watched it all unfold.

He had turned into a tiny Meltfire ant that held tightly onto the small rock as it drifted.

Meltfire ants were a kind of tiny ants that liked to eat sand and rocks.

This was the first species that Gu Qing Shan got a specimen of in the Suspended world.

Before his match against Rakshasa, he had collected samples of every species he could find on the floating island of Guang Yang sect, and he had turned into this kind of ant once during that match.

This tiny ant latched onto the rock as it drifted safely from one battlefield to the next, constantly moving along the space vortex.

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After a while, the Meltfire ant jumped and landed onto a piece of ripped cloth.

——-the rock was flying too fast, and he had no way to control it.

Compared to that, a ripped cloth would fly a lot slower.

Tightly hanging onto the cloth, the Meltfire ant glanced around.

It observed the surrounding situation seriously while considering its own circumstances.

At a certain point, the Meltfire ant’s antennae twitched.

Not too far from where it was, lied a floating wreckage of a flying transit.

The battle here seemed to have been over.

From the looks of this flying transit, it was the void monster that won, devouring all of the living beings on the vehicle.

Without interference, this transit would float endlessly through the space vortex from now on.

However, in the Meltfire ant’s vision, the wrecked flying transit was slowly disappearing.

Not too long after, the entire flying transit disappeared entirely from the void of space.

Seeing this, the Meltfire ant fell into thought.

The ripped cloth carried it and continued flying along the winds of the space vortex, travelling through a long distance.

At some point, another wreckage appeared.

This time, it was the wreck of a technological space shuttle.

From how beaten up this shuttle was, as well as the huge hole on its chassis, one could easily imagine what kind of attack it had gone through.

——–it must have been quite a scary attacker.

Currently, the entire shuttle was broken, no living beings could be seen on the shuttle, only severed limbs and blood marks, a telltale sign of how terrible the battle went.

The ripped cloth quickly approached the wrecked shuttle.

As they passed by each other, the Meltfire ant suddenly slid down from the cloth.

It turned into a Skylark and rode the wind, flying into the wrecked shuttle as fast as possible.

The Skylark went through the hole in the chassis into the shuttle’s interior, landed, then immediately turned back into a Meltfire ant and crawled inside a pipe.

The Meltfire ant crawled downwards through the pipeline and eventually made it to the machinery and engine parts of the shuttle.

It silently crawled underneath one of the metal parts before turning into an ant’s egg and remained motionless

——this was the tiniest, most unnoticeable living specimen that Gu Qing Shan managed to get.

Time quickly passed.

The wreck of the shuttle continued to drift through the space vortex.

No monster was interested in the wreck.

——–since they were young, these monsters had already learnt how to tell a transit that had already been eaten from one that was still intact.

One hour passed.

Two hours passed.

Five hours passed.

A voice suddenly came from inside the wrecked shuttle that was supposed to be empty.

“Boss, 5th and I have arrived”

“We’re done checking it”

“According to our standards, the ship’s life signs are at its lowest, perhaps some sort of insect or tiny creature still remains——- as it was unavoidable, but I can guarantee that there are no survivors on the ship”

“Yes, the ship’s engine was completely destroyed by the monster”

“The ship’s chassis is also broken beyond repair”

“The central processing system is still intact”

“The ship’s log is working fine as well”

“Yes, the storage is also intact”

“Boss, it’s a technological ship, we don’t really know how to”

“Tow it back? Alright, I’ll summon my camouflaged insect swarm, you can send someone here and prepare to tow it away, Boss”

“—–I’m doing a lot of the work this time, when we split the pot, make sure to favor me a bit, alright Boss?”

“Right, right, I’ll do it now”

The voice stopped.

The ship went silent again.

A few moments later.

The entire wreck began to move.

It was clearly moving towards a certain direction——- but it didn’t seem to be moving by itself, and no engine sounds or thrusters could be heard working.

At the same time, the entire wreck disappeared from the space vortex.

No one could see it.

No one knew where it was going.

Meanwhile, the ant egg that had slipped onto the ship earlier was still hiding in a corner deep inside the ship’s machinery.

It remained motionless.

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