World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0345 - Invulnerable to Poison

Invulnerable to Poison

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Contrary to what Bai Ziqian had imagined, Chen Xiang didn't fall down and was even able to laugh and talk; which made it difficult for her to understand. She secretly clenched her teeth and released even more Poisonous Qi, yet not even a bit of poison could invade Chen Xiang's body.

Although these Poisonous Qi would automatically drill into his pores, but they would immediately be spilled back out right after. Evidently, something was rejecting the Poisonous Qi.

"Hey, haven't I said, I have learned the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise and I'm invulnerable to poison. You still don't believe?" Chen Xiang laughed and asked.

Bai Ziqiang refused to believe, she coldly said, "Impossible, my Poisonous Qi can destroy your body directly. Let alone your weak body, even if it was someone with a 20th level Immortal and Devil Body, it would still be difficult for him to resist my poison. Aren't you using some secret method to resist my poison?"

Chen Xiang spread his hands, smiled and said, "Even if I was using some secret method, doesn't it mean that your poison is useless. Hei hei, do you want to throw in the towel?"

Bai Ziqian would like to try again, but when she thought of how much of her Poisonous Qi failed to poison Chen Xiang, she could only concede. She hurled her head and gave a cold snort, from the look on her face it was quite evident that she remained unconvinced.

"What about the poison in that purple hook? Do you have its antidote?" Chen Xiang looked at the hook that was shining in a bizarre purple aura, he was secretly curious. He reckoned that it must be most toxic venom in Bai Ziqian arsenal. He didn't know what was the Heavenly Poison Body, however, he knew that her whole body was poisonous. He wanted to try whether the Suppressing Devil Golden Body was truly invulnerable to poison or not.

Bai Youyou was shocked, she quickly came forward to stop the fight, "That purple hook is very toxic. Although it can be cured, at the very least you will not be able to move for one month!"

Bai Ziqian nodded her head, "It's true! I have the antidote with me, even if I gave it to you in time, it will take at least one month for you to expel the poison. Moreover, during this month, you will suffer an excruciating pain."

Bai Youyou's complexion turned ugly, a hint of fear flashed past her eyes.

"I've experienced it first-hand. Once, I was not careful and was pricked by that hook, it was very painful!"

Bai Ziqian found it preposterous that Chen Xiang could resist that kind of Poisonous Qi. That was why she intended to throw in the towel. She didn't want Chen Xiang to try the poison on the purple hook. Even though she appeared to be ominous and cold, she noticed that Chen Xiang was her sister's hope and no matter what, she didn't want to ruin her hope.

From the very beginning Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian — these two sisters believed that Chen Xiang would be scared by the poisonous hook, but who knew that an excited look would appear on his face when looking at the purple poisonous hook!

Chen Xiang in order to thoroughly convince Bai Ziqian fiercely grabbed the long braid draped over her bosom and pricked his wrist by that purple hook. The two beautiful sisters had never imagined this kind of situation, and when they wanted to stop him, it was already too late, it all happened in an instant.

Bai Ziqian quickly took out a purple dan and handed it to Chen Xiang. "Quickly take it. Recovery might take a while. Although this kind of poison can't kill you in an instant, it will bring you an excruciating pain."

"It is inside your blood vessels, the venom has already spread to your whole body!" Bai Ziqiang said with a frown, her voice sounded extremely anxious.

Chen Xiang didn't take the antidote, he calmly smiled, "Your poison seemed to have no effect on me!"

Chen Xiang was unafraid of some pain. He had tempered his body in the furnace, in the Immortal and Devil Pool, not to mention the torture he had undergone to that old madman – his teacher. Facing some pain was just common for him, that was also why he dared to try.

"What! Nothing? Do you not feel extremely cold? Doesn't your whole body feel as if it have been stabbed by tons of ice needles, even the head!" Bai Ziqian was taken by surprise, she couldn't help but ask.

Bai Youyou too had an inconceivable look hanging on her face. Previously she heard Chen Xiang say that he was invulnerable to poison because of the Suppressing Devil Golden Body, but she had confidence in her sister's poisoned hook. Every person in the Heavenly Realm dreaded that kind of poison, let alone Chen Xiang; this True Martial Realm little man.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips as a grin appeared on his face, "I'm not feeling anything. If you don't believe me, I can try it again for you!"

