World of Cultivation

Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen – Yin Splinter

Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen – Yin Splinter

Zuo Mo thought of the yin beads.

‘Aren’t the yin beads made of yin energy? The yin energy in the yin beads was even more condensed than the yin energy of the yin fiends.’ Zuo Mo became more excited the more he thought about it. He took out a yin bead and started to study it.

Consciousness was extremely sensitive to other consciousness. When Zuo Mo inspected it before, he had clearly understood the consciousness inside the grey yin splinter. However, the yin bead was different than the yin energy surrounding the yin fiend. The condensation of the yin energy in the yin bead far surpassed the yin energy surrounding the yin fiend. He still needed to slowly figure out how to use his consciousness.

He referred to this grey splinter as yin splinter.

Zuo Mo sunk into his thoughts. He wasn’t afraid of finding things out. What he was afraid of was not finding a direction. Now that he found a direction, he was halfway there.

Pu Yao curiously looked at Zuo Mo thoughtfully as he silently floated forward. Zuo Mo unconsciously followed him.

Zuo Mo didn’t notice that the road under his feet was heading down.

A dark smile came onto the corner of Pu Yao’s mouth.


Zuo Mo was suddenly shaken and was frightened out of his thoughts. He raised his head and saw a yin fiend heading towards him!

He was familiar with the routine and did not panic, He threw out a formation disk with Path Confusion Formation inscribed in it. It was easy to make a Path Confusion Formation, and it didn’t need much in terms of quality of the materials. So Zuo Mo had made more of them than anything else. The hundred treasure pouch at his waist was extremely heavy, completely filled with all kinds of low level formation disks. If it wasn’t that his [Vajra Profound Sutra] had reached the level of golden flesh clothing, and his strength had improved, just the formation disks would be enough to crush him.

As expected, the yin fiend stopped in its steps.

But quickly, the yin fiend surprised Zuo Mo greatly. The yin energy surrounding the yin fiend moved restlessly and three grey yin splinters suddenly shot into the surroundings. The Path Confusion Formation that had just formed was like a wet piece of paper and was torn to pieces.

Only now did Zuo Mo notice the yin energy surrounding this yin fiend was thicker than the previous yin fiends. As the yin energy was extremely condensed, the grey yin energy looked black.

Damn it! This yin fiend wasn’t a normal one!

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Pu Yao had retreated to one side, a smirk on his face. Zuo Mo didn’t have to think to know that it was Pu Yao’s fault!

But there was no time to think about it now. After this yin fiend shot out three yin splinters, it actually was not affected. It was completely immune to the weakening that the other yin fiends had when they shot out yin splinters. Zuo Mo couldn’t help but have a bad feeling! There was only things like Path Confusion formations left in the hundred treasures pouch. He had completely used up the good formation disks like the Dragon Tying formation.

Responding panickedly, Zuo Mo barely managed to dodge the yin fiend. The cold wind stirred by the yin fiend brushing past made his hair stand on end.

Before he could distance himself, shoo shoo shoo, three yin splinters suddenly shot out of the yin fiend!

Too close!

Unable to dodge in time, Zuo Mo could only start up the turtle shell shield of the Moonwater Black Turtle armor!


The hard turtle shield was like a fragile bubble, dying at the same time as one of the yin splinters. The other two yin splinters directly headed for his face and vital areas.

Zuo Mo’s soul fled. At the time of life and death, he focused all his attention, all his ling power was channeled, all of his consciousness was furiously moving!

He didn’t have the time to summon his flying sword!

Didn’t have the time to take out the seal soldier!

Didn’t have the time to take out the yin fire bead!

Right now, three was only one thing he could use

–– [Vajra Profound Sutra]!

“Hai!” Zuo Mo shouted. Golden light flashed across his entire body and then suddenly dimmed. The light came fast and left even faster, as though it flashed by. After the golden light, Zuo Mo’s entire body seemed to be made from dark gold. His eyes were widened angrily, but there was no expression on his face. He seemed like the Vajrapani coming down to the earth, angry yet indifferent!

Without any attention to spare, Zuo Mo reached out with his two dark gold palms, swiping at the two yin splinters!

What one would find strange was that his hands moved extremely slowly, but a feeling of pressure formed. The formation on the vambraces: Thousand Catty!

At the same time, the third-grade Wind Travel boots silently glowed.

Zuo Mo’s hands caught the yin splinters.

Slap slap. Two clear explosions. The yin splinters seemed to have been hammered, exploding into yin energy, and spreading out. Zuo Mo didn’t end up well either, his hands trembling, his fingers in heart rending pain. The [Vajra Profound Sutra] in his body almost collapsed, but he knew this was not the time to take a break and gritted his teeth to persist!

The third-grade Wind Travel boots lit up. [Wind Travel] and [Movement] both started. Zuo Mo was like a ghost. After a string of turns, he distanced himself from the yin fiend!

Panting heavily, Zuo Mo stared fixedly at the yin fiend in front of him!

The dangerous changes that had just occurred frightened him. He didn’t even know how he managed to get through it. His heart was beating hard like a heavy drum. He had been too nervous before, and there hadn’t been time for him to be afraid. Now that he had the attention to spare, he had enormous fear, and terror once again took over his body.

Such a strong yin fiend!

The yin fiend seemed to have detected Zuo Mo’s power. This time, it didn’t charge at him, and maintained the standoff with Zuo Mo. The yin energy that had been moving around its body stopped, motionless. Zuo Mo didn’t dare to slack off now. The yin fiend in front of his eyes was like a fully drawn bow. Just the slightest bit of outside force would cause it to attack!

