World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0043 - Devil exercise

Chapter 43:Devil exercise

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Chen Xiang took out a long broadsword from his storage pouch and fiercely leapt into air, in blink of an eye he flew past dozens of treetops, while simultaneously waving the broadsword with madness, one after another aura Qi flashed out from the blade, transforming into azure Qi blade and flying towards the treetops, immediately after several shrieks came from the trees inside, followed by pieces of flesh accompanied with blood raining from the branches of the tree.

In blink of an eye several people died, after killing these people Chen Xiang's slaughter Qi also rose, once again he leapt towards another treetop, while directly covering his long blade with aura Qi and he hacked towards this tree, when five people hiding inside the tree saw Chen Xiang’s formidable strength, without any further ado they directly fled.

These people are only at 2nd or 3rd level of mortal martial realm, and their speed and power cannot even compare to Chen Xiang, in a flash their head flew one after another from their neck.

"Everybody retreat, he is 7th level of mortal martial realm expert."One shocked shout came, after which many black robe people jumped down from the tree and fled in different direction.

Those black robe people didn't even know who they were trying to kill, only the person leading them knew, and that is also the one who identified Chen Xiang's strength, while that person was trying to flee, Chen Xiang locked onto this man Qi.

Although the forest was very dense, but it did not affect Chen Xiang's speed in any way, his Qing gong has already reached to acme perfection, with a little aid from the branches he leapt into the sky, skimming through several trees, and his blade pierced straight into that black robe man’s body, but it did not kill him, from the method which Bai Youyou taught him, he held the head of the captivated leader to get some answers.

"Who are you and why did you want to kill me?"

Both eyes of the leader turned sluggish, he replied:"We are the members of Black wind gang, my father ordered me to come here and kill you."

"Who is you father?"

"Black wind gang's chief......."

After listening Chen Xiang slightly frowned, his palm struck that man’s spirit location, after killing him, with light and fast steps he ran, and tried to catch up those fleeing black robe men.

Whole forest was lit into flames by Chen Xiang, as long as he caught someone location from his divine sense, he blasted a fist in that direction, releasing countless Zhu Que aura Qi, and they transformed into arrows of fire and flew towards the black robe men, every time killing few people.

These people were only at 3rd level of mortal martial realm, in his eyes they were weak like an ant, simply untenable, not to mention they were still inside the fire sea.

Smoke was billowing in the forest, every time a tree fell it was accompanied by loud screams, the forest was like a blazing hell, and Chen Xiang was the lord of this hell.

Half an hour past, fire inside the forest was now extinguished, hostility was coming off from Chen Xiang's whole body, more than three hundred individuals and no one was spared, everybody died at his hands, which also helped him in comprehending White tiger divine exercise.

After the refinement of him body from Immortal and devil pond, he had laid solid foundation for practicing immortal and devil body, his body was strengthen up to a terrible degree, the more stronger the body is, the more strong and vigorous the true Qi would be!

"Black wind gang!After the King city martial art tournament, I'll find you and whoever ordered you."

Chen Xiang put away that bloodied long blade, and operated the Tai Chi divine exercise to restrain his slaughter Qi and returned to King city.

Chen Xiang only returned to Dan king hall in the evening, he was surprised to see Chen Tianhu standing there.

"Dad, how did you come here?You look pale…….what happened?"Chen Xiang hurriedly walk towards him and held Chen Tianhu's wrist, as he released his divine sense into his body to probe his injuries, he saw Chen Tianhu dantian was broken, but also his injuries are now stabilized and are slowly recovering.

Although Chen Xiang's face was expressionless, but the killing intent emanating from his body even affected Chen Tianhu, at this point Meng Bo and Chen Luzhong also came out, when they felt Chen Xiang’s intense slaughter Qi, they could not help but be surprised, this type of Qi can only be congealed out after killing many people, and it was harder to imagine at such a young age Chen Xiang already have such an appalling slaughter Qi.

"Dad, who injured you?"Chen Xiang asked in a hoarse cold tone.

Chen Tianhu has not seen his son for only few months, but he can still feel how much Chen Xiang have changed, and he sensed his strength is a lot stronger.


"Chen Furong!"

Chen Furong, one of the old veterans of Chen family, he was also recruited by those martial arts sects, heard his name, Chen Xiang already knew the reason Chen Furong acted like this.

"Chen Furong to stop Dan king hall from opening, came to me and asked me to close Dan king hall, since I disagreed and defied his order, he wounded me, my strength and his.........."Chen Tianhua sounded very angry.

Chen Luzhong also could not help but angrily said:"This Chen Furong is simply lawless, he is already not welcomed by any of the Chen family member, as other veterans are no longer present, he could do whatever he wants, he is truly an a---ole."

Chen Furong returned from those martial arts sect, so his strength should be no less than 9th level of mortal martial realm, currently Chen Xiang can’t possibly deal with him.

Chen Xiang clenched his fist tightly, and he swore he will make Chen Furong pay for what he has done!

Although Chen Xiang anger is not visible on his face, but Chen Tianhua, Chen Luzhong and Meng Bo are clearly able to feel his monstrous anger, which was accompanied by a heart trembling slaughter Qi.

"Your father has already been stabilized, you do not need to worry about that."Meng Bo said, at this time he knew Chen Xiang is out of the ordinary, he knew it is impossible for Chen Xiang to remain in this secular world, instead he will certainly make a mark in those big sects.

Chen Xiang nodded his head:"Many thanks Meng Lao, we first prepare to open Dan king hall in coming few days, the more he wants to stop us, the sooner I want it open."

Chen Xiang after leaving these words, he left Dan king hall, Chen Tianhu and others did not try to ask where he was going.

"Brat, I know you are very angry but you have to calm down and listen to me, I have one quick way to enhance your strength and make you breakthrough to 8th level of mortal martial realm!"Bai Youyou ice cold voice soon came after he left, as she tried clam his anger down.

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up and hastily asked:"Youyou sister, what do I’ve to do?"

He has just advanced into 7th level of mortal martial realm, but if you want to enter 8th level in a short time, it is still very unrealistic, but this ice cold beauty still have some means for him to advance.

"If you have not been practising immortal and devil body, I would have not allow you to study my devil skills this quickly."

Devil skill!Chen Xiang from Su Meiyao have learned that Bai Youyou’s devil skills are both fearful and formidable, he already wanted to study them, but he must wait till he have reached a certain level.

"My Devil skills although have big advantages, but there are also some disadvantages, but it is still possible to eliminate the effects!"Bai Youyou transmitted to him:"My devil skill is called Engulfing devil skill, and with this you will be able to engulf others true Qi, while the other person's true Qi will be assimilated into your body, so you will be able to rob that man's entire strength."

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