Thus, under the eyes of dumbfounded cold sisters, Chen Xiang once again grabbed the purple poisonous hook at the end of the braid and pricked his wrists. Moreover, this time he stabbed it even deeper and kept it under his skin for a long time.

If he didn't want Bai Ziqian to be thoroughly convinced, Chen Xiang didn't need to do torture himself. Currently, he had removed the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor so that the poisonous hook could stab into his flesh and blood. However, he still didn't feel anything.

After Chen Xiang had removed the poisonous hook from his wrist, he wiped the hook cleanly and played around with it. Nothing happened to him, not even a bit, looking at this, the sisters were shocked out of their wits, they were completely speechless.

"Is there poison left in your purple hook?" Bai Youyou took a deep breath, calmed herself down before asking.

"It is poisonous. If you don't believe me, you can give it a try!" Bai Ziqian was now thoroughly convinced that Chen Xiang was indeed invulnerable to poison. She coldly harrumphed and pulled her braid back. Apart from her, Chen Xiang was the only person in the whole world who can play with the poisonous hook like this.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, "Now are you convinced completely!"

"What do you want me to do? If you want me to die, I'll die." Bai Ziqian coldly said. When she spoke, her calm and composed look left Chen Xiang surprised. Much to his surprise, she happened to be so straight and decisive.

"Little rascal she is my elder sister! You better handle it well!" Bai Youyou gave him a glare which suddenly poured cold water right on all Chen Xiang’s eagerness to create trouble.

Chen Xiang slightly sighed. A while ago he had so vigorously grabbed the big rabbit of hers, he had taken advantage of her so cheaply.

"Alright! From now on you'll address Sister Youyou as younger sister." Then he turned to Bai Youyou and said, "Sister Youyou, you too will address her with proper formalities — you'll call her elder sister, now that will be more like a family! I truly can't understand you."

Chen Xiang noticed the two were looking at each other with a complex look in their eyes. He urged, "Is it that difficult? Sister Youyou, my condition is very loose."

Bai Ziqian faintly let out a sigh, affectionately looked at Bai Youyou and gently said, "Younger... Younger sister!"

At this very moment, Bai Youyou's eyes turned moist, two lines of tear fell and trickled down her face as she threw herself into the arms of Bai Ziqian. She sobbingly said, "Elder sister!"

Bai Ziqiang too started crying. She tightly embraced Bai youyou. The two girls tightly held onto each other as they broke into tears which made it difficult for Chen Xiang to understand; because he felt that it was only normal to address each other like this.

Inside the ring, Su Meiyao laughed and said, "Little rascal, you're really something! Well done!"

Chen Xiang laughed and said, "Why don't you give me a reward then? How about giving me a kiss or taking a bath with me."


"Why are they acting like this?" Chen Xiang doubtfully asked.

"Can't you understand from their characters!? Since childhood, they grew up in a very cruel environment. Their father was very formidable, he had many wives, at least over a hundred. As for sons and daughter, it is needless to say. They were born to the same mother, right after their birth, both of them were thrown in a place where they underwent brutal methods of cultivation. They didn’t get the chance to see their mother, not even once."

"Their mother had a cold constitution, that's why both of them were born with the Extreme Yin divine vein and both had a pair! In order to turn them into a vicious and ruthless devil princess, since childhood, they were not allowed to act like sisters. They could only call each other by name or their title. They were not allowed to have any feelings. However, finally, they encountered their mother. Their mother happened to be an extremely strong martial artist and since then she was secretly communicating with them, and gradually planted a seed of kindness in their hearts; that's why they were unlike their other brothers and sisters."

Chen Xiang did not expect that they have such a father. He actually treated his sons and daughter as tools! This made him extremely furious.

"The environment they grew up in was very cruel. Even if they had a pretty good talent, they could still be easily killed. Moreover, killed by someone who had the same blood flowing as them — their own blood relatives!" Su Meiyao's voice started to turn angry.

"Then?" Chen Xiang wanted to know more about Bai Youyou.

"Finally their mother was killed by a woman! Their father died during the last Great Battle of the Three Realms..." Su Meiyao didn't go on, she found out that she had said too much.

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