World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0350 - Reclusive Alchemy Training

Reclusive Alchemy Training (First Part)

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Chen Xiang concentrated on planting his spirit herbs but just two days later, Wu Kaiming came looking for him and told him that someone wanted to challenge him. However, he flatly refused it.

"In the future, if such kind of guys come looking for me, tell them that if they want to fight with me — first go and defeat Free Immortal Sea's Xiao Chou and Beast Martial Sect's Yan Yanran, They can come to me after that. Father can refine several sets of dan in the time it takes to fight with one round. Such a waste of time."

Since his return from the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains, many martial artists had come forward to challenge him, there were some who came to challenge him in martial arts and some in alchemy. However, he turned a complete blind eye them, and just concentrated on planting his spirit herbs.

He was not just planting the herbs, he was cultivating too. After tending to the spirit herbs during the day, he would then begin cultivating the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise to enhance his True Qi, at the same time cultivate the Nine Turn Dragon God Technique to cultivate his Divine Soul. And at night he would also congeal Golden Dragon Saliva.

If there is still some time he would train some martial techniques or refine some Building Foundation Dans, in other words, his schedule was completely packed.

"Little Dragon, since my Divine Soul is a little bigger, will the 72 Transformation and Heavenly Dragon Seal be a little stronger?" Chen Xiang asked. Last time he had seen Long Xueyi cast the Heavenly Dragon which was much stronger compared to his.

"72 Transformations mainly focuses on the utilization of Spiritual Energy. When your Spiritual Energy has reached a certain degree, as well as when you are a little more proficient in its utilization, you can transform into some stronger creatures. Now you should be able to transform into cat, dog, pig and fish like creatures. If you want to transform into a tiger, you are still lacking. You think about what you want to transform into. if you don't understand something, you can ask me." Long Xueyi replied.

When he thought of practicing transforming into a pig and dog-like animals, Chen Xiang was secretly unhappy in his heart.

"Little girl, are you joking with me!" Chen Xiang grunted, "What’s the benefit in transforming into a pig? After I transformed into a bird, I'll have the ability to fly, transforming into a fish will help me hide in water, transforming into a gopher will allow me to dig holes. What's the fucking use in transforming into a pig or a dog?"

Long Xueyi giggled and said, "You are not stupid! After transforming into a bird, you can peep on people taking a bath, as a fish you can peep from inside the water. You thought quite well."

"Dead girl, this is your words, not mine, if you hadn't told me, I would not have known that turning into a fish has such advantages?" Chen Xiang scoffingly said.

"I'm not joking with you, 72 Transformation has always been to learn and apply pragmatically. Learn whatever you can transform! Not only you can transform into small animals or something, you can also transform into chair, table, trees and among other things. Wait till your Spiritual Energy has reached a certain degree, then I'll teach you." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang was now training to transform into a fish. Since he had used the Spiritual Energy to create an invisible alchemical furnace, his utilization of Spiritual Energy has advanced a step. It had become very easy to learn to transform into other things. In a short while, he was soon able to transform into a carp and swim in the water.

"When you go to Lotus Island, you can transform into a fish and sneak deep into the sea to search for crystal mines. The Emperor Crystal can't be wasted." Su Meiyao smiled and said.

After acquiring the Emperor Crystal, Chen Xiang had not used it since then. Thinking of the countless crystal mines in seas under Lotus Island, he couldn't wait to leave and start looking. He only wants top-grade crystal stones, others he didn't even care.

In this period, Chen Xiang felt very enriched. Although he had no small amount of pressure bearing down on his shoulders, however, these days passed very well. This month he had learned to transform into other animals. Some didn't even have a practical use, but it made him a little proficient in the 72 Transformation.

"Five set of herbs! If successful, these are fifty-Five Elements True Elemental Dan!" Chen Xiang was also a little surprised because the Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs grew very quickly; much faster than he had previously imagined. Of course one of the reason was that his progress in strength increased the ripening speed of Golden Dragon Saliva by a lot.

