World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0129 - True Martial Realm

Chapter 129 True Martial Realm

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Both of the beauties were leaning against Chen Xiang as he was blantly breathing in their body fragrance. He was enjoying Bai Youyou’s beautiful hands as they transmitted a cool feeling, and he wished that this feeling could last just a little bit longer.

After a short moment, Bai Youyou sucked in a mouthful of air and retracted her hands. Nodding towards Su Meiyao, “It’s true, I saw that baby!”

Su Meiyao was surprised as a slight smile appeared on her face. Then she too pressed her hands on the sides of Chen Xiang's cheeks and closed her eyes.

Chen Xiang was looking closely at that enchanting and mesmerizing face of Su Meiyao. He could not help but gradually move his sight downwards before the view made him absentminded. Two snow white lumps were squeezed causing deep ravines, it was so beautiful that he could not help but want to lightly bite on them.

"In the end, just what is that baby?" Chen Xiang asked uncertainly.

Su Meiyao squeezed his face before happily laughing, “That is the appearance of you when you were but a child, and at the same time it is also your divine sense state and is somewhat similar to your soul. However, it is called a spirit and is basically the combined form of your divine sense and soul.

"Is it very formidable?" Chen Xiang, seeing Su Meiyao laughing with happiness, knew that this was definitely not a common thing.

"Very formidable, you have entered the first stage of Shinto!" Bai Youyou nodded her head towards him, "I hope that what you just promised me was not just empty talk."

[TLN: Shinto (Shen Dao 神道) Way of spirit. Like martial arts (Wu Dao 武道) it is a way of cultivating your spirit. Shinto is a japanese term, can know about it in the wiki.]

Shinto? Chen Xian was confused but he saw that Bai Youyou had a bizarre warm expression in her eyes when she looked at him and he knew that he had gained Bai Youyou’s recognition. This made him very excited, just as Su Meiyou had said before, he indeed slightly prefered Bai Youyou. He didn’t know why, but he always got the feeling that Bai Youyou, this ice cold beauty, made others feel very much affection and love towards her .

“Shinto is using the spirit to enter the Dao, it is a way of cultivation for your divine sense! It is different from martial arts, (Wu Dao 武道), as martial arts is mainly used to release the power of you body. Meanwhile Shinto is releasing the power of your spirit. If you cultivate it to a certain point, your spirit would even be able to leave your body and wander in each world, one by one. It would be invisible and stateless yet it possesses armageddon might. This is the lifetime goal and strived for by many strong martial artists!”

Bai Youyou said with a look of yearning along with a sliver of helplessness in her eyes. This was because she cultivated using the [Ruthless Devil Skill], and if it was not dispersed later she would become someone without the seven emotions and six desires. Although at that time she would also be extremely powerful.

[TLN: Seven Emotions and Six Desires(七情六欲)

Seven Emotions (七情) - Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Joy, Love, Hate and Desire.

Six Desires(六欲) - Eyes ie from what you see, Ears ie from what you hear, Nose ie from what you smell, Tongue ie from what you taste, Body ie from what you touch and Passion from heart.]

[EN: So basically the senses plus Passion. ]

“Imagine you were sitting alone at home while your spirit drifts between heaven and earth, flies into the sky and enters into the ground. Omnipotent yet not any weaker than the strength of your body, can you imagine how formidable that is? As long as you need to you would be able to shape your own body using the world’s Spirit Qi!” Su Meiyao was very excited and her beautiful face was brimming with a tender and beautiful smile. She too had much longing for that state.

"Undead and Indestructible!" Chen Xiang was mind boggled and could not help but mutter.

“Correct! In order to enter Shinto you would need to have a very rare and favourable condition which you have just achieved! That baby is the newborn state of your spirit! After it reaches adulthood that baby will have the exact same appearance as you.” Bai Youyou said.

“In the future you simply need to cultivate your divine sense. As for specifically how to do so, neither me nor senior sister are clear about it. I also believe that not many people would know how to either because very few people have cultivated this state.” Su Meiyao was somewhat regretful.

Chen Xiang’s mood was very good at this time. Not only was he able to refine the Building Foundation Dan, but his divine sense had also advanced by leaps and bounds. In addition to all of this he had also entered Shinto. Of course, what made him happy the most was the fact that Bai Youyou, this ice cold beauty, now had a much better attitude towards him.

