World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0294 - Making A Killing

Chapter 294 - Making A Killing


An Elemental Spirit Dan fetching such a price left Chen Xiang a bit surprised, Liu Menger hadn’t even made a sound yet. This was indeed the enchantment of an auction.

"10 million going once... 10 million going twice..."

"10.2 million." Finally, it was Liu Menger's turn to take the stage.

Chen Xiang grinned and said, "Want your ass, this is just the beginning!"

Hua Xiangyue also began giggling, she also wanted to see whether it would turn out to be as Chen XIang had planned or not, because, when discussing just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had set a very large amount as the limit.

Hearing Liu Menger's voice, Gu Dongchen cursed, "Once again, it’s that woman. Yue Jianglin, this arrogant guy, is going to suffer."

Wu Kaiming faintly smiled, "Liu Menger's wealth in the Chenwu Mainland is second to none. I fear that only the mysterious Dean of Danxiang Taoyuan and the Dean of Lotus Island could compare with her."

"12.2 million." Yue Jianglin was furious. If it wasn’t Liu Menger who was raising the price, he would have already soared. Now, he was testing whether or not Liu Menger was interested in the Elemental Spirit Dan or not.

"14 million." Liu Menger's voice was majestic, yet it sounded so nice.

Blue veins bulged out on Yue Jianglin's forehead from anger, but he still had to raise the price, "14.5 million."

From Yue Jianglin's tone, it sounded as if he was being whipped, forcing him to increase the price, which made Chen XIang and the others directly happy.

"15 million." Liu Menger's voice was so calm. She was a reputed wealthy mistress in the Chenwu Mainland, and no one was surprised about her wealth. She was a Grand Refiner, before, she had not participated in the auction of spirit weapons, so it was also reasonable for her to compete for the dans.

"15.3 million."

"16 million."


Very soon, the price had already reached 30 million. Liu Menger glanced at Chen Xiang, only to see Chen Xiang shook his head, "Last time, this guy wanted to kill me, continue!"

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Liu Menger continued to raise the price, and this left Yue Jianglin completely furious. However, he could not do anything, because he wanted this Elemental Spirit Dan. He had waited for more than thousand years for it to appear, if he missed this opportunity, only god knows when it would appear again. If his son failed to breakthrough, he would die of old age, that was why he would not hesitate to buy it at all cost.

Just a while ago, the price of the ten Building Foundation Dans reaching twenty million had left everyone surprised. But now, this was only a Elemental Spirit Dan, yet it could even reach a price of thirty million, this was even more astonishing to the others.

Gu Dongchen was now gloating. Now there was finally someone who was going to experience the same suffering as him, and it was even worse than what he had suffered.

Liu Menger thought of how Chen Xiang was almost killed by Yue Jianglin, and in her heart, she was also slightly furious, so she continued to raise the price.

"59.5 million!" With Liu Menger's sweet voice, everyone's heart jumped out of their throat. This was only a low-grade profound level dan, nothing more, yet it had reached such an exorbitant price.

Yue Jianglin wanted to ask Liu Menger what the hell she was going to do with the Elemental Spirit Dan, she had even insisted with him to this point. Soon the price would reach 60 million, and since the beginning of this auction, it was the highest priced item.

The whole field was quiet, Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue were also a little worried. They were looking at Chen Xiang with bitterness, when it was 59 million they already wanted to stop, yet Chen Xiang wanted Liu Menger to keep on going, if Yue Jianglin didn't buy, wouldn't they miss such a good opportunity?

"He will buy, don't worry!" Chen Xiang was very calm, if Yue Jianglin wished to give up, he would have done it long ago. This was related with his son's breakthrough, so he wouldn’t hesitate to buy it all costs.

Yue Jianglin could not be called arrogant anymore, because his arrogance had rushed to his head. Now, he had turned supercilious and very rampant. Generally speaking, this kind of people would care so much about their face. Because his son had been stuck in the 9th level of the True Martial Realm for so long, it would certainly be detrimental to his prestige, if his son could be as talented as before, then it would increase his glory and prestige.

