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Chapter 0298 - Dragon Soul (Part-2)

Chapter 298 - Dragon Soul (Part-2)


Dragon Soul, for a dragon, it was the most essential element. As for Chen Xiang, it was a little hard for him to believe that a Dragon Soul would appear in the mortal world, even more so was the fact that it was sealed inside a piece of stone.

A stone exuding azure light was placed upon a table on the auctioning platform. Once this piece of stone appeared, everyone felt an inexplicable spiritual pressure.

Even the charming eyebrows of Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue were frowning, this kind of feeling was making them a little uncomfortable. But on the other hand, Chen Xiang didn't felt anything.

"Very overbearing spiritual pressure, what the hell is inside this stone?" Liu Menger's voice was deep and low, as well as solemn. She realized that there was nothing ordinary about this stone.

Long Xueyi said to Chen Xiang, "You must definitely buy this stone, your Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is lacking an overbearing Dragon Soul, and that is why it cannot be considered as a divine weapon."

Before, Su Meiyao had also said that after he had fused with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, she had always felt that it was lacking something.

For example, his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor and Liu Menger's Vermillion Bird Tender Thread could be infused with their users and could transform at ease. However, his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was nothing like them.

What would be the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade like if it was complete? Chen Xiang had no idea, but now he had an opportunity to make the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade complete, and that was only possible if he could buy this Dragon Soul.

These Deans increased the price one after another. In the previous bidding, majority of the Deans had bought some relatively expensive stuff, so they had already spent a lot of amount of money, yet Chen Xiang, after noticing them once again so ardently enter the bidding battle, the pressure upon him multiplied.

"Is it really a Dragon Soul?" Chen Xiang using his divine sense exchanged with Long Xueyi.

"Yes, moreover there is also no consciousness. It should have fallen from the Heavenly Realm, this guy's body must have been destroyed, and then sealed inside the stone after its consciousness was erased by someone. However. how it fell in the mortal world, I have no idea. Till now, I also don't know why I was born in the mortal world." Long Xueyi said.

Because these Deans had all felt that spiritual pressure, they believed that the mystery behind this stone was marvellous. Even if it was sealed, the pressure was already so strong. If the seal was dispelled, then perhaps even they would have a hard time bearing that spiritual pressure.

Liu Menger also joined in.

"600 million!" Gu Dongchen shouted. Before, he had also bought a lot of things, but his pockets were still so full, such that even Lian Yingxiao paled in comparison.

Hua Xiangyue, at this time, left, because she too had bought some things a moment ago, and the owner was urging her to pay quickly.

Chen Xiang only had a little money, which was simply not enough, however, he must win at all costs. Although at this moment, Liu Menger was planning to relinquish, spending so much for an unknown piece of stone was simply not worth it.

"Sister Menger, you must win that piece of stone." Chen Xiang threw Liu Menger a storage pouch, inside the bag, there were True Elemental Dans worth three hundred million crystal stones.

"Why?" Liu Menger, noticing Chen Xiang was so serious, realized that the piece of stone was rather very important to Chen Xiang.

"Sister Menger, both your Vermillion Bird Tender Thread and my Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor can infuse with our body, but the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade can't. That is because it is lacking a weapon soul. In that stone, a powerful soul is sealed within, and it is very suitable for fusing with my Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade." Chen Xiang quickly explained.

Hearing Chen Xiang's explanation, Liu Menger, who was a Grand Refiner, could not help but be surprised. But she was not a least bit suspicious regarding Chen Xiang's word, she sweetly smiled, "Leave it to me!"

"620 million!" Liu Menger had obtained Chen Xiang's three hundred million crystal stones, and at this moment, she was brimming with courage and energy, not to mention that if she had bought the stone, Chen Xiang’s Azure Dragon Slaughtering Blade could become stronger.

Liu Menger had always felt grateful to Chen Xiang, because he had made her fuse with the Vermillion Bird Tender Thread. In addition, he had also passed her the Vermillion Bird Divine Exercise, and this kind of powerful exercise had allowed her to make great progress in regard to her cultivation in flames. Later on, Chen Xiang had also made her fuse with a Fire Spirit, as such, what she had obtained from Chen Xiang could not be measured with wealth.

"Later on, Sister Menger must help me fuse that soul into the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade." Chen Xiang laughed and said.

Liu Menger, for the very first time, heard of something about weapon soul, and this gave her a great inspiration. If she could fuse some spirit beast's or profound beast's soul with the equipment when refining, then the brilliant equipments and the spirit equipments could become even more powerful. She was very much curious how Chen Xiang knew about these, this knowledge was obviously not from the Chenwu Mainland.

Now that he had the help of Liu Menger's cauldron, Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. Soon, Liu Menger finally won that piece of stone at the price of nine hundred and eighty million crystal stones.

With this, the auction also came to an end. After Liu Menger obtained the stone, she quickly left with Chen Xiang, while only god knows where Hua Xiangyue had gone to, she had not returned at all.

Liu Menger, after touching the stone, became even more excited. She could determine that there was certainly a very powerful soul inside, though she didn't know whose soul was it. It was so powerful, that even across two layers of seal, it could still give such a mighty spiritual pressure.

In the divine weapon shop, Liu Menger, with Chen Xiang, entered a private room. She tightly laid down a few barriers, this was also what a Nirvana Realm refiner was most specialized in.

Liu Menger had a very solemn look as she put on a black tights, while Chen Xiang also took out his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.

"Whose soul is it? It is actually so powerful!" Liu Menger began to examine the spirit patterns on the outer seal of the stone. With one glance, she noticed that the outer layer was added later on.

"Dragon Soul!"

Once she heard these two words, Liu Menger's tender body slightly quivered as her face was filled with astonishment!

"Really?" Liu Menger took a long deep breath.

Chen Xiang continuously nodded his head, "Yes, otherwise, how could it be worthy of my Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!"

"Are you prepared? Once I dispel the outer seal, a powerful spiritual attack will definitely break out, I'm worried you will not be able to endure." Liu Menger said. According to Mrs. Li’s introduction, even Extreme State martial artist would not be able to endure the spiritual pressure released by this stone.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, as he placed the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade on the ground, then sat down cross-legged. Liu Menger also gracefully sat down while facing Chen Xiang, with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in between them.

Liu Menger closed her eyes, and a golden brilliance burst out of her finger as she lightly stroked that green stone.

Suddenly, an azure light flashed out from the green stone as Liu Menger uttered a dull and tender shout. At the same time, Chen Xiang a sharp pain in his head, but soon it was alright.

"You're unexpectedly alright?" Liu Menger was once again shocked, she originally believed Chen Xiang should have become unconscious.

"Hei hei, I'm not that useless as you imagine!" Chen Xiang laughed gently. Liu Menger thought that Chen Xiang was not so common, for she knew that only someone with a very powerful divine sense could be able to bear the spiritual pressure emitted by the Dragon Soul. She knew that this spiritual pressure was something a True Martial Realm martial artist could not resist.

Liu Menger could now surely say that Chen Xiang's divine sense was very, very strong. Otherwise, just like her, he would not be able to sit without feeling anything here.

"I'm going to begin. As long as the stone is broken, the final seal will be broken, this piece of stone is commonly known as the Sealing Soul Stone. After it is smashed, the seal will break open." Liu Menger solemnly explained.

While speaking, she took that piece of stone and smashed it against the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.

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