Worlds’ Apocalypse Online

Chapter 1311 - Begin!

Chapter 1311: Begin!

While Gu Qing Shan was taking on his evaluation.

Crow was blankly resting in his own quarters.

“This guy” he muttered, “Unsolvable rank Hitmen usually can’t handle a large-scale interworld mission, so it’s rare for them to pass evaluation”

“He… might actually pass though”

Crow poured himself a shot of liquor then raised it up to the light above himself.

The amber-colored liquid gave off an alluring glow under the light.

“Speaking of which, if it wasn’t for his advice, I might have gone into the Void Storm Caverns to investigate Poison Bee’s death”

“If I had ran into that ‘thing’, I would have most likely…”

Crow slowly swayed the shot glass in his hand, thinking back to the situation at the City Lord’s manor.

The moment I snapped back at the other party; the fiend had already put his sword against their neck.

…Ever since my partner died during his job five years ago, how long has it been since I met someone who could coordinate with me that well?

Crow drank the entire content of the glass, then stood up.

“A large-scale interworld mission… the chances of death are quite high…”

“I finally found a drinking buddy, and I’m pretty free right now, might as well go out for some fun”

Hanging his rapier at his hip, he left his quarters.

Walking straight to the main lobby, Crow waved his hand to call forth a staff member.

One staff member slowly arrived at his call, asking: “Master Curt Death Silver Crow, how can I be of service?”

“The Hitman with the codename ‘Dragon King of Atrocity Jail’, has he gone to participate in the #337 large-scale interworld mission’s evaluation?” Crow asked.

“That’s right, sir” the staff member replied.

Crow chuckled and said: “I’ll go take a look. If he’s already been rejected, that would save me some trouble”

“Sir, he——”

“He’s still in the queue? Makes sense, there are a lot of people today after all”

“No sir, he had already passed the evaluation, he was transported away just now”

“WHAT!?” Crow exclaimed in disbelief.

He quickly walked to the evaluation hallway and looked inside.

The queue was still exceedingly long, with so many people lined up that the door to the evaluation room almost couldn’t be seen.

Crow couldn’t help but ask: “The evaluation is an extremely thorough process, so it shouldn’t be that fast——- did he not line up?”

“Yes sir, he went in for less than a minute and was swiftly passed” the staff member replied, still a bit in disbelief.

Crow turned on his ID card and checked the #337 mission.

——–as a Titled Hitman, he had the authority to check the list of personnel qualified for a large-scale interworld mission.

Almost as soon as he opened the list, he saw the codename of that fiend:

[Dragon King of Atrocity Jail]

Since evil creatures hid their true names, his codename was also how he was registered.

Looking at this name, Crow fell a bit silent.

A few moments later.

He quickly walked towards the evaluation room, bypassed the queue of people, and went inside.

Three powerful Professionists had only just finished evaluating a Professionist, preparing to call in the next person.

When Crow came in, the three of them all looked at him.

One of them asked: “Curt Death Silver Crow, what business do you have here?”

“There is a Hitman in our Guild with the codename ‘Dragon King of Atrocity Jail’, did you let him pass?” Crow asked.

「 Hm, we did 」one of the evaluating judges replied.

“What did you test him on?” Crow pursued the question.

As soon as this was asked, the three evaluating judges all froze.

They were all pondering it.

“That can’t be right…” one of the judges muttered.

『 I also feel like something is off, how did he pass the evaluation? 』another judge said confusedly.

「 We all have an update log; we’d know right away if we just took a look 」the third judge replied.

He waved his hand, activating a technique in the room.

A screen of light slowly manifested in the void of space.

The four of them looked at the screen.

——-it was the recorded footage of an evaluation.

The guy with the codename ‘Dragon King of Atrocity Jail’ suddenly appeared on the screen.

He came into the room, stood in front of the three judges, then declared: “I’m very strong and qualified to participate in this mission, so please don’t waste any time and let me pass”

Crow scowled.

——isn’t declaring such a thing in front of three powerful Professionists just asking for death?

But an inconceivable scene followed that.

Hearing him, the three evaluating judges all nodded in agreement: “That makes sense! That makes a lot of sense!”

