World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0292 - The Stingy Dean

Chapter 292 - The Stingy Dean


Chen Xiang was rather wealthy, but neither Hua Xiangyue nor Liu Menger were clear about the exact amount of Chen Xiang’s wealth. However, they believed that it would be very difficult for Chen Xiang to buy precious spirit herbs in this large scale auction, because even they themselves were rather doubtful with regards to whether they could grab some good stuff or not.

Soon, the auction began; it was held on the thirteenth and fourteenth floor of the huge Danxiang Tower. Both the floor were fused together to make a bigger one, but the place itself was not too big, it was just enough for five to six thousand people. But then again, those who could attend the auction were not some ordinary characters, this large scale auction only invited people with a certain position and wealth in the Chenwu Mainland. If anyone else wanted to participate in the auction, then they would have to pay a rather huge sum as an attendance fee.

If one wanted their own items to be auctioned, they could also enter. At this moment, the auction house was very quiet, everyone here were extremely courteous, and once they entered here, none of them made any loud noise, they just calmly sat on their own seat.

In this place, there were some boxed rooms, and only the most respectful group of people in the Chenwu Mainland had the qualification to enter inside, that was why the whole auction field was shrouded in a rather serious atmosphere. These Deans, even if they had converged their breath, they would still release some spiritual pressure from time to time, making those with not enough strength feel very uncomfortable.

Chen Xiang and Liu Menger, alongside Hua Xiangyue, were inside a boxed room. Chen Xiang had covered his face and converged his breath. From time to time, someone’s divine sense would swept over them, which made both Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue to feel unhappy.

"Sister Hua, has my Dean arrived?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Except for the Dean of the Beast Martial Sect, the tycoons of the eight major righteous sects had arrived. Patriarchs of many famous families have also arrived." Hua Xiangyue said, she was responsible for this auction, no one beside her was clearer about the situation.

As Chen Xiang looked at the bunch of people sitting in the auction field, he actually found Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and also Xue Weilong, all of them had come along with their family’s Patriarch.

"Little rascal, do not use your own voice and expose your identity! Those guys all know I and Xiangyue are together, if they find you with us, it would make them suspicious." Liu Menger said.

Chen Xiang clearly understood this. Now, there was a big improvement regarding his convergence of breath, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou reflected upon this very issue for him. It was mainly done by relying on Long Xueyi, and at this point in time, Chen Xiang’s skill at concealing himself had even left Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue surprised. Unlike before, they could only vaguely sense the situation inside Chen Xiang's body.

The auction began, it was hosted by Mrs. Li. First, she courteously welcomed everyone, only then was the first item taken out for auction; the first item turned out to be Chen Xiang's Building Foundation Dans.

"Ten Building Foundation Dans! In this auction, it is actually the first time for so many to appear. Everybody should be aware of the Building Foundation Dans, I too am not going to be long-winded, the starting price is two million crystal stones. Let the bidding, begin." Mrs. Li said.

Two million crystal stones. In Chen Xiang’s eyes, this amount was a rather small number, however, this was only the starting price, it would certainly slowly increase. Not to mention that the Building Foundation Dans were rare and expensive in the Chenwu Mainland, if someone was really in need, even some low-grade profound level dan could be auctioned for a very high price.

During the auction, crystal stones were usually used to bid, but during the payment, the buyers could choose to use crystal stones or True Elemental Dan. Generally speaking, majority would use True Elemental Dan.

"2.2 million crystal stones!" A familiar shout entered Chen Xiang’s ears, this was Gu Dongchen's voice. Chen Xiang didn't expect that his eldest martial nephew was so lacking in Building Foundation Dans. In his heart, he was secretly happy, after returning, he would immediately accelerate the ripening of the Azure Profound Fruit, and by then, he would definitely be able to refine numerous Building Foundation Dans. He was not afraid of swindling this stingy eldest martial nephew to death.

