World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0038 - Dan King

Chapter 38:Dan King

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"Young master Chen, you must reconsider my previous invitation that is but one good opportunity, and you must carefully reconsider!"A sliver of pleading intention was present in Hua Yueyun's clear and pretty eyes.

Hua Yueyun departed, Chen Luzhong gave a bizarre look to Chen Xiang, then asked in a low voice:"Brat, that woman is also the Danxiang manor hall's manager, but in front of you she didn't have an ounce of arrogance, where did she invite you?"

[TLN:I will be using manager instead of hall lord.]

"She invited me to enter Danxiang Taoyuan, but as I am more interested in entering the Extreme martial sect, so I declined."

"What!?"Chen Luzhong stared blankly for a moment, immediately after knocked on Chen Xiang's head:"Danxiang Taoyuan is holy land for all alchemists and you brat actually declined."

Chen Xiang caressed his head, curling his mouth, said:"GrandUncle, this woman is just a maidservant, she had fooled many other people in joining Danxiang Taoyuan, and I will not do such stupid things!Enrolling into a sect is a very important matter, and I want to enrol in a sect which I admire."

Once one becomes a sect's disciple, it would be very hard to leave, unless banished by the sect itself, and once banished no other sect will take them in, so Chen Xiang wanted to carefully consider the sect he choose.

Chen Xiang had Su Meiyao to teach him alchemy, there was also the Dragon saliva exercise for maturing spirit herbs, he simply did not have any desire to enter Danxiang Taoyuan, thus he wanted to enter Extreme martial sect which has a very strong heritage.

Not long before two alchemists showed up at the door, Chen Luzhong was mainly responsible for screening, primarily alchemists first wanted to take a glance at the Metal spirit fruit, so Chen Luzhong proudly took out the Metal spirit fruit before them, watching these alchemists looking at it with envy, made Chen Luzhong very happy in his heart.

Chen Luzhong first let them refine pills on their own, afterwards he made them refine mortal level middle-grade pill, by observing the pill quality and time of the alchemy process, he identifies the level of these alchemists.

What made Chen Luzhong depressed was that, in just one day, although there were tens of people applying, but only two or three could be regarded as alchemists.Moreover many even failed to meet the standards, there were even some guys who intended to fish in troubled waters.

[TLN:Chinese Idiom(浑水摸鱼)=Fish in troubled waters, Meaning:Trying to make profit in a dangerous situation.]

Chen Xiang was not anxious, as many alchemists often secluded themselves for alchemy, and thus yet have to receive the information.So he speculated in the next few days, there will be many alchemists affiliated to several forces of King City applying.

Chen Xiang only planned on recruiting four good alchemists, two Metal spirit fruit is more than enough to make four alchemists stay here for some time, and by that time Dan King Hall will be strong and prosperous, and will not be afraid of being unable to recruit any alchemists.

Like previously, Chen Xiang returned to his original routine, going to the outskirts to practice at night and returning early for refining pills at Dan King Hall.Three days went by since posting the notice, Chen Xiang returned from the mountains outside the city, saw early in the morning, some grey-white haired old-men standing around Dan King Hall entrance.

At this time the sky had just lit up, Dan King Hall has yet to open, so these candidates for the alchemist position can only patiently wait, on ordinary days these alchemists were always aloof, they will not bat an eye even if many spirit coins were placed in front of them, but they regard these rare and precious spirit herbs as a treasure, as no amount of spirit coins can buy them.

Chen Xiang was the one who came up with the name of the store‘Dan King Hall’, as long they had a sufficient amount of pills they will be able to open!Because Chen Luzhong had enough qualification to be called an old alchemists, the other alchemists were more than happy to join to Dan King Hall.

As the doors opened, tens of alchemists one after another hastily greeted Chen Luzhong, from the small amount of heat in the breath of these alchemists Chen Xiang roughly estimated their levels in alchemy, except for two, others True Qi were not pure enough and were only able to refine low-grade dan.

Many of these half-baked alchemists were only here to try their luck, as they all knew the qualification required would certainly be high, after they entered Dan King Hall, Chen Xiang also tagged along with them.

At this point, one blonde wrinkled old-man walked in, he shouted as soon as he entered:"Steward Get the fuck out!"

When the old-man yelled, pure fire Qi burst out from his body, shocking the tens of alchemists, because each one of them desired for this level of fire Qi, they were very confident that this blonde old-man was definitely an alchemist, also a very famous one at that, but alchemists rarely make an appearance, thus they were widely known only by their name.

Chen Xiang stood out and responded:"I am the steward here, what do you want with me?"

Everyone knew Dan King Hall was the Chen family property, and the person in-charge was Chen Xiang.

The blonde old-man spotted Chen Xiang, on his face suddenly revealed a look of contempt, his whole face full of arrogance, said:"I want you to immediately change the name of your store, you are not allowed to use the name Dan King Hall, because you do not deserve it."

Chen slightly squinted his eyes:"Why?I chose this name, and in any way is not hampering you, if you are here to cause trouble, then do not blame me for being impolite!"

That blonde old-man contemptuously looked at Chen Xiang and sneered:"This old-man is Dan King, so I will not allow you to use this brother’s name for your store."

[TLN:Well basically he used Ge(brother), sometimes refer themselves as Ge to show their superiority.]

Dan king?

After they heard these two words, Chen Luzhong and those alchemist candidates were immediately shocked.In the whole Southern Martial Empire high and low there were tens of millions of people, only had one alchemist with a very brilliant alchemy technique, called Dan king, moreover he had dealings with the Yao family.

At this point everyone were able to determine, this proud old-man is the Southern Martial Empire's Dan king-----Meng Bo!

Chen Xiang was no stranger to this name, since childhood he had often heard this name, and now unexpectedly able to see this person, he quickly determined that the Dan King is certainly sent by the Yao family to make trouble.

Chen Xiang frowned, this was indeed somewhat troublesome, he named Dan King Hall because he wanted the store name to be somewhat domineering, he really did not expect the actual Dan King would walk in to smash the signboard.

"Humph, relying on this guy, dare to claim Dan king?I have been doing alchemy for thousands of years, and just barely able to achieve Dan Founder rank, let alone Dan King which is even superior to Dan Founder!"Su Meiyao's contemptuous voice sounded in Chen Xiang mind.

Chen Xiang was slightly surprised in his heart, at this time he came to know that originally that name was designated for an alchemist's level, his eyes lit up, ridiculing Meng Bo, said:"Humph, you dare claim to be a Dan King?Do you have the ability to go to those big Sects and show off?You think others will not scold you;this not knowing of immensity of heaven and earth old-man!"

Speaking of big sects, other alchemists were also longing to know about how formidable the alchemists inside those big sects.In front of those alchemists, Meng Bo obviously did not dare to claim to be a Dan King, he can only show off as such in this mortal world country.

Meng Bo’s face turned red with anger, he had not thought;Chen Xiang the little devil would dare to humiliate him moreover in front of others.But what he said he also could not refute, he knew he cannot compare to those alchemists in big sects, and if he went there he can only be one little messenger.

Chen Xiang saw Meng Bo’s old face turn red with anger, said:"Since you think your own alchemy technique is brilliant, then how about a little competition with this brat, and these alchemist can be the judge."

"Since..........this is a competition, of course we should add a prize, if I lose, I'll give you the Metal spirit fruit, and if you lose?"

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