World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0279 - Cheering Up

Chapter 279 - Cheering Up

[TLN: Hi guys, I made a mistake in translating the herb for the HUndred Beasts Dan, the Clover Roots(三叶树根) I translated was wrong, with three leaves in the raws, I assumed it was referring to clover, yet while translating chapter 280 I came to realize I was wrong, some may have read the correct translation, because it was rectified a day later, but I failed to notify you. THe correct translation for this is Three Leaves Plant Roots. Sorry for inconvenience]


Liu Menger, after seeing Chen Xiang's dejected appearance, was a little angry, "I will go and have a talk with Hua Xiangyue. I knew it, after you get this information, you will be like this."

"Don't go, I'm all right!" Chen Xiang forcefully smiled, he did not want the two of them to have a conflict.

Liu Menger patted Chen Xiang's head and comforted, "Nothing will happen to your relatives, you do not have to worry about them! I shouldn’t have concealed this from you, I should have already told you!"

At this time, a sound arrived with a little jealousy, "Sister Menger... you really should have told him, it was not good to hide it from him."

Hua Xiangyue arrived, and she was actually so direct. Liu Menger lightly scoffed, "Well..."

Hua Xiangyue was now finally sure that Chen Xiang, this little rascal, indeed has a very affectionate relation with Liu Menger. Hua Xiangyue following him here was totally out of Chen Xiang's expectation.

"There is a barrier in the secular world. If he doesn’t know about this, and if he went there blindly, he will be injured by the barrier. Originally, there was not any barrier around there, but now it is there." Hua Xiangyue's complexion was somewhat solemn. She sat beside Chen Xiang, but what left Chen Xiang surprised was the fact that Liu Menger was actually pouring tea for Hua Xiangyue. The relationship between the two was not as bad as he had imagined.

If not for Chen Xiang's bad mood, he would have definitely molested these two noble beauty a little, however, looking at these two extremely charming and enticing stunners who could cause the downfall of a country, his mood was also a little better.

"Fire Spirit!" Hua Xiangyue jerked from shock, crushing the teacup in her hands, causing the fragrant tea to spill. Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were also startled.

Hua Xiangyue could sense that the Fire Qi being released from Liu Menger’s body was different from the past. Now it was a lot more fearsome, and this kind of bizarre Fire Qi was precisely the characteristic trait of a fused Fire Spirit.

"Seductress, do you also have it?" Liu Menger was also surprised. She had already concealed it deeply, yet it was perceived by Hua Xiangyue. Under ordinary circumstances, only those who was in possession of the Fire Spirit could sense it.

Hua Xiangyue shook her head and looked at Chen Xiang. She was rather suspicious that Liu Menger obtaining a Fire Spirit was somehow related to Chen Xiang. Last time, in the Southern Wasteland, Liu Menger didn't have the Fire Spirit.

"Menger, you can not tell it to anyone, I'll also not reveal it!" Hua Xiangyue said in a heavy tone.

Liu Menger nodded her head, "I know."

Since Chen Xiang’s mood was not very good, he returned early to the room to rest. He was a bit surprised by Hua Xiangyue’s and Liu Menger's relationship, from how they were calling each other, he could easily see it.

Chen Xiang laid down on the bed and slightly sighed. At the moment, Bai Youyou became rather talkative, and all of her words were for comforting Chen Xiang. Although she wasn’t that good in comforting, her attempt to comfort Chen Xiang left him very moved. Su Meiyao, for this, was also surprised, her usually frosty senior sister actually knew how to comfort someone.

Chen Xiang's mood was a lot better now. Just as he was about to begin alchemy, someone came knocking at his door.

"Little rascal, quickly open the door!" It was Hua Xiangyue's voice. Generally, only Liu Menger called him as such, and now she too was calling him so, which left Chen Xiang to wonder whether Liu Menger had told something to Hua Xiangyue.

