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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Nine – Formation-Defense-Style

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Nine – Formation-Defense-Style

The ferocity of Su’s counterattack surprised Gui Feng!

After the three rushed notes were spat out from behind the black gauze, the Black Daze sword that was held horizontally in front of Su’s body began glowing. The surrounding space twisted as if pulled by an invisible hand. There was no wind, but one felt as though the space was collapsing. Gui Feng’s white bone sword trembled, the two dots of ghost fire in the eye sockets of the skull guard flickered like the a candle flame, and seemed ready to be extinguished at any moment.

Gui Feng’s expression changed dramatically!

The ling energy around Su’s body was extremely chaotic. The white bone sword was like a little boat in a storm, about to capsize at any moment. That moment just now, he had almost lost his connection to the white bone sword!

What sword scripture was this?

Full of shock, Gui Feng decided to retreat.

Su instantly detected Gui Feng’s intentions. She snorted coldly, her right hand actually letting go of the hilt of Black Daze.

The Black Daze sword did not drop to the ground, but floated horizontall and was spinning rapidly. At the same time, a clear hum started to sound like that of a bell, sometimes near and then far away.

As the bell sounded, countless invisible magnetic lines formed a gigantic net, heading for the white bone sword!

[Magnetic Polarity Net]!

Without a flying sword, a sword xiu was just a tiger with no claws nor teeth.

Gui Feng was not willing to surrender. The cold light in his eyes grew, his body twisted slightly and he disappeared on his spot. Ghost Movement! At the same time, he appeared in the magnetic net!

Falling into the web? Su was slightly surprised.

Appearing in the magnetic web, the first thing Gui Feng did was reach to grab the white bone sword.

Once the white bone sword entered his palm, Gui Feng felt very secure. He had understood Su’s sword scripture!

The strongest attribute of the magnetic force sword scriptures was that they could manipulate the ling energy in the world, affecting the connection and blocking the sword xiu from their flying sword. If they cultivated to high levels, they could easily control the magnetic forces of the world to their will, possibly even creating their own world, extremely powerful.

However, Su was far from that step.

Holding the copper coin hilt, Gui Feng’s wrist shook. A shriek came from the white bone sword, like a soul wailing. A ball of black mist flew out of the flying sword, suddenly exploding and turning into countless wisps of thin smoke that spread in all directions.

In the blink of an eye, there were countless thumb-sized black ghosts in the surroundings. Formed from the black smoke, these were little black ghosts , their faces like those of a leper that were extremely ugly. They appeared extremely horrifying, their bellies were round, their limbs short and stout, and their eyes were an eerie green.

The dense crowd of little ghosts floated beside Gui Feng, so many they could not be counted, fearful to the bystander.

Gui Feng’s pupils were a strange dark black, so deep the bottom could not be seen. His face which had been dark and thin in the beginning was now completely robbed of vitality, so white it was like that of a dead person.

Behind the black gauze, Su’s expression finally changed!

Gui Feng grumbled a sound, and the white bone sword in his hand pointed at Su.

[Little Ghost Ask Directions]!

Creak, all the little ghosts in the sky simultaneously gave a strange howl. Their features twisted as they turned to countless black images and headed towards Su. These little ghosts were extremely fast, their bodies blurring as they would suddenly disappear in the sky, and then suddenly appear out of the air.

Ghost Movement! These little ghosts had the ability of Ghost Movement!

Su did not dare to keep her strength now, her right palm firmly hitting the sword hilt of the Black Daze that was spinning.

The Black Daze sword was like a windmill as it spun, circles of invisible magnetic force suddenly spreading out.

A thin snow-white finger pointed at the center of the black light wheel.

[Magnetic Shield]!

The invisible magnetic force that was spread by the wheel of light instantly increased to the point that the ripple like patterns were visible to the naked eye. The invisible patterns quickly covered Su.

The vicious and raging little ghosts, when they encountered the invisible patterns, were instantly deflected back. But these little ghosts were not damaged in the least. With a strange howl, they kept on leaping towards Su!

This seemed like a black storm that would never stop, howls ringing out endlessly. The little ghosts did not seem to know exhaustion, repeatedly charging at Su. The invisible patterns were like the surface of a lake that was being attacked by the storm, rippling restlessly, but no matter how the little ghosts charged, it managed to firmly protect Su.

The battle instantly became a stand-off. Neither could win over the other.

Gui Feng’s ebony black eyes looked deeply at Su behind the magnetic shield, and suddenly disappeared on his spot. Disappearing along with him were the countless little ghosts.

This black storm had came suddenly, and left even more abruptly!

Su took a breath, but did not dare to move aside her finger. Only when she was certain that Gui Feng was not beside her did she move her finger aside, releasing the magnetic shield. Only now did she discover, without her noticing her back had become soaked with sweat.

Su, who had been very certain that she could guarantee that Zuo Mo would enter the top ten, realized that she had underestimated the heroes of the world!

Calming down her messy ling power, she decided to go find Zuo Mo immediately.

The faster she found Zuo Mo, the higher the chance they could win this battle. Up until now, she still had not received Zuo Mo’s paper crane. This made her heart fill with worry.

Did the little zombie have such terrible luck? Had he encountered danger so early?

