World of Cultivation

Chapter One Hundred and Forty Six – Zuo Mo’s Sorrowful Indignation

Chapter One Hundred and Forty Six – Zuo Mo’s Sorrowful Indignation

Yan Le’s expression was extremely strange. He focused on business, and naturally could understand lip language. Those that also knew how to read lips were also like Yan Le. They were stunned by Nan Men Yang’s onslaught of words.

The surroundings were too quiet, so quiet it was strange. Yan Le tried to open his mouth a few times, but couldn’t say a word. This strange silence was like a kind of pressure. No one spoke at this time.

Pei Yuan Ran’s mind was a mess. He had completely lost the ability to think. The strange scene in front of him was the straw that broke the camel’s back. All of his intelligence, his experience, none of it was useful right now. His gaze was blank.

Why did the sect have such a problematic person… …

Buzz buzz buzz.

Like the sound of bees flapping their wings, the noise steadily grew, gathering into a flood, booming. Everyone felt their ears ring. In one instant, they could not hear anything.

After a while, this wave of sound calmed and became peaceful.

Shock, weirdness, amazement… … all kinds of emotions were mixed together on the audience’s faces. No one could keep their calm.

“This Nan Men Yang’s mouth is stronger than flying swords!” Yan Le couldn’t help but praise. That’s right, he really was praising! His societal experience was extremely rich and knew just how effective a mouth was at many times.

Shi Feng Rong hurriedly inquired. After Yan Le finished narrating Nan Men Yang’s words, the others were also dumbstruck.

Who could have thought such a brute looking man was able to say such dark and malicious words.

Oh, maybe Nan Men Yang didn’t do it on purpose.

The only person that might not think that way would probably be Tian Song Zi. Tian Song Zi could imagine just how fiery the anger inside his beloved disciple was burning for him to lose his composure so! It was like he was experiencing it himself, killing intent on his old face.

At this time, the surrounding sect leaders naturally wouldn’t touch his sore spot. It wasn’t all due to the inheritance that his ancestors left him that Tian Song Zi was able to control Dong Fu for all these years. His own personal power was unfathomable.

Very quickly, “Real Men! Use Big Swords!” quickly spread through the xiuzhe. Those xiuzhe that used big swords raised their heads and puffed their chests. However, most of the xiuzhe looked as though they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

They finally understood what had happened.

The blankness in Pei Yuan Ran’s eyes disappeared greatly. Everything had a limit. Sometimes, this limit would change, as the attribute of the matter changed. Like using formations. Before, Pei Yuan Ran felt it was embarrassing. However, when the formation that Zuo Mo laid down could cause such a big ruckus, and caught a crowd of experts, Pei Yuan Ran felt somewhat proud inside.

Which other person’s disciple could make such a ruckus with a formation?

No matter if Zuo Mo’s formation won or lost in the end, after this competition, maybe there would be people that would mock Yu Bai, but there definitely wouldn’t be any mockery of Zuo Mo and his formation.

They finally figured out what had happened, but the curiosity the people had did not decrease the slightest, and became even stronger.

What was happening in the formation?

So many experts gathered inside one formation, what changes would occur?

How would they solve the formation?

Everyone was filled with curiosity!

At this time, Xiao Guo suddenly made a sound of surprise, “Shixiong’s formation seems… … seems to be getting bigger!”

Xiao Guo’s words instantly caused other people’s eyes to land on Zuo Mo’s formation.

Xin Yan suddenly said, “Yes, it is getting bigger.”

Shock came into the eyes of Pei Yuan Ran and the others, the disciples were puzzled.

One here, one here, and another one… …

Hurrying about setting up the formation, Zuo Mo was dumbstruck. What were these people doing? Were they crazy?

He only paused for a little while and then was enraged.

Just Zong Ming Yan alone was enough to exhaust him, you guys are coming to add insult to injury!

That’s right, Zuo Mo instantly set down his opinion of the people’s conduct: adding insult to injury!

Even though he didn’t understand what great grudge these people had against him, but it was clear that they were not coming to help him.

Adding insult to injury was the most distasteful action! Zuo Mo gritted his teeth!

At this time, he was not thinking about winning at all. So many experts entering the formation, to even think about winning was a delusion.

Villains! You crowd of villains! Ge will destroy all of you!

He seemed to see the Kun Lun jade scroll reluctantly waving its hands to say goodbye to him, going further away from him. Zuo Mo was indignant and sorrowful. It was this indignation at his grievous losses that allowed Zuo Mo to quickly make a decision. He was going to give these people that were adding insult to injury a memorable lesson!

Want to benefit from ge, ge’ll ruin all your teeth!

He didn’t think about retreat. His eyes entirely red, he used the most poisonous and malicious words to curse this damned crowd of people! At the same time, his movements became even faster, all kinds of materials streaming from his hands like they didn’t cost jingshi.

He felt that the blood in his body was burning, he was completely furious!

“Ah! The formation is still getting bigger!”

“It really is increasing!”

“Didn’t you hear Nan Men Yang say? Want big! Want big! Want bigger!”

“If I’m Zuo Mo, I’d first leave, since everyone is trapped in there! Ha!”

