World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0259 - Perishing Golden Body

Chapter 259 - Perishing Golden Body


Chen Xiang also spent nearly every day inside the stone room cultivating. But from time to time, he would go out and chat with everyone. He needed to grasp this time to consolidate his foundation. His strength had advanced by leaps and bounds in the Southern Wasteland, but haste made waste and going too fast was not always good.

Unknowingly, the time passed and everything remained very calm. There would be occasional waves of cold wind blowing from the depths but everyone were all same as they were in the past. Those who were sentry were patrolling as usual today and those who were cultivating were cultivating as usual. However, with the sudden arrival of a bizarre aura, everyone was disturbed.

"Quickly take a look!" One of the sentry at the hilltop exclaimed. A few disciples who came out of the caves quickly looked towards a giant mountain.

The Southern Wasteland was currently surrounded by a giant mountain, like piercing through the heavens. Even Chen Xiang could not fly and leave this place, however, at this time that giant mountain, gradually started turning transparent.

"Two months have passed!" Zhu Rong shouted in excitement. He had almost gone mad from staying in this place, now he could finally leave.

The giant mountain disappeared and the canyon through which they had entered once again appeared. Everyone became excited and burst into cheers.

"Finally we can leave this ghastly place!" Yun Xiaodao laughed and directly jumped down.

At this time, everyone gathered together and were all still very alert. This was a habit they had developed these days. All who had entered the Southern Wasteland made a great progress, especially in regards to their battle experience.

While vigilant of their surrounding, everyone walked towards the canyon.

Past the canyon, nothing had occurred, but there were more than a dozen people in front of the canyon entrance, they were all tycoons from the major righteous and devil sects in the Chenwu Mainland.

Seeing so many people coming out, these tycoons could not help but feel surprised. Although, they had not entered, they felt the oncoming fluctuations from inside during these days they were outside. It had even made their heart jump and some even shuddered with fear. They believed with this kind of premonition no one would come out.

There were only forty righteous disciples who had come out, seeing this an old man of the Beast Martial Sect hastily asked, "Where are our disciples? Have you seen them!?"

The Proud Sword Sect's Dean also asked, "Quickly speak, why haven’t my Proud Sword Sect's disciples come out!?"

Both of their tones were not very polite and made Chen Xiang and the others feel very disgusted. Only Chen Xiang dismissively said, "All dead, they have been killed by this father!"

As those words of Chen Xiang came out, those tycoons all became extremely shocked, even the deans of the devil sects were amazed.

Liu Menger looked at Chen Xiang with a frown and with a look of blame in her eyes. Yet even more so, a very worried expression on her face. The same was true for Hua Xiangyue, although both of them were rather silent, they were both extremely worried.

"What did you say!?" The Dean of the Proud Sword Sect had already begun lifting his palm.

Just as he was about to slap down, Gu Dongchen coldly shouted, "Yue Jianglin, if you dare to make a move on him, I will destroy your Proud Sword Sect!" While speaking, Gu Dongchen's whole body glistened in golden aura. His body looked as if has been carved out of gold, and that endless imposing manner pressing down on Chen Xiang and the others made it difficult for them to breathe.

The tycoons from the other sects had a look of shock, they gazed at gold-like Gu Dongchen in astonishment. Those devil sect deans had an even more panic-stricken appearance.

"This is the Perishing Golden Body obtained by crossing the seventh tribulation of the Nirvana Realm! I didn't expect the Extreme Martial Sect's Dean to be so strong, he has already arrived at this level!" Su Meiyao exclaimed.

The Proud Sword Sect's Dean, Yue Jianglin immediately retracted his arm. He knew he was not a match for Gu Dongchen.

Gu Dongchen returned to his original appearance and coldly said, "I already warned you that if your sect disciples dare to make a move on Chen Xiang, I'll destroy your sect. Do you still want to ask what happened?"

Although Yue Jianglin was harboring fire in his heart, he had not lost his reasoning. He knew there must be some reason behind it, most likely their Proud Sword Sect's disciples made the first move.