She unconsciously sped up. If she had an appropriate flying sword just now… …


Zuo Mo had long thrown the matter of the paper crane to the back of his mind. All of his attention was on his [Skyring Moon Chime Formation].

The [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] was the formation he had gotten in payment for processing the Inky Black Lotus Seed. It was the only fourth-grade formation in his possession so after he had received it, he had spent large amounts of time on it. He had made a very profound conclusion. Formations above fourth-level weren’t that simple.

[Skyring Moon Chime Formation] did not look very complex. It was a mother-and-child formation. The grade of each child formation was not high, most of them second-grade. The formation that was the crux was just a third-grade formation. But the more he studied it, the more Zuo Mo felt this [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] was not simple!

The difficulty of each child formation was not high and he could easily complete it, but fitting all of them together greatly increased the difficulty.

The smallest [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] required eighteen child formations. The more child formations there were, the more powerful the formation became. The power of a thirty six child formation [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] was extremely powerful. If Zuo Mo was trapped in it, he definitely could not get out.

Zuo Mo had decided to make a seventy two child formation [Skyring Moon Chime Formation].

Seventy-two child formations and thirty-six child formations, the number of child formations had doubled, but the difference in the power had more than doubled.

The little mountain of materials was mostly prepared for the [Skyring Moon Chime Formation]. If this formation was successfully set up, Zuo Mo felt the likelihood of a ningmai xiuzhe coming out once they were trapped in the formation was low. Also, the [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] was extremely profound. It was impossible to damage the formation just through brute force, unless someone found the eye of the formation.

But at the eye of the formation, Zuo Mo had just carefully made a gigantic “dan cauldron!”

It was a pity he didn’t have the time to fantasize about his enemies being burnt. Zuo Mo needed to quickly finish the formation.

It required large amounts of time to set up the seventy-two child formations. So in Zuo Mo’s plan, it was to first make an eighteen children formation [Skyring Moon Chime Formation], and with that as the base, add another eighteen, forming a thirty-six [Skyring Moon Chime Formation]. Increasing it step by step, it would make sure he still had the power to fight if an enemy sneaked up.

He was extremely proud that he had thought of such a great plan.

His cultivation wasn’t enough, so ge won’t compete in cultivation with you people!

Looking at the formations that he had already set up, Zuo Mo’s heart was filled with accomplishment. With the pond as the center, the groups of formations, jade pieces, copper cauldrons, and metal nails flashed with blinding light. The pond had been half a mu large in the beginning. This formation territory had reached an area of five mu. Originally, not many people had been paying attention to Zuo Mo, but when this five mu of formations were completed, all kinds of lights came and crossed. In comparison to this gigantic light-emitting formation area, the golden armored seal soldier that was summoned it was extremely tiny.


This formation belt was really too eye-catching. The people watching from the gigantic mirage in Dong Fu could easily find it with a glance.

Consequently, many people unconsciously looked at this sparkling formation belt.

Their expression were strangely similar, all gaping with wide eyes, dumbstruck where they were.

Pei Yuan Ran and the others had abnormally ugly expressions. Because their cultivation was too high, they could easily hear the conversation in the surroundings.

“I heard this guy is from Wu Kong Sword Sect, he isn’t the normal kind of extreme!”

“Are you sure it isn’t Wu Kong Formation Sect?”

Pei Yuan Ran’s eyebrows twitched. The other three had dark expressions. The four of them had a strong impulse they had never had before –– charge into the Great Pine Pavilion, and cut Zuo Mo down with a blow to pay for his crime towards the ancestral masters!

Another kind of conversation was going on at the other side.

“I understand now!” A xiuzhe suddenly stood up, his face full of realization, extremely excited.

Hearing this, his companions hurriedly crowded over. “What do you understand?”

The xiuzhe was extremely excited. “Zuo Mo’s true aim is to get the entire Great Pine Pavilion! He’s putting on a disguise and winning in the dark! He wants to slowly take over the Great Pine Pavilion. Right, the books say this is called nibbling… …”

At this time, not just Pei Yuan Ran, but all of the Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples, were so embarrassed they wanted to find a crack in the ground to hide in.

“This disciple is unfilial! To have shamed the ancestral masters!” Tears streamed down Pei Yuan Ran’s face, extremely sorrowful.

Xin Yan’s hand unconsciously touched his flying sword, his voice seeming to have come out of purgatory. “I will let him know that he cannot go to Wu Kong Formation Sect!”

Yan Le, who was usually cheerful, gritted his teeth. “From next month, I’ll stop all of his allowance! He won’t get one more jingshi from me!”

Shi Feng Rong’s response was very calm. “Don’t worry, I’ll help heal him. He definitely won’t die. You can slowly work on him.”

The disciples in the surroundings were shuddering as they unconsciously distanced themselves from the exploding elders.

Zuo Mo, not knowing that he had provoked public rage, was extremely proud. He turned into a laborious worker-ant, energetically continuing his great endeavor of construction.

Just five mu, it was too small!

Once the seventy-two child formation [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] was completely set up, it would form a gigantic formation belt over fifteen mu large!

Zuo Mo called his new idea: formation-defense-style. The full name was Complete Formation Territory Defense Style.

Today was the day destined for formation-defense-style to become famous.

Zuo Mo was extremely motivated, his heart full of anticipation!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo’s skill at naming is terrible.

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