World of Cultivation

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Three Pei Yuan Ran’s Bad Mood

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Three Pei Yuan Ran’s Bad Mood

“He’s actually making another breakthrough?” Yan Le gaped at Zuo Mo sitting in the medicinal tub. Then he said to himself, tilting his head, “Hmm, why did I use another?”

No one minded him. Everyone’s face was heavy as they looked at Zuo Mo.

The gold light on Zuo Mo’s gold face was even brighter. The light rippled in layers like waves. Starting from the roots, his hair started to turn gold. His body was slightly trembling, as though he was under great pain. The dissatisfaction on Shi Feng Rong’s face flew away. What took over it was generous concern.

“What stage is after Golden Flesh Clothing in [Vajra Profound Sutra]?” Pei Yuan Ran asked.

Xin Yan wielded his words like gold, “Red Lotus Flowing Gold.”

“Body cultivation… …” Pei Yuan Ran seemed to be recalling something, “Which level can it naturally form abhinna?”

“Fifth.” Xin Yan answered.

“So the fifth level.” Pei Yuan Ran nodded, indicating he understood.

“With his speed, it won’t be long before he reaches the fifth level.” Yan Le inserted. “I’m very curious if this boy reaches the fifth level, what kind of abhinna he will form.”

The others did not say anything. They were all unfamiliar with body cultivation.

The entire realm of Kun Lun was the dominion of sword xiu. Sword xiu only cultivated the sword, and did not ask about anything else. Those skilled in body cultivation were the Dhyana, and the realm of Xuan Kong was the holy ground of the Dhyanathe.

The Dhyana xiu was another major kind of xiuzhe. Their main focus was on cultivating the body, emphasizing their sense of self. In terms of progression difficulty, the most difficult would probably be the Dhyana xiu. However, the scriptures of the Dhyana were clear and simple, and was extremely easy for beginners to learn. As long as they had the perseverance, the majority would accomplish something. However, the tradeoff was that even though it was easy in the beginning but it become harder to progress. The further along in cultivation one went, the harder it was to cultivate, and more perseverance and comprehension was required to achieve greater things.

But to be able to cultivate to the fourth level as fast as Zuo Mo did, that kind of talent was very rare.

What made people most wary about the Dhyana were the abhinna. The abhinna were abilities that naturally formed after one cultivated to a certain level. Other xiu admired and envied this attribute very much. As long as the level was reached, they would always receive an abhinna. However, this abhinna would differ between people. Some had tried to find patterns in the abhinna, but up until now, no one had managed to predict the mechanisms.

But even if Zuo Mo could cultivate to the fifth level of [Vajra Profound Sutra], and form an abhinna, Pei Yuan Ran and the others wouldn’t be happy.

They were sword xiu!

If the Dhyana could be described as peaceful, then sword xiu were mostly haughty and puritan. They only believed in their sword. As the xiuzhe who had the greatest attack power, the sword xiu did have the capital to be proud. The bigger and more known sects, the clearly this attribute could be seen.

Wu Kong Sword Sect might only be a little minor sect right now, but the ancestral master had been renowned. There was still quite a difference compared to the normal minor sects. Pei Yuan Ran and the others didn’t even put any importance on other sects, how could they not look down at any cultivation method other than cultivating the sword?

The more Zuo Mo achieved in body cultivation, the worse they felt.

The black medicinal fluid gradually became clear. Zuo Mo gradually stopped trembling, his dark golden face now seemed more solid. Before, it had seemed like there had been a layer of dark gold plated onto his face, but now, it was like his face was made out of dark gold.

It was still that expressionless face, but there was now an unspeakable dignity.

Pei Yuan Ran and the other’s expressions became even uglier. If it wasn’t that Zuo Mo’s talent was exceptional, and he was also the sect’s disciple, they would have already kicked him off the mountain.

Zuo Mo opened his eyes and saw the four elders standing in a row in front of him, their eyes unfriendly as they looked at him. The joy from breaking through to the four level of [Vajra Profound Sutra] was still in his chest, but the ugly expressions of the four elders pulled him back to reality.

He didn’t know how he had enraged the sect leader and the others, but he knew he shouldn’t pour oil into the fire. The less said, the less the wrong, if he didn’t say anything, he could not commit any wrongs. He perceptively closed his mouth.

“Arlight, your wounds have pretty much healed. For you, your master had spent a lot of effort. You need to perform well, and not fail the expectations your master has of you. This Sword Test Conference, if you do not enter the top ten, you can go to your Second Shibo to be punished.” The sect leader humphed and threw down the sentence before striding off.

Second Shibo… … punishment… …

Zuo Mo’s gaze couldn’t help but turn to Second Shibo. Seeing the cold light flickering in Second Shibo’s eyes, even though he was in the boiling hot medicinal water, he felt as though he was freezing.

Even Master and Yan Le Shibo left without a word.

Zuo Mo didn’t understand. What had happened?

But no matter how much he thought, he could not figure out what had happened. He quickly pushed the question to one side because he suddenly remembered the last words the sect leader had left.

The top ten… …

Was the sect leader drunk? Or had he heard it wrong? Zuo Mo sat dazedly in the tub, unable to react for a long time.


Dong Fu, the night was coming. The multi-colored light of the lanterns seemed to fill every corner of Dong Fu. The Dong Fu that had become prosperous like it never had before due to the Sword Test Conference had not calmed down as the night came. It was still lively as ever. The cries and slogans mixed together. The light of swords and talismans flew above the sky, and the howls of some ling beasts passed into the ears of those near.