After Chen Xiang opened the door, he immediately saw the teasing smile hanging on Hua Xiangyue's face, "Little rascal, a comparatively large auction is going to be held in two months. By then, you and Sister Menger will have VIP box."

"What did you talk about?" Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said somewhat helplessly. Before, he had to be very secretive, yet Liu Menger did not keep the secret, which made him a little unhappy.

"Nothing, just that you are a little rascal!" Hua Xiangyue mischievously laughed and said, "I came to say goodbye, if you have something to look for me, I'll stay in the Danxiang Tower for sometime."

After Hua Xiangyue left, Chen Xiang thought of asking Liu Menger what did she talk about with Hua Xiangyue, but just as he arrived at Liu Menger's door, he saw a notice stuck on her door, "Do not disturb, in closed-door cultivation!"

Even after knocking for a while, he still did not get any response.

"No one is inside, maybe she left to find your wife, Xianxian." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang shook his head with a sigh. If so, she must have gone to tell Xue Xianxian about the disappearance of the secular world.

After returning to the room, Chen Xiang took out the alchemical furnace and began refining the Hundred Beasts Dan, while Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou both appeared inside the room.

"Relax, Xueyi is on the look out. Your Sister Menger is not here, we came out for fresh air!" Su Meiyao stretched her exhausted waist and directly laid down on the bed. Bai Youyou also sat down on the bed while playing with some pretty jewelry Chen Xiang had bought today.

The clothes these two were wearing were all bought by Chen Xiang, and all of them were very beautiful and were relatively of the latest style. Both of them were wearing longuette made up of chiffon, partly hiding and partly revealing their white legs and jade like arms, which was a feast to Chen Xiang's eyes.

Although Bai Youyou still had that cold look hanging on her face, to Chen Xiang, it still felt a lot more gentle. Especially with that gentleness in her eyes peering at him, Chen Xiang's heartbeat became faster. Thinking of Bai Youyou comforting him before, Chen Xiang felt sweet.

From being depressed, Chen Xiang suddenly became high-spirited; he immediately took out the herbs and began to process them. He wanted to quickly restore Su Meiyao’s and Bai Youyou's strength, and let them see the light of day. He very much wanted them to live with no worries, and boldly walk among the crowd wearing the clothes he had bought for them.

On one side, Chen Xiang processed those herbs, while on the other, he listened to Su Meiyao imparting him her experience with regards to the Hundred Beasts Dan. From Su Meiyao's words, Chen Xiang knew refining that Hundred Beasts Dan was not too difficult.

"Little dragon, is this Hundred Beasts Dan suitable for you to eat?" Chen Xiang teasingly said, which caused Long Xueyi to let out a spit.

"Do you think this dragon is the same as those low rank spirit beasts? Of course it is not appropriate for me!" Long Xueyi retorted with a pout. She sat on the bed between the two, so that she could eat the dan fed by the two. It appeared that she was like a little princess.

Chen Xiang, at this time, surprisingly found that this little girl actually grew up a bit. Before, she had the appearance of a ten years old, but now she appeared to be twelve to thirteen years old, with a slightly bulging chest. Her chest had already begun to take shape, and her head also grew up a little, giving an even cuter look.

Chen Xiang mischievously laughed, "After I have refined it, then do not ask me, ok?"

The Hundred Beasts Dan was a low-grade profound level dan, and for spirit beasts, it was very advantageous, even if it was a 9th grade spirit beast. Although the Building Foundation Dan could release a rather large amount of True Qi, it was not very useful to the spirit beasts.

In Chen Xiang's knowledge, a dragon was also a beast, that was why the Hundred Beasts should be suitable for Long Xueyi, which was also the reason he chose to refine the Hundred Beasts Dan.

Chen Xiang had experienced refining the Building Foundation Dan and the Elemental Spirit Dan, and he knew that refining the Hundred Beasts Dan was actually quite easy. Although he would fail many times at the beginning, but after each failure, he would have significant progress.

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