“This is all due to the encouragement from both you sisters. Although at that time you told me to give up, I know in your heart that you very much wanted me to be successful. I also did not want to disappoint you two so I was able to break through the limit of my divine sense.” Chen Xiang smiled, it didn’t hurt nor tickle to flatter the two beauties.

“Continue your alchemy and quickly enter the True Martial Realm!” Bai Youyou said and then stepped aside.

Su Meiyao came to Bai Youyou’s side and leaned against her body and embraced her waist, Su Meiyao’s face had a very worried look.

Chen Xiang was now left with seven sets of herbs. He had also recovered so he seized the time to do alchemy, and he did not to waste another minute!

Three days passed and since then Chen Xiang had successfully refined four Building Foundation Dans! Although he had failed three times, he was already very satisfied!

Chen Xiang could not help but sigh while looking at the five Building Foundation Dans. He had heard that a dan costs a good few ten thousand crystal stones, but there was no standard price tag. Ordinarily the only way to get one was through an auction or by personally requesting one from an alchemist.

After Chen Xiang swallowed a dan he began to cultivate. All the True Qi was compressed in the true element grains inside the beasts in his dantian…

Chen Xiang hadn’t noticed that he had been missing for more than eight months now. This was more than enough time for him to elude his pursuers and return to the Extreme Martial Sect yet they had received no information of him.

Many people speculated that Chen Xiang was so seriously injured after the escape that he was unable to heal his wounds and died in the wilderness, his corpse eaten by the demon beasts.

Chen Xiang had been hiding in the mountain side and cultivating, he had already finished eating the five Building Foundation Dans. The True Qi in the Building Foundation Dan was beyond what he had speculated and turned up to be so much more that it lead to there being a large period of time needed to fully refine it.

It was night time, after a heavy snowfall the entire mountain forest was snow white. A silver moon lay hanging in the night sky, illuminating the white snow. Cold wind whistled through the forest as a man wearing a black sturdy outfit appeared. He casted a high level Qing Gong and treaded on the tree leaves, skimming past the top of the forest. His speed was extremely fast, furthermore his steps left no trace on top of the pure unblemished white snow!

At this time Chen Xiang was enjoying the rush and was releasing all the excitement in his heart. He had been depressed after staying in the mountainside for so long. Now he had finally broken through to the True Martial Realm and became the youngest martial artist to ever do so! He flew all the way while roaring at the same time. His roar echoed in the silent mountain forest and shook the leaves of the trees.

Inside the five divine beasts within Chen Xiang’s dantian, seven of the true element grains had become extremely bright, while three element grains from the Azure Dragon beast form were now brightly lit. This was all due to the large amount of True Qi from the Building Foundation Dans. When he was congealing, it allowed all five of the divine beasts to congeal ten bright true element grains. He could be considered in the second level of the True Martial Realm, however he was actually only in the first level. His strength remained beyond that of those in the same level, even among True Martial Realm martial artists.

Chen Xiang quickly left and headed towards Fragrance City. He wanted to buy a lot of materials for the White Jade dan and the True Elemental Dan. After he learned how to successfully refine them, he would go and obtain the Level-4 Alchemist certificate before returning to the extreme Martial Sect.

Along the way, Chen Xiang occasionally threw a True Qi Dan in the air before catching it with his mouth. In his eyes, True Qi Dans could only serve as snacks.

“The True Martial Realm’s strength is truly not in the same realm! I feel like I could casually demolish an entire mountain.” Chen Xiang said with excitement. He opened his mouth to catch a recently thrown True Qi Dan in the air.

Suddenly a white silhouette flashed before him in the air. That thing robbed the True Qi Dan!

"Bastard! You actually dared to steal what belongs to me!" Currently Chen Xiang had no place to test his strength. He was still in a good mood, but now that someone or something had bothered him it would be the perfect practice target for him.

Chen Xiang released his divine sense and soon noticed that thing was quickly fleeing straight ahead. He quickly released the [Vermillion Bird Fire Wing] and soon caught up. He did so because he could not catch up with that thing just by relying on his feet.

“What the hell is that thing? It’s actually so fast!” Chen Xiang could not help but shout in surprise. He was now in the True Martial Realm, yet that thing still ran faster than him. If he didn’t have these wings, it would be extremely difficult for him to catch up.

Soon Chen Xiang saw down below in the forest a small white squirrel leaping across the trees with an incredibly fast speed.

The culprit turned out to be an extremely fast demon beast!

“It’s not an ordinary demon beast! Be a little careful, it’s speed is very terrifying!” Su Meiyao exhorted.

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