“Escape? Where would he escape? The moment he leaves the formation, he would just be waiting for death! Everyone outside is stronger than him. Without the protection of the formation, he would die even quicker.”

The sound of discussion rose. Everyone was puzzled by why Zuo Mo’s formation was getting bigger. But in all the versions, no one could guess what Zuo Mo was planning. Was Zuo Mo still delusional!

No one would think that, there were too many experts in there!

All the experts in the Sword Test Conference were in there!

Pitted against any competitor Zuo Mo would undoubtedly lose, much less the experts that were gathered together. Everyone just needed to make a move, and this large formation would undoubtedly collapse!


Zuo Mo was very clear what the people in the formation thought. He smirked coldly inside, his hands not slowing down. [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] was a fourth-grade formation. If there weren’t some strong points, how would it have the qualification to be a fourth-grade formation?

Maybe they could break the formation, but it definitely wouldn’t break in one or two moves. If they could not find the cover door of the formation, they didn’t need to think about breaking or solving it using brute power alone.

This cover door was not that easy to find… …

Zuo Mo’s actions were lightning fast. This caused the formation to quickly grow and was easily detected by the xiuzhe outside.

But no one dared to go into the formation!

The formation had now become the most dangerous area in the entire Great Pine Pavilion!

After Su entered the formation, she felt her vision blur and she was situated in the wilderness. The cold moonlight fell down like water. She felt as though she was in a dream.

Looking in the surroundings, everything was blurred. She didn’t know where to start.

That damned guy that ate soft rice! Why didn’t he send out the paper crane yet?

She was extremely panicked! She completely forgot, that up until now, Zuo Mo had not relied on her, and wasn’t actually eating soft rice.

After Nan Men Yang charged into the formation, he sunk into a berserker rage. His [Vajra Scripture] was at his maximum, his entire body covered in the golden light, together with his tall and brawny figure, he was a god of battle!

He gave a shout, and the [Mountain Breaker Sword] viciously chopped!

This sword chopped towards the rings of light in the sky!

An extremely dense sword energy left the sword, howling as it rushed into the rings of light in the sky!

The chimes were endless, like countless glass bottles were being broken.

Gui Feng, who had just came in, saw this scene and jumped in shock. Such a forceful blow, if it was heading for him, no matter if he fended it or dodged, it would not be easy!

Yet what surprised him was this blow that even he found difficult to defend was not effective in the slightest against the formation. It was like the fierce and sharp sword had broken the surface of the water. After the ripples passed, the surface of the water resumed normality.

Gui Feng quickly found the weirdness. He had headed in immediately after Su, but he did not find Su’s figure, encountering Nan Men Yang instead.

Did this formation have the ability to move others?

His consciousness was also being disrupted by an invisible ripple and was ineffective in the formation.

Gui Feng was in awe.

Different from other people, he did not underestimate Zuo Mo. He was skilled in underhanded and obscure skills, and did not walk the path of righteousness. Higher cultivation did not mean that one would definitely win.

Seeing so many people enter the formation, but not having found the cover door, it was not an easy matter to leave.

Then, where was the cover door?

Like Nan Men Yang, the first thing many xiuzhe did after they entered the formation was release attacks. However, to everyone’s surprise, it was like their attacks had entered the sea, ineffective.

Some powerful experts instantly stopped their futile efforts and started to think about the problem of solving the formation.

Zong Ming Yan hadn’t expected so many people would charge into the formation at once. He couldn’t help but frown.

This group of people were really irritating! Like a swarm of flies! He hadn’t solved the formation yet, but these people were coming in to also meddle, he was extremely displeased.

Even though he still hadn’t found the cover door of this formation, but Zong Ming Yan did not believe that he could not harm a zhuji disciple.

But now that the situation was completely disrupted. This group of people had appeared out of nowhere, each of them seemingly insane, attacking in all directions as they came in.

Suppressing the irritation inside, he smirked coldly as he put away the Seven Plum Sword.

You group of dumbasses! I’ll watch to see what you guys can do!

After having tried one blow, Zong Ming Yan was certain that this formation was not as simple as imagined.

He was extremely shocked inside. Such a formation, was it something a zhuji xiuzhe could set up? He didn’t quite believe it, but the truth was right in front of his eyes, and he had personally tried.

Maybe, it was a good thing these people have come to be cannon fodder.

Zong Ming Yan’s eyes became even colder.

Zuo Mo was still buried in setting up formations. His speed was extremely quick. He had already reached the sixty-third formation. In other words, there were only nine child formations until he could complete the seventy-two child formation [Skyring Moon Chime Formation].

A [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] with seventy-two child formations!

Humph humph, you guys can get a good taste!

Already extremely tired, Zuo Mo suddenly felt his body full of energy, his movements even faster, as he continued his expansion.

He had great expectations for the seventy-two child formation [Skyring Moon Chime Formation]. Even he hadn’t ever seen it before! What power would it have? There wasn’t a better place to try it out than right now!

At this time, a tragic howl could be heard from inside of the formation!

Translator Ramblings: When they say “all the experts,” it means the strongest of the bunch that’s inside the Pine Pavilion. So there are lots of people still outside who are hiding away or watching.

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