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Chapter 1146 - A dragon wild battle!

Chapter 1146: A dragon wild battle!

The jet-black dragon soared through the sky.

Cang Wu Zhang donned a suit of heavy armor with a pair of gauntlets on his arms to intercept the black dragon’s attack.

“You’re only a dragon!”

He roared and used the most powerful technique in his martial arts arsenal.

A barrage of fist shadows struck the black dragon, sending it flying back.

But then the black dragon shook his head in the sky, abruptly turned, spitting out a resounding black and blue flame.

In a split second, Cang Wu Zhang’s expression changed as he hurriedly formed a hand seal.

The seal was completed!

[Wraithly Wind]!

Intense howling wind manifested out of nowhere to surround Cang Wu Zhang.

The flames struck the wind and scattered to the sky, almost like fireworks or a meteor shower.

Cang Wu Zhang sighed in relief and retook his stance.

—–even Cang Wu Zhang was quite impressed with himself for being able to form a hand seal so quickly.

“Come! Don’t think you’re actually a dragon just because you can spit some fire” he shouted.

The black dragon looked down on him and spoke in a thunderous resounding voice:

「 I’m going to correct you on something, you did well, don’t get me wrong, but that was actually just—– my spit 」

「 Furthermore, I now understand why you had to suppress my dragon powers ahead of time 」

「 It’s because after I take dragon form, even if you redirect my attacks, I can endure it just fine, but you won’t be able to endure it a single time 」

Saying so, he grinned.

Xie Dao Ling frowned: “Qing Shan, you’ve only just refined that power for yourself, be careful not to let that immense power affect your mental state”

「 Yes, Shifu 」the black dragon’s grin immediately faded.

He charged towards Cang Wu Zhang again.

Sure enough, Cang Wu Zhang now only avoided the black dragon without trying to clash directly against him like before.

Indeed, he had a technique that forced the enemy to endure the same damage he took.

But the sleeping Demon Dragon’s strongest suit was its body, comparing endurance alone, a cultivator’s body paled vastly in comparison to it.

Not to mention, Gu Qing Shan didn’t only have the sleeping Demon Dragon’s power, but the power of another dragon as well.

——the Azure Dragon.

The Azure Dragon coincidentally made its way into the Wraith realm and had followed Cang Wu Zhang’s orders for the sake of its own goals.

The fact that it was one of the greatest contributors during the war against the Abyss showed just how strong the Azure Dragon was.

The black dragon chased after Cang Wu Zhang, violently charging through the sky, swallowing clouds, and breathing out fire, slowly but surely utilizing his prowess as a dragon against Cang Wu Zhang.

As time passed, he slowly got used to fighting as a dragon.

Cang Wu Zhang was feeling more and more pressured.

He unleashed a huge barrage of blows, but couldn’t harm the black dragon at all, the most he was able to achieve was stalling the black dragon’s attacks briefly.

“You’ve forced my hands!” Cang Wu Zhang roared in anger.

He took out offensive treasures one after another, unleashing them on the black dragon.

The black dragon tilted his body and unleashed a dragon’s breath to neutralize these artifacts’ attack.

“Naïve!” Cang Wu Zhang smirked.

Boom boom boom boom!

The treasures were triggered to explode right as they unleashed their attacks, causing the lazuli world to shake unstably.

This kind of sacrificial attack that destroyed the treasures could only be used once, but it was certainly powerful enough to matter.

Furthermore, since Svalinn was too small compared to the dragon’s body, it couldn’t help in defending him at all, so the black dragon finally turned a bit cautious.

While avoiding the treasure attacks, he was constantly looking for a hole in Cang Wu Zhang’s defense.

On the other side.

After observing for a while, Xie Dao Ling suddenly turned to the other wraiths and muttered: “Although I don’t know how to dispel this Immortal Craft, as long as I kill all of these people, the Immortal Craft should disappear by itself”

Hearing that, Cang Wu Zhang immediately panicked!

Taking advantage of his lapse in judgement, the black dragon swung at him from afar.

The sharp afterimage ripped through the sky, striking Cang Wu Zhang directly and gave off a resounding metal chime.

Cang Wu Zhang was sent flying.

「 What good armor 」the black dragon praised.

——it was fortunate for Cang Wu Zhang that his armor was among the best quality in the Wraith realm that he managed to endure one of the black dragon’s attacks.