Zuo Mo’s hand touched the Water Drop sword, the terror inside instantly decreasing by a lot. His heart slowly resumed calm.

He suddenly understood a little bit the meaning of the flying sword for sword xiu.

However, this was not the time to think about those things. He needed to first kill of this damned yin fiend in front of him!

With his flying sword in hand, Zuo Mo’s confidence instantly rose. He didn’t hesitate, and didn’t hold anything back as he attacked.

“Seven Whirlpools!”

Seven whirlpools was made up of countless sword energies and securely surrounded the yin fiend. The cold energy brimming as the sword energies crisscrossed!

The yin fiend that had been preparing started its attack.

Inside the yin energy it had condensed, a circle of yin splinters shot out at the surroundings with it at the center like a grey flower blooming.

The yin splinters and “Seven Whirlpools” smashed into each other.

Bam bam bam!

A string of explosions sounded like fireworks lit up, ringing in the ears.

The seven sword energies whirlpools were destroyed in an instant, but after the whirlpools that had been made up of those sword energy was torn apart, the power actually increased instead! After the seven sword energy whirlpools broke, the area that they surrounded instantly turned into a mess, extremely disordered and chaotic. In the chaos, countless pieces made out of sword energies flew up and down like countless blades, furiously cutting and slicing!

The pitiful yin fiend was in the center of the chaos and instantly was cut by the countless sword energies.

Zuo Mo was joyful. He hadn’t thought that [Seven Whirlpools] would increase in power after being broken.

The yin energy around this yin fiend was extremely dense, and the wounds inflicted by the sword energies were more serious. Looking at the yin fiends struggling in the disorder, Zuo Mo’s heart relaxed slightly. Only now was he at an advantage. This yin fiend was really strong!

The yin fiend that he had destroyed with one sword blow and the yin fiend in front of him now was not on the same level.

Suddenly, the yin fiend gave a piercing yell. The yin energy surrounding its body suddenly shrunk inward and started to gather.

Zuo Mo was shocked.

The power of the chaos had started to falter. Even those broken sword energies had lost their sharpness. The yin energy surrounding the yin fiend shrunk, its body becoming even more concentrated. The sword energies, when they sliced it, gave cracking sounds as though they were cutting leather.

It knew a move like this!

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck at the endless moves this yin fiend had. He couldn’t help but think it was bad. Even though he didn’t know what the yin fiend would do next, he decided to attack first

using another [Seven Whirlpools]!

Seven sword energy whirlpools once again appeared surrounding the yin fiend. The fragments of sword energy that had lost power were instantly sucked in by the seven whirlpools. The seven whirlpools instantly grew to twice its size. Under the high speed of revolution, the hissing became even more clear, shocking to the soul.

Between the seven whirlpools, the yin fiend was still compressing yin energy, not paying attention to anything else. At this time, its body was the size of a bamboo basket, entirely grey black like a soft ball of ink.

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and forcefully revered his ling force!



Seven gigantic whirlpools simultaneously exploded, countless pieces of sword energies shooting into the surroundings!

The place that the yin fiend was at was the densest place of sword energy fragments, and the place most severely affected. In that instant, hundreds of sword energy fragments bombed the yin fiend’s body.

Pew pew pew!

Countless ripples appeared on the yin fiend’s inky black body, the yin fiend’s body shuddered.

A stream of blood came out of the corner of Zuo Mo’s mouth. When he had reversed the flow of his ling power, he had injured his channels. However, his eyes were excited. This seven whirlpools, it was definitely the strongest seven whirlpools he had ever done!

So there were times where the breaking of a sword move could increase its power. He seemed to understand something.

The harm the second round of [Seven Whirlpools] was great to the yin fiend. It could be seen from the stability of its body. Before, its compressed body had been like a ball of sticky ink, floating steadily in the iar. After enduring a storm of countless sword energy fragments, its inky body seemed to show signs of instability. Occasionally, a yin energy drop would drip down from its body like ink. However, before the droplet landed on the flow, the yin energy would dissipate in the air.

The yin fiend was completely infuriated this time!

Zuo Mo could clearly feel its anger, the anger passed on by its consciousness!

At this moment, a little ball of inky yin energy left the body of the yin fiend. What surprised Zuo Mo was that this little ball of yin energy did not dissipate in the air after it separated.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo’s heart jumped!

He could feel the consciousness of the yin fiend was burrowing into this little ball of yin energy!

Yin splinter!

Thinking about the great power of the previous yin splinters, and looking at the inky black ball of yin energy, if the yin splinter was made from such dense yin energy, the power… …

Zuo Mo shuddered in fear!

What should he use? Li Water Burning Heavens? Or seal soldiers? Or yin fire bead?

Yin fire bead… … Zuo Mo suddenly thought that he had been thinking about using the yin energy of the yin bead to create a yin splinter. Hadn’t he been just having a headache over the yin energy of the yin bead being too dense and hard to control with his consciousness?

He stared at the thick yin energy ball that was floating in front of the yin fiend, concentrating on feeling the transformation it was undergoing.

Zuo Mo suddenly had a feeling. The yin fiend in front of him was the best teacher, teaching him how to use the yin energy and consciousness to make a yin splinter step by step.

He took out a yin bead, copied the yin fiend and started to slowly feed his consciousness into the yin bead.

Watching from the side, Pu Yao was stunned as he gaped at Zuo Mo.

Translator Ramblings: Just think of the yin splinters like very tiny intangible darts. Zuo Mo is inspired by his opponent, which is a first for this novel.

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