If he continued asking, Chen Xiang would definitely announce that the Proud Sword Sect's and the Beast Martial Sect's disciples made the first move, then Gu Dongchen would certainly go and exterminate the Proud Sword Sect and the Beast Martial Sect to fulfill his promise. After they came to learn of Gu Dongchen's true strength, they were all extremely afraid. Not to mention the Elder Courtyard of the Extreme Martial Sect, Gu Dongchen alone could wipe them out.

Yue Jiangling and the Elder of the Beast Martial Sect immediately turned around and flew away. They did not want to see their sects exterminated because of them.

“Don't be too proud, our people have still not come out!" A devil sect tycoon said. There were a total of five devil sects, so there were five of them here. They were all extremely doubtful in their hearts, in accordance with their plans, and with the ambushes laid inside, not even one of the righteous sects disciples should have come out. Plus, their disciples should have opened the altar, and communicated with the god of the Devil Domain...

"No need to wait, they have all been killed by me!" Chen Xiang suddenly took out ten or so heads and threw them down on the ground. His voice suddenly turned cold as he began narrating the things that had been conspired on the inside, and the earth-shaking conspiracy from the devil path disciples.

Other disciples also nodded one by one to prove what Chen Xiang had said was indeed true. The more those righteous tycoons listened, the uglier and colder their complexions became. If this plan had come to fruition, the consequences were unimaginable!

That great calamity had yet to arrive, if it did, then the Chenwu Mainland would probably have been turned into a living purgatory in the human world.

"Do you have anything else to say!?" Gu Dongchen's complexion turned ugly. The same was true for other Deans, because they had been mistaken about devil path sect and almost killed their own sect's disciples.

Black smoke full of foul stench suddenly broke out from these devil sect Deans.

"It’s poisonous!" Hua Xiangyue hastily shouted. She lightly brushed her jade-like palm and blew a gale, accompanied with a herb fragrance which went inside everyone's nose.

"Those guys are running away!" The Kiss of the Jade Dragon was already clasped in Liu Menger's hands.

Gu Dongchen let out a cold snort before his body was covered in golden light and he disappeared, "I’ll make them pay!"

Chen Xiang took a glance at Hua Xiangyue. He found this cutesy alluring woman's strength was rather marvellous. At the very least, she was also in Nirvana Realm. Otherwise she would not have been so calm a moment ago. One must know she was facing several tycoons from the major devil path sects.

After these tycoons came to know Chen Xiang had turned the tide and ruined the devil path’s plan, all of them were extremely surprised. Chen Xiang had done a very meritorious deed, he had rescued the entire Chenwu Mainland!

"In the end, this matter can not be let loose to the public, lest the power inside was controlled by someone with evil intention." Gu Dongchen said.

Hua Xiangyue nodded her head and arrived beside Chen Xiang. With her tender and soft beautiful hands she touched Chen Xiang's handsome cheek and charmingly smiled, "You are the reason our Danxiang Taoyuan's disciples could survive, how can I thank you?"

Seeing such a move from Hua Xiangyue, Liu Menger, Xue Xianxian, Leng Youlan suddenly tenderly spat in their hearts.

"So be it, I'll give you a thousand True Elemental Dans!" Hua Xiangyue tenderly smiled and then handed a storage pouch to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took the storage pouch, with a serious look said, "Senior, please note that I have a wife, and on another note, please do not casually make such an ambiguous move on me, so as not to mislead."

Everyone heard Chen Xiagn speaking like that were suddenly stunned. Meanwhile Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue both cursed Chen Xiang in their hearts. He could actually be so shameless! They had been molested by Chen Xiang before, especially Liu Menger, she was cheaply taken advantage by Chen Xiang.

Xue Xianxian just let out a light chuckle.

Hua Xiangyue lightly snorted, if there weren’t so many people here, she definitely would have responded with a few sarcastic remarks.

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