World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0270 - Tyrannical

Chapter 270 - Tyrannical


This one claw was quite fast, just like the White Tiger Divine Fist he had used a moment ago. Moreover, it also carried tyrannical lightning power.

Although Lu Jie was surprised, his battle experience was very rich. He leaned back a bit, dodging that frightening Azure Dragon Claw. However, his chest was still sculled from the lightning Qi gushing out of the tips of the dragon claws, leaving three charred bloodstains on his chest.

Chen Xiang didn't want to ruin this large square, that was why when he started his offense, he did not use a powerful martial skill, lest Gu Dongchen and the others blamed him.

Lu Jie quickly retreated as a frown appeared on his face. His left leg slightly moved as an invisible yet powerful Qi suddenly surge towards Chen Xiang's right calf. Chen Xiang could feel a power akin to a leg sweep being released, it was like invisible legs sweeping over the ground, with an exceptionally strong momentum.

Chen Xiang mobilized his Qi into a layer, which then suddenly appeared on both of his legs, slightly transfixing him onto the ground. When the leg sweep arrived, Chen Xiang was not fazed even a bit, only the dust was swept. Although his leg was struck by that powerful leg sweep, he didn't feel any pain. Now that he had a 5th level Immortal and Devil Body, his whole body was like made up of copper skin and iron bones. For him, this kind of attack was rather weak, and he just felt ticklish.

"Lu Jie, your sneaky attacks are useless to me." Chen Xiang sneered. Just as his feet slid like a cloud of smoke, he arrived in front of Lu Jie. At the same time, he fiercely brandished his fists as numerous golden fists surge forth, like a tide sweeping through, accompanied with a tiger roar filled with killing intent. His attacks shook everyone's soul as it reverberated in the sky.

Chen Xiang's overwhelming White Tiger Divine Fist enveloped Lu Jie as Qi undulations flooded everywhere. The air released muffled sounds from shock; this kind of fist was filled with violent power, drowning everyone else in fear. Lu Jie was also not bad. A gray Qi cover appeared on his body, enveloping him in it, resisting those tiger heads golden fist.

In a blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had already released hundreds of fist, and each fist was like lighting, continuously bombarding on that gray Qi cover. Each and every wave of attack sent Lu Jie's heart into trembling; he had never expected that the moderate True Qi in Chen Xiang's body, after it has been casted through a martial skill, would actually become so overbearing and frightening, as if a tiger god of slaughter was bombarding with countless attacks.

"Humph!" Chen Xiang looked at Lu Jie’s Qi cover that was gradually getting weaker and weaker under his onslaught. His attacks were then followed by a palm, which suddenly made the square tremble as soon as it struck its target. The surroundings of Lu Jie were suddenly cracked open. Chen Xiang had used the Shocking Heaven Palm! Passing through the Qi Cover, it ruthlessly shook Lu Jie, and after his body was invaded by the shock, the blood and Qi in his body turned chaotic.

What Lu Jie did not expect was that, after Chen Xiang shot a palm, he continued with another, then another, and continued without stopping. Moreover, in a very quick speed, Chen Xiang once again used the tiger head golden fist from a moment ago.

From the continuous shocks, the bricks in the square were beginning to let loose, while the bricks in the surroundings of Lu Jie turned into powder, because of Chen Xiang’s continuous attacks.

"Your sneaky move can’t be used anymore. Now do you have anything else? Where did your three pulse strength go? You have three kinds of True Qi, but as mediocre as you are, they are simply wasted." Chen Xiang coldly said. Both of his palms struck without a trace of slowing down, constantly smacking on that True Qi cover of Lu Jie which was gradually becoming weaker and weaker.

Chen Xiang was currently using the Universe True Qi from the fusion of his five elements True Qi. It was the strongest state of his True Qi, comparable to the 7th level of the True Martial Realm. After it was released through the Shocking Heaven Plam, it became even stronger and terrifying.