One of them handed him a badge and said: “You’ve passed the evaluation; you may accept the mission now”

“Thank you very much”

After that, the fiend turned around and left.

The recording ended here.

「 Can this be considered passing? 」one judge asked in a deep voice.

『 He used his own ability in order to make us agree, so he can be considered to have passed 』another judge sighed and replied.

Crow stayed silent for a bit, then abruptly laughed:

“Bahahahaha, interesting, how very interesting!”

“I’m going to take this mission as well”

He left the room and headed straight towards the warp gate.


At another location.

The Bounty Hunter Guild.

In a certain room, a Hunter was staring at the talisman in his hand.

“Who would’ve thought I’d be utilized here; his Wraith Lordship seems to be truly invested”

He appeared to be deep in thought.

Suddenly, another talisman appeared out of thin air, hovering in front of him.

A deep voice resounded:

「 He accepted the #337 mission 」

After stating that, the talisman burst into flames and was quickly burnt to ash.

The Hunter pondered.

Mission #337 seemed to be a large-scale interworld mission.

A mere Unsolvable rank evil creature has the courage to accept such a mission?

According to information, this is an arrogant and self-important individual.

But if Elder Du was truly killed by him, I will have to be careful.

The Hunter appeared hesitant.

He picked up his weapon, then left towards the bounty hall.

“…Alright, being able to return to the Wraith realm is also a good thing for me”

“As soon as I notice any unusual behaviors, you’re dead!”

The Apocalypse.

Apocalypse-ravaged one, Gloomy Forest World.

A streak of light descended from above.


A large hole was caused by the collision.

Gu Qing Shan climbed out from it.

“Ah… this place must be quite a distance away from Void City”

He endured the disorientation, lightly rubbing his temples.

——-the closer the location, the more stable the teleportation.

If the distance was too great, regular teleportation would cause even powerful Professionists to feel discomfort. Sometimes, due to being unable to accurately control the power for teleportation, it could even cause damage to the landing site.

Gu Qing Shan checked his surroundings.

This was a large forest, and the place he arrived in was near the vicinity of a small stream.

The forest was lush with beautiful greenery and trees.

Gu Qing Shan walked up to a water stream, casually cupping his hand for a sip of water.

It was fresh and cool.

“Sure enough… the Apocalypse had only just begun here so it hadn’t been subjected to a lot of destruction”

Gu Qing Shan released his vast inner sight and scanned a few thousand miles in every direction.

Very quickly, he found a human village in the Southwest direction.

Gu Qing Shan’s figure flashed as he activated [Ground Shrink].

He directly reappeared in front of the village.


There was no one here.

A line of glowing text appeared on the War God UI:

[The Final Sandstorm had discovered your existence]

[The first destruction shall begin]

Instantly, a wave of yellow sand arrived following the wind from the direction of the village.

Gu Qing Shan remained still.

The sandstorm stopped about 10 meters away from him, manifesting as a soldier holding a large shield and spear.

“Why did you not flee? Don’t you know that being caught by this sandstorm would plunge you into eternal despair?”

The soldier looked at Gu Qing Shan and confusedly asked.

Just as Gu Qing Shan wanted to answer, the soldier had already rushed towards him.

A cold gleam flashed.


The soldier was instantly cut apart, scattering back into sand that faded away.

From the void of space, a long sigh came:

“It’s useless, you will eventually lose, being assimilated into the Apocalypse is only a matter of time”

Gu Qing Shan shook his head: “That’s not necessarily true. I’m quite used to dealing with Apocalypses y’know”

He let go of the Chao Yin sword, letting it return into the void of space, and grabbed the Earth sword instead.

「 What’s the fight? 」the Earth sword’s heavy mountainous voice resounded.

Gu Qing Shan thought briefly, then replied: “Since this village no longer has anyone, we need to perform an innocuous treatment”

He raised the Earth sword, then reminded it:

“Watch your strength, I’ve already signed a contract to not destroy any worlds”

Earth sword replied: 「 What are you joking about? We experienced men have always focused ourselves on moderating strength and skill, young men these days—— hah——- 」

Gu Qing Shan ignored it, wielded the sword, and heavily swung down.

A wide and vast sword phantom manifested, swallowing the entire village.


Complete destruction!

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