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Chapter 1895 - Chapter 1895: Meeting again (11)

Chapter 1895: Meeting again (11)

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At that moment, Chu rail’s smile froze.

His breathing was a little rushed, and his face was ugly.

“This wild girl ran away again? He still dared to continue running to the divine realm? someone, go and capture that girl for me, i want to break her legs!”

Did this girl know how dangerous the divine realm was?

If he didn’t break her legs, she would lose her life!

“Yiyi asked me to advise you not to send anyone to capture her.” Bai Yan shrugged her shoulders and said.

Chu ran was so angry that his breathing was a little unstable, and his face was red. “Yan ‘er, you don’t need to speak up for that wild girl! She’s getting more and more wild now, and she’s simply lawless!”

Oh, then you can go,” Bai Yan said with a smile that was not a smile. “But don’t blame me for not telling you. If you manage to capture her, don’t even think about having a grandson.”


Chu ran was stunned. He slowly turned his head and his gaze landed on Bai Yan.

“What did you just say? Grandson? Yiyi is pregnant before marriage?”

That bastard!

Although he wanted a grandson, he would immediately break her legs if she dared to get pregnant before marriage!

not yet. Bai Yan smiled, it’s just that Yiyi has gone to chase her husband. Whether she will succeed or not is still unknown. If you go and capture her again, I’m afraid there will be no other way.

She didn’t want to tell Chu ran about this because if she didn’t, Chu ran would definitely catch her.

At that time, Yiyi will be further and further away from Xiao ‘er.

chu ran’s hand gently touched his chest as he sat down, panting.” “Wait, let me calm down first. You said that Yiyi has a man she likes? That wild girl Yingluo actually likes men? i’m not dreaming? my daughter can finally get married?”

If there was no Bai Yan as an example, Chu ran would definitely not want Chu Yiyi to get married.

However, Yingluo

It was impossible to count on Chu Yifeng. If she still didn’t get married, how could she have a cute grandson or granddaughter?

Therefore, Chu Yiyi had to get married as soon as possible!

that’s right, Huahua. Chu ran raised his head and looked at Bai Yan. can you first reveal to me who the man Yiyi is chasing is? ”

“My younger brother, Bai Yan.”

bai su?

Chu ran looked at Bai Yan in shock.

The man Yiyi likes, Qingqing, is Bai Yan’s younger brother, Bai Xiao?

He had never seen Bai su before, but he had heard people talk about him. This kid, Yingluo, seemed to be a rather responsible person.

Although he did not know what Bai Xiao’s current strength was, it was enough as long as he was Bai Yan’s younger brother.

He believed that the character who could become Bai Yan’s younger brother, Wanwan, was definitely not an ordinary person!

“Hahaha!” Chu ran laughed wildly. His laughter spread out of the palace and into the entire Holy Land, great, this is great. You can’t be my daughter-in-law, but your brother might be my son-in-law! We’ll still be a family in the future, hahahaha!”

“are you still going to find someone to chase after her?” bai yan’s lips curled up.

I’m not going, I’m definitely not going,” Chu ran said with a smile. Yiyi is old now, it’s time to let her be. If 1 continue to care about her, she might really not be able to get married. It would be terrible if she fell into my hands, Wanwan.

Bai Yan’s face was filled with black lines. Why did she feel that Chu ran seemed to want to marry Chu Yiyi off as soon as possible?

” mother, i finally know why elder sister chu always says that she’s not her biological daughter.” bai xiaochen tugged at bai yan’s sleeve.” if it was father, he would not be willing to marry ling ‘er off to someone else, whoever dares to abduct younger sister, father and younger brother will break his legs and make him unable to take care of himself..”

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