Inside the private room, Chen Xiang took out the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace! This one month he had been refining the Building Foundation Dans and Hundred Beasts Dan using the Refining Simulation Technique in the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace."

Because the timing in the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace was different from that of Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, he had to be familiar with the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, only then could he make accurate calculations. From the experienced that he gained using the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, he very easily became proficient in using the Refining Simulation Technique along with the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace.

The Illusionary Brilliant Furnace was created using the Spiritual Energy and he had always used his divine sense to check it. As for the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, he didn’t need to do anything extra, he could naturally spend his complete divine sense to carry out the calculations.

In order to lay down a better foundation for the Refining Simulation Technique, no matter whatever dan Chen Xiang was refining, he would use the Refining Simulation Technique. It was what Su Meiyao suggested him to do because refining higher level dans were even more difficult. Even if he used the Refining Simulation Technique, he could very well fail. Now that he has a good foundation, it would have a great advantage in the future.

With the help of Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, he could speed up the refining process. However, if he slowed down a little, his rate of success would be higher; especially when refining an unfamiliar dan like the Five Elements True Elemental Dan. He had no room for mistakes; although he could grow a lot of herbs, if he didn't succeed, it would still be painful.

He still clearly remembered the entire process of refining Five Elements True Elemental Dan which he had refined during the alchemy tournament. As he already succeeded once, the next batch of refining would be a lot easier. The calculations for the subsequent refining was also a lot easier, unlike the last time when he had an excruciating headache.

After half a day, Chen Xiang was successful in two consecutive batches. Since he was not in any competition now, his speed was also very slow, moreover, he also took a long break in between. At this moment, he had even more in-depth experience in refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan. The Five Elements True Elemental Dan was but a high-level dan and very difficult to refine yet he had not failed in refining it, not even once.

After all, every dan he had refined in the past, he had always failed many times before finally succeeding; such that every time he suffered a loss, a large number of herbs was lost. And now as he had mastered the basics of Refining Simulation Technique, he could avoid these losses. He estimated that in the future, after a couple of failures, he would be able to successfully refine new dans. However, if he wanted to refine higher-level dans in the future, the herbs required would all be incredibly precious.

"Twenty Five Elements True Elemental Dan! I'm afraid that even if I swallow all of them, I may not be able to step into the 7th level of True Martial Realm. Later it is going to be increasingly difficult to advance further!" Chen Xiang was lying on the Extreme Dan King Courtyard's lawn and looked at the blue sky. The scenery inside the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm was always very pretty, it would always clear his mind which would allow him to do other things calmly.

Bang Bang Bang!

Someone was knocking at the door. Upon hearing the knocks Chen Xiang knew it was Gu Dongchen.

He sluggishly stood up, stretched his tired body before opening the door.

"What's the matter?" Chen Xiang gave a yawn. The recent refining of dans had left him a little tired. Among all the disciples in the entire Extreme Martial Sect, only he would dare to act like this to his Dean, he didn't have an ounce of courtesy.

"Let's talk inside!" Gu Dongchen directly went inside and Chen Xiang led him to a private room.

Chen Xiang casually got a glass of drinking water for Gu Dongchen and said, "If you came here to ask me to fight or compete in alchemy, then forget it, I'm not free!"

"Don't worry, after the Herculean Family's little monster became your shield, lesser and lesser people came looking for you. However, that little monster's reputation is now greater than before! That little rascal is clamoring that you had beaten him before by luck, he said he wasn;t in his best condition,in short, he is coming up with various reasons to deny the fact that you won!" Gu Dongchen shook his head and said, "This is nothing, what is even more infuriating is that many guys actually believed him."

Chen Xiang didn't agree, smiled and said, "Little Featherhead, are you goading me to come out? Forget about it, I am now preparing everything for the upcoming catastrophe. Only the winner will have the last laugh, now if by chance I get seriously injured and my cultivation came to a stand still, then it will be very troublesome."

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