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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty – An Irresistible Temptation!

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty – An Irresistible Temptation!

Zuo Mo’s gaze was fixed on this jade scroll. His eyes did not leave it for even a moment.

[Elementary Formations]. In the list of the prizes, it was ranked fifty-sixth, as a second-grade prize. The description of this jade scroll was very simple: A jade scroll about the elementary formations, suited for beginners.

But what attracted Zuo Mo’s gaze was the two characters that labeled the origins of this jade stick – Kun Lun!

He suddenly became excited!

Kun Lun! This jade scroll was from Kun Lun!

These two words, it was like they had magic, they made Zuo Mo’s heart beat rapidly. It had to be said that the ground under his feet, the Sky Moon Jie he lived in, even the bigger jie that the jindan experts had come from, they all belonged to one name: Kun Lun!

In the heart of any sword xiu, Kun Lun was the ultimate existence. It meant strength, it meant domination, it meant ultimate power, it meant the strongest sword xiu. It was the true master of Kun Lun realm, and the leader of the cultivation world.

There were not many stories about Kun Lun. For the great majority of xiuzhe, Kun Lun was distant and high up, an extremely mysterious place.

In reality, when Zuo Mo first saw the two characters, he had blanked for a little while. For a normal disciple of a little sect in Sky Moon Jie, these two words were too distant and unfamiliar. However, when he managed to react, he could not control his excitement.

The bigger the sect, the more the importance they placed on the education of the disciples that had just entered the sect. They would create some jade scrolls for the beginner disciples to study. These beginner jade scrolls would usually be extremely expansive and would contain all kinds of basic spells.

Because the beginner scrolls required a specialist to make, the number produced each year was limited. There wouldn’t be many left over and there were even fewer that spread out.

The beginner jade scrolls of each sect were different. They would be written according to the specialties of the sect. Even in the same sect, as the xiuzhe responsible for writing them each year was different, there would be different versions.

Of course, for small sects like Wu Kong Sword Sect, there naturally wouldn’t be any beginner jade scrolls. There were many new disciples that entered large sect annually, and there was high demand. Since there were many experts, they had the manpower and the wealth to make them. In small sects, the elders would pass on knowledge through speech to their own disciples.

The beginner formation jade scroll of Kun Lun, it was something that Zuo Mo didn’t even dare to dream about.

Even though it came out of Kun Lun, but it was still only a beginner jade scroll, so it was ranked fifty-sixth in the prizes. Those that attended the Sword Test Conference were mostly ningmai xiuzhe. For them, a beginners scroll was not of much use, much less a formations jade scroll. If it was a beginner sword jade scroll, there probably would be many that would want it.

Kun Lun’s sword scripture… …

The temptation that this jade scroll was to Zuo Mo was incomparable.Wu Kong Sword Sect didn’t have systematic formation jade scrolls. He had to piece together everything he had learned from bits and pieces. This caused him to feel extremely frustrated and left him stuck frequently. If he had such a jade scroll, he would probably walk into a lot fewer detours.

Without even thinking about it, he made a decision, he needed to get this jade scroll!

But when he gradually calmed down, he started to ponder the probability of success. In the prizes for this Sword Test Conference, this jade scroll was not attractive. The participants from the list should not have much interest in this jade scroll. But no matter what, if he wanted to get a chance to pick this jade scroll, it was necessary for him to pass through the first two rounds.

Thinking about the numerous ningmai on the list, Zuo Mo felt a prickle on his head. But if he had to watch as this jade scroll brushed past him, he was not willing, not willing!

After thinking about it, he made a decision. No matter what, he had to try!

This beginner scroll completely turned around the attitude Zuo Mo held towards the Sword Test Conference. He felt he needed to make some preparations.

The xiuzhe population in Dong Fu kept on growing. The preliminary Sword Test Conference had just finished yesterday. After five more days, this year’s Dong Fu Sword Test Conference would finally arrive at the beginning of its peak. Dong Fu’s order had not been disturbed as the non-local xiuzhe came in. With more than ten jindan present, this place was the most orderly in Dong Fu.

“Do you want one? The match list for the Sword Test Conference that just came out. With this list, don’t worry about what to attend!”

“Exclusively selling in depth information on the fighters of this year’s Sword Test Conference. The ranking produced by the composite reviews of countless high experts. Exclusive! Definitely exclusive! It will become your most trusted partner when you make a bet!”

… …

Zuo Mo, walking in the notice altar, felt a bit of interest as he heard the advertisements. He wasn’t interested in the match list which had just been announced two days ago. But this ranking was slightly interesting. After walking a few more step, he heard calls again. It was also a power-based ranking, but another version. In a few strides, Zuo Mo heard at least four versions of the ranking. The price was actually the same, each one a piece of third-grade jingshi.

Only later did he realized that the betting houses of Dong Fu had all been opened. Not including those who had a habit of gambling, even the normal people would make a few bets just out of interest. If there was demand, there naturally would be supply.

Zuo Mo had been thinking about studying his opponent so he bought a copy of every ranking.

He took a close look. These rankings did have some substance.