All onlookers were stunned. Although some of them had already witnessed Chen Xiang's fights, every time they see him again would still cause them to become shocked. They couldn’t understand how Chen Xiang could continuously release such earth-shaking palms. Was Chen Xiang's True Qi inexhaustible? Even some 7th level True Martial Realm martial artists witnessing this could not help but be ashamed; this kind of rich True Qi was truly terrifying. If it was someone else, it would be very difficult to cast a hundred palms, but Chen Xiang had already casted more than hundred palms, and yet his breath was still extremely steady, not even showing any sign of exhaustion.

The True Qi within Chen Xiang's body hummed as it surged out from his dantian in a steady stream, and finally released out through his palm. Lu Jie was already in a sorry state, and his mouth was now full of blood, which was constantly being spewed out. At the moment, his whole body had already turned numb from shock. Although he had three kinds of True Qi, he could not cultivate them so uniformly and fuse them like Chen Xiang. He could only use one True Qi at a time, moreover, even in the field of martial skills, he could not compare with Chen Xiang in the slightest. Not to mention that his True Qi exercise was also not as good as Chen Xiang’s.

Originally, he believed that after the learned the Ghost Martial Technique, he could ignore everything. Many stronger than him had been defeated by the aforementioned move. As long as his adversaries were struck by his move, they would suffer serious injuries, which would render them unable to defend, causing them to eventually get killed by him. But now towards Chen Xiang, his proud move was rendered useless.

The 5th level Immortal and Devil Body, in addition to the rich Universe True Qi, made Chen Xiang feel as if he had never been so powerful. His blood was seething as he roared again and again, and along with his shout, he was releasing the excitement trapped inside his body.

The bricks in the square started moving up and down from the shockwaves of the Shocking Heaven Palm. As for the Qi cover Lu Jie had released, it had already long disappeared, and Lu Jie spat out blood just as he attempted to speak. While Chen Xiang's palm had transformed into a fist; he was casting the violent White Tiger Divine Fist, which befell on Lu Jie like rain. Within a few blinks of an eye, Lu Jie, from head to toe, had been rammed by those imposing golden fists full of slaughtering momentum.

Chen Xiang fist's were also carrying suction force, rendering Lu Jie incapable to fly out from his strikes. In this way, he had brutally and insanely wreaked havoc with his White Tiger Divine Fist.

"Should we stop him?" On a tower above, Wu Kaiming asked.

Gu Dongchen shook his head and said, "No need, let him vent it. In these five days, he had grown so much simply to defeat Lu Jie!"

Wu Kaiming nodded his head.

"Everyone challenged by Lu Jie were mystically defeated. They did not see or perceive Lu Jie's move, yet they were struck at their vital point! This Lu Jie had disappeared for thirty years, and when I went to ask him, he only described it vaguely. From one glance, it was clear he was hiding something." Wu Kaiming said.

"He is using the Ghost Martial Technique. Young Martial Uncle's body is several times stronger than in the past, that’s why he could withstand the attack of the Ghost Martial Technique." Gu Dongchen, with a solemn appearance, glanced at the far away Lu Jie.

Wu Kaiming was surprised for a moment, before he exclaimed, "Dean really has good eyes and experience. Even I did not expect it to be the Ghost Martial Technique. This is a forbidden martial skill, and anyone cultivating this kind of martial skill will eventually lose their humanity and turn into a devil."

Gu Dongchen heaven a long sigh and said, "Lu Jie certainly went to the Devil Yang Clan. Only the Devil Yang Clan have this kind of stuff, however, the martial artist had to sacrifice a lot to cultivate the Ghost Martial Technique, which is also the reason the martial artist will lose his humanity."

Because of this, Gu Dongchen did not stop Chen Xiang. Lu Jie was someone who had returned from the devil path sect, and his purpose for coming to the Extreme Martial Sect could only be imagined. Regarding such people, Gu Dongchen would not be soft. At the moment, he was still brooding about the Souther Wasteland. For many years, he had not suffered such shame; he had actually been hoodwinked by the devil path sect, and he had almost sent his own sect's disciples to their death.

Thinking of this point, Gu Dongchen suddenly clutched his fist, "Junior brother, let's wait for junior sister to come back, then we will begin our attack on the devil path sects. Before the great storm arrives, we will surely eradicate a devil path sect!"

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