“Why has Sir stopped me?” A plainly dressed xiuzhe asked sternly of a white-clothed male in front of him.

The white-clothed male faintly responded, “You are not Wei Ping.” It was the Lin Qian that Zuo Mo had encountered at the Hundred Treasures Flying Pavilion.

This xiuzhe suddenly smiled, “Sir really is funny. Who am I if not Wei Ping?”

“You have to ask my sword.” Lin Qian lightly sighed.

Wei Ping’s expression changed dramatically, revealing a viciousness. A faint purple elemental smoke appeared on his hands suddenly which shot towards Lin Qian.

A streak of sword light!

The sharp sword light moved like it did not encounter any resistance, easily cutting the light purple elemental smoke in half and headed for Wei Ping.


Wei Ping’s eyes widened angrily, given an in-human howl. His body suddenly expanded in size!


The sword light suddenly accelerated. Wei Ping’s eyes bulged and then the howls suddenly stopped.

On his chest, there was a small hole. What was weird was that not a drop of blood had flowed out.

“The tenth one.” Lin Qian said lightly, his gaze full of worry.


A residence in Dong Fu.

“Old Luo is dead.”

“Have we found who did it?”

“Same as before, killed by a single sword stroke. It should be the same person. Someone has locked onto us.”

“That’s not strange. The noise from the Stars in Daytime was too large, it could not be concealed. Have our affairs made any progress?”

“Nothing. If it really is a certain personage, they would certainly be thinking of ways to contact us. Could it be… …”

“Don’t think nonsense. The Stars in Daytime cannot be faked. Even though I do not know what the personage is thinking, but we need to fulfill our duty.”


“Continue to pay attention. You guys need to carefully conceal yourself. Only you few have been able to sneak in. It will take a few months until the next group will arrive. Right now, the situation in Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie is shifting. We need to find this personage quickly!”



In a little store, Zuo Mo was in discussion with Su. Since Su was promising that he could enter the top ten, it would really be disadvantageous for himself if he didn’t use it. But when they entered the Great Pine Pavilion, their starting position would be random. No one knew where they would end up.

This information had been provided to Zuo Mo by Su. It was very clear that she felt that, as long as she gave Zuo Mo enough information, Zuo Mo would be able to find a way to resolve this. The match between Zuo Mo and Chao An had fully proven his abilities in this area.

Zuo Mo went over all the questions about the Great Pine Pavilion in great detail. Because he had not been concerned with the Sword Test Conference in the beginning, he didn’t even have the most basic information, and he was very attentive.

It had to be said that Zuo Mo was a very practical person. Once he was certain that he needed to fight for victory, he would think of all the possible ways.

“It is very simple to communicate. We only need to make two paper cranes, one for each of use. We can carve a yin and yang guiding formation on the paper for the crane, and that will allow us to quickly find each other’s position.” Zuo Mo said shamelessly, “Once we enter, I will stay at my position. You need to find me with the quickest possible speed.”

“Alight.” Su did not hesitate at all, nodding in agreement. However, she was still struck by Zuo Mo’s shamelessness. Normal men, including her Shixiong Gu Rong Ping, were full of the desire to perform in front of her. But Zuo Mo, he was completely shameless in doing nothing, and he didn’t show any unnaturalness when doing it.

After the two finalized the details of communication, Zuo Mo left.

Right after Zuo Mo left, Gu Rong Ping walked out from the back.

“Even if you help him, he can’t enter the top ten.” Gu Rong Ping said with certainty.

“You want to be enemies with me?” Su said icily.

“How could I?” Gu Rong Ping said with a smile. He gave a light laugh, “This Sword Test Conference, the young experts of all of Sky Moon Jie is gathered here. He might be talented, but he does not have enough power.”

“So what?” Su’s voice was still cold. However, she did know she was being stubborn. She also knew that Shixiong was waiting for her to beg him.

She stayed silent.

Gu Rong Ping glanced at her before standing and leaving.

Even with Su’s help, Zuo Mo was certain his chances of entering the top ten were still minuscule. He was the weakest person of the competitors entering the Great Pine Pavilion. Any competitor that saw him was not going to be nice.

He was like the fat little sheep that entered crossed paths with pride of the lions!

However, when he thought about his plan… …

Zuo Mo was full of anticipation!


Wu Kong Mountain.

“Did you hear? The sect leader ordered Zuo Shixiong to enter the top ten! Otherwise, he needs to go Xin Yan Shishu to get punished!”

“Heavens! Xin Yan Shishu? Is the sect leader finding Zuo Shixiong an eyesore recently? It would be better if he sent a direct punishment.”

“Right. That is too unrealistic.”

“Oh, offending the sect leader. Zuo Shixiong will not have good days.”

… …

When Xiao Guo heard the gossip, it was as though something was blocked inside her heart. It had been quite a few days since she had seen Zuo Shixiong. Ever since Zuo Shixiong came back from the outside last time, he had shut himself in the valley and hadn’t come out since.

A hint of worry flashed through her eyes.

What she was worried about was not that Shixiong would be punished. She was an inner sect disciple and clearly understood to the position that Shixiong had with the sect leader. The punishment would not be major. What she was worried about was the Shixiong would risk his life for this. She knew that Shixiong looked as though he only cared about making jingshi, but if he really wanted to do something, he would put in all his effort.

A serious Shixiong was very scary… … but if he was injured due to it… …

Xiao Guo bit her lips.

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