Just as Chen Xiang’s words fell, Yue Jianglin clenched his teeth and shouted, "60 million!"

If his voice could kill someone, his voice would have already killed the entire audiences completely. No one was oblivious to Yue Jianglin's anger, for just a low-grade profound level dan, he was bleeding greatly.

Chen Xiang slightly pursed his mouth and nodded his head in satisfaction. Liu Menger didn't increase the price again, she and Hua Xiangyue both heaved a sigh of relief, at the same time, they were rather excited.

"Menger, this guy will definitely hate you!" Hua Xiangyue said while laughing.

"I'm not afraid of him, in this guy's eyes, everyone is just the same, his enemies." Liu Menger lightly scoffed and said.

Mrs. Li was also sweating profusely, now that Liu Menger didn't raise the price again, she shouted, "60 million going once... 60 million going twice... 60 million going thrice... Sold! Congratulations to the 6th room’s VIP for the successful acquisition of the Elemental Spirit Dan for 60 million crystal stones."

At this moment, the blood and Qi of Yue Jiangling was completely chaotic, he almost vomited blood. However, he didn't dare to make trouble here, so he hastily left the VIP room and went to complete the final procedure.

Hua Xiangyue, at this time, also left, and the auction was also suspended to allow those successful bidders to finish trading.

Once Hua Xiangyue came back, she handed a storage pouch to Chen Xiang filled with sixteen thousand True Elemental Dans. His Building Foundation Dans and the Elemental Spirit Dan sold for a total of eighty million crystal stones, which was equivalent to 16 thousand Elemental Spirit Dans. Because Hua Xiangyue and Chen Xiang were acquaintances, there was no charge for Chen Xiang, otherwise, a part of it would have been paid to the Danxiang Tower.

In addition to the fourteen thousand Elemental Spirit Dan he had from before, now he a grand total of thirty thousand True Elemental Dans, which was equivalent to one hundred and fifty million crystal stones.

"The next thing is also very rare, this is neither a dan nor a spirit weapon, let me present you the Martial Soul which you all had read in the records!" Mrs. Li dismissively said, yet in her heart, she was also very surprised. She too had never seen this kind of thing.

On the auctioning platform, there was a table, above it was a transparent bottle, and inside the transparent bottle, there was a mass of flame-like thing, scurrying around, looking like a fire sprite.

"It is actually a Fire Martial Soul!" Gu Dongchen shouted, his voice was unable to conceal his excitement.

"Who the hell was it? He could actually bear to sell this kind of thing! But this is good too, now we can also see how the hell this legendary thing is mystical." The voice of the Lotus Island's Dean was also filled with astonishment.

The originally quiet auction seethed in excitement, it turned very lively as everyone was discussing about the Fire Martial Soul. The Danxiang Tower's reputation was very good, and they would certainly not deceive them, that was why everyone, regarding the authenticity of the Fire Martial Soul, was not suspicious.

Looking at everyone’s current appearance, Chen Xiang's eye happen to shine, because he knew that another ardent bidding battle was going to happen soon.

Liu Menger was rather unconcerned. As she took a glance over the book in her hands, she said, "These are things that are going to appear last, they are definitely very expensive."

This book was just taken out by Hua Xiangyue, and Chen Xiang hadn’t read it yet. It was an index of things which were going to be auctioned later.

"The starting price is 10 million crystal stones. Everyone should be clear of the Fire Martial Soul's value, I'll also not say much anymore." Mrs. Li slightly smiled and said.

A starting price of ten million, it was indeed a formidable item. Because Hua Xiangyue knew that Chen Xiang was lacking in crystal stones, it was better to place the Fire Martial Soul ahead, during the beginning of the final phase of the auction. This would also let Chen Xiang raise a large sum, but she still believed that Chen Xiang would finally turn to her and Liu Menger to borrow, because a lot of rare spirit herbs were going to be auctioned next.

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