However, the deep marks on the armor really made one wonder how many of such attacks could it actually receive again.

The black dragon naturally received the same damage.

But this much damage was completely negligible to the black dragon, still within the acceptable range.

Cang Wu Zhang quickly retreated and retook his martial arts stance.

He couldn’t help but distract himself to pay attention to both the black dragon and Xie Dao Ling.


There was still a giant Forgetting River in the sky.

By relying on his trove of treasure artifacts, he might be able to hold his own against the black dragon for a while; but if that river fully manifested, that would be the end of his life!

——-one short statement from Xie Dao Ling had successfully struck him where it hurts!

One of the wraiths who were maintaining the Immortal Craft shouted: “Sir, they’re trying to distract you, do not fall for it!”

How could Cang Wu Zhang not understand that?

But what would happen if he didn’t pay attention to Xie Dao Ling’s actions?

——-this can’t go on like this!

Cang Wu Zhang clenched his teeth, then drew a talisman glowing in clear blue light from inside his chest.

“You pair of master and disciple should be proud to push me to this degree”

Cang Wu Zhang declared.

For some reason, he had a clear sense of reluctance mixed in his voice.

A moment later.

He activated that talisman.

A huge blue glow descended from above, enveloping him.

Cang Wu Zhang’s voice resounded from behind his yaksha mask:

“In the past, the Azure Dragon had been able to travel across many battlefields and war but never gotten hurt because it had a certain Thaumaturgy that allowed high-speed travel through space”

“However, while using that Thaumaturgy, it can’t attack”

The blue glow became brighter as Cang Wu Zhang’s killing intent became immense.

He poured all of his power into the gauntlets and gritted his teeth: “Fortunately, this talisman of mine is more powerful compared to the Azure Dragon’s Thaumaturgy, I can attack while traveling at high speed”

“And I want to slay a dragon today!”

Before he even finished his words, the situation had changed.

Cang Wu Zhang turned into an almost undetectable blurred image, constantly attacking while circling around the black dragon.

His speed had reached a limit that the black dragon couldn’t react, and had no choice but to endure the hits.

After a few moments, the black dragon struggled a bit while retreating, spitting up some blood.

This time, it was Xie Dao Ling who became anxious.

She charged towards the group of wraiths without hesitation.

Cang Wu Zhang had been paying close attention to her, so as soon as she moved, Cang Wu Zhang immediately went after her.

“Damn woman, using that Huang Quan Divine Skill to threaten me, I’ll kill you!”

He roared with killing intent as he charged forward.

Seeing how this wraith leader wanted to kill his Shifu, how could the black dragon stay put?

「 Peh 」the black dragon spat out a mouthful of blood, his presence skyrocketed and howled: 「 You’ve forced my hand! 」

He glanced at the blurred image quickly approaching Xie Dao Ling and spoke in rapid succession at a rate that no one could react, almost like mumbling loudly to himself:

「 Yo! This is the first time I rap because we don’t got any time and its too urgent so I’m going to talk fast although I’m not used to it to rock you in speedy rhythm listen to me just because you’re fast doesn’t mean you’re actually impressive what kind of man runs away from a battle to hit another man’s Shifu if you’re so strong go and fucking face me head-on you damn wraith who’s always doing something shady first booby traps and deception then flinging a bunch of exploding treasure tools you think I’m scared of you but in the end you still had to use that damn talisman that’s nothing different from doping in a competition such non-sportsmanship conduct will follow your reputation for the rest of your life your daughter will look down on you forever I spit on your sorry excuse of a man come back here and face me to clear your sorry name! 」

Lines of glowing text immediately appeared on the War God UI:

[You’ve activated the Thaumaturgy: Azure Dragon Shadow Hex – Binding!]

[You used incomparable speed to perform this Thaumaturgy]

[Wraith: Cang Wu Zhang’s movement speed and attack speed had both been reduced by 10%!]


The black dragon’s eyes became sharp.

——Divine Skill, [Shadow Shift]!

He immediately switched places with Xie Dao Ling.


He unleashed a black and blue dragon’s breath straight at Cang Wu Zhang who had just reached Xie Dao Ling!

——Cang Wu Zhang took the full brunt of the attack as he failed to dodge!!!

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