"This guy only added twenty thousand crystal stones at once. He’s really stingy. Last time, he seeked me to refine a flying disc, and he even bargained with me for half a day." Liu Menger's voice was filled with contempt.

Chen Xiang was secretly having a good laugh, he didn't expect that his eldest martial nephew was such a stingy guy.

The Building Foundation Dans were not only sought out by the big sects, even those powerful families also wanted to contend. Very quickly, the price soon soared to seven million crystal stones, which meant that each dan were being sold for seven hundred thousand crystal stones each. Chen Xiang didn't expect to reach this price.

And the price was still constantly rising!

"7.6 million." Gu Dongchen’s heavy voice came over, and this made Chen Xiang even more happy.

The whole auction field quieted down, this was almost the price limit.

"7.7 million crystal stones." It was a patriarch of a family. If he could buy these ten Building Foundation Dans, at the very least, they could nurture two to three True Martial Realm martial artists, which was totally worth it.

"8 million." Gu Dongchen once again shouted.

Chen Xiang secretly clenched his teeth, he was now extremely regretting the fact that he had sold the Building Foundation Dan for just half a million each to Gu Dongchen earlier.

"8.2 million."

"8.3 million."


After a moment of silence, the bidding once again became heated. If one had more Building Foundation Dans, some talented disciples of theirs could quickly stride into the True Martial Realm. Not to mention to these families, even in the big sects, there were not many True Martial Realm martial artists.

"15 million!" Gu Dongchen’s voice resounded. Along the way, many people had competed with him, but finally, they were all defeated. It was evident that Gu Dongchen valued these Building Foundation Dans a lot.

After a moment of silence, Mrs. Li shouted, "15 million... going once..."

Chen Xiang, after seeing this, hastily shouted, "Sister Menger, increase the price. If it is bought by you, it is still nothing. Anyway, I can return the crystal stones back to you."

"Little rascal, that guy is your Dean." Hua Xiangyue was taken aback, but she was very much in favor of Chen Xiang's approach.

"Hei hei, of course, I know!" Chen Xiang laughed and said.

"15 million going twice!" Mrs. Li just finished shouting, before Liu Menger said in a light tone, "16 million!"

Gu Dongchen secretly clenched his teeth. He recognized that it was Liu Menger's voice, he was considering whether to increase the price or not.

"16.2 million!" Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming both discussed for a while, before they decided to go for it.

In any case, the crystal stones would inevitably return to her hands, that was why Liu Menger very freely raised the bid. Not to mention that with the stingy Dean, Gu Dongchen, she could raise the price back and forth.

"18 million!" Liu Menger's light and sweet voice gave Gu Dongchen an urge to vomit blood. If he knew Chen Xiang was intentionally making Liu Menger raise the price with him, he would have definitely and immediately spat out blood.

This could be counted as violation of rules, but Hua Xiangyue just turned a blind eye for it, because Chen Xiang was her own person. However, she didn't expect Chen Xiang would actually be bold enough to ruthlessly swindle his very own Dean.

Liu Menger kept her eyes on Chen Xiang's gestures and continued to increase the price...

"18.5 million!"

"19.9 million!"

"20 million!" Gu Dongchen's voice was incomparably heavy, moreover, it already had a subtle hint of anger.

Liu Menger gave a white eye to Chen Xiang. She, in accordance with Chen Xiang's intention, raised the price once again.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and said with a mischievous laugh, "Not bad, wait till he had bought them. Afterwards, I will tell him it was auctioned by me, hahaha... by then, it will definitely be cool!"

Both Hua Xiangyue and Liu Menger held admiration for Chen Xiang's approach, when they thought of Gu Dongchen's reaction at that time, they could not help but giggle.

Liu Menger didn't raise the price again, finally, the Building Foundation Dans had been bought by Gu Dongchen.

Hua Xiangyue tenderly snorted and said, "Gu Dongchen, this guy, sigh! Isn't it just an extra five million? He had actually become angry."

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