The person ranked first was Gu Rong Ping, the participant that still had not lost up until now. Gu Rong Ping was placed first on almost all of the rankings, and there seemed to be consensus. Starting from the second person, each version would have different choices. However, in the first ten, some people appeared very frequently.

However, what Zuo Mo felt strange was that the local fighters rarely appeared in the top ten. Only Yu Bai had appeared in a few of the rankings. The reason they gave was universal. The disciple of Tian Zong Zi, has a definite local advantage!

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but get angry!

What type of trash had made these rankings! Eldest Shixiong was in the twenty and thirties! In his heart, Eldest Shixiong might not get first, but he definitely would be in the top ten!

Suddenly, he thought about himself. Oh, what would his ranking be?

His gaze when down the rankings. Nothing, still nothing, still nothing… …

When his gaze landed on the last name on the ranking, he saw his own name. At the side, it gave a reason. The only zhuji xiuzhe in this year’s Sword Test Conference. Zuo Mo first blanked, and then became furious! He looked at another ranking, his name was still at the end. The reason was the same.

That wasn’t right. Luo Li Shixiong was also in zhuji, why did they say he was the only zhuji participant? Zuo Mo felt it was extremely unfair. He quickly scanned the ranking and found Luo Li Shixiong’s name.


Zuo Mo instantly blanked.

When did Luo Li Shixiong enter ningmai? What sort of trash ranking was it, it was all nonsense!

Zuo Mo decided to not pay attention to these rankings. He had a clear goal for coming out today.

In the Free Market, Fu Jin blanked when he saw Zuo Mo, and then enthusiastically came over, “Mo ge, how come you have the time to cove over? Don’t you need to attend the Sword Test Conference?” Those beady eyes, however, could not disguise the mirth within.

Zuo Mo saw Fu Jin’s expression and said irritably, “What, do you have an opinion?”

“No, no!” Fu Jin waved his hands, and said fawningly, “Mo ge, if you come out, even Gu Rong Ping isn’t a match for you. If you want him to break one leg, he wouldn’t dare to break the other leg… …”

“Okay, okay!” Even Zuo Mo felt that Fu Jin’s words were too fake. One Gu Rong Ping by himself was more than enough to defeat ten Zuo Mo’s. He reached out, “Did you prepare the stuff?”

Fu Jin snickered and took out a jade scroll from his bosom, putting it in Zuo Mo’s hand, “When your opponent was announced, I started searching! This has all the records of the matches that Chao An has participated in, and some stuff gathered from other avenues.”

Zuo Mo was moved. He knew that Fu Jin had put enormous effort on this little jade scroll. Chao An was Zuo Mo’s upcoming opponent. Zuo Mo had asked Fu Jin to search for all the information on his opponent in the past. Li Ying Feng Shijie might work hard, but she only had to manage a little shop. In this area, she was not as skilled as a snakehead like Fu Jin.

Zuo Mo shoved a bag at Fu Jin.

The moment Fu Jin held it, he knew how much jingshi was in the bag. He was not happy at all, and said expressionlessly as he stared at Zuo Mo, “What is this for?”

Zuo Mo shook his head, “Not for you, for you to pay out. I’m still hoping that you could help me prepare the information for my opponent for the next round!”

Fu Jin’s face finally turned from cloudy to sunny and snickered, “That’s great. I’ve bet quite a little sum on you. Don’t let me lose!”

“Oh, then pray for me to win!” Zuo Mo spread his hands.

The other was in ningmai. There was a gigantic gap between the two of them. Even Zuo Mo didn’t have that much confidence in himself. He just wanted to try his best. In reality, he could not overcome the temptation of that Kun Lun beginner formations jade scroll. As the person of the lowest cultivation attending the competition, it was rational that the odds were against him. This was also why his match was the first of the conference.

The first match. If he became an embarrassment, it would be a good one! He definitely would not have a good time when he returned.

Zuo Mo had cursed the person who had arranged the matches countless times.


Wu Kong Hall.

Yan Le’s expression was slightly strange, “Little Mo actually got arranged to be the first match.”

Pei Yuan Ran laughed, “Probably Ling Ying Sect. Little Mo really made them lose face last time. It’s rational, rational.”

Shi Feng Rong was infuriated, “Rational my ass! Dare to harass my disciple, they don’t want to live! The Thousand Flower hundred poison miasma that I just finished making hasn’t had a place to experiment yet… …”

The other three instantly felt their heads inflate. They hurriedly stopped Shi Feng Rong who had almost exploded and comforted her.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. Little Mo is very slippery, won’t really get in trouble.” Pei Yuan Ran comforted, “Even more, it would be good for him to get some experience. As to face, us old people don’t care about that.”

Yan Le smiled from the side. Shi Feng Rong sat angrily on the chair. A cold light flash through Xin Yan’s eyes.

“I hadn’t thought that Luo Li would enter ningmai this quickly. It seems like that his fight with Little Mo last time had been of great benefit,” Yan Le said.

“Luo Li doesn’t lack talent. It was just his mentality that stopped him from progressing. Now that he has been reborn, our sect has another great warrior,” Pei Yuan Ran said, nodding. The joy in his voice was extremely evident.

Shi Feng Rong looked in the surroundings and her brows furrowed, “Where’s Wei Sheng?”

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