Womanizing Mage

Chapter 45: Gluttonous Little Three

Chapter 45: Gluttonous Little Three

Long Yi sensed that his sea of consciousness was empty, then he went to semi-coma state. AoTianJue’s internal force began to automatically circulate and began to heal his wounded meridians.

That dense terrifying dark clouds also began to disperse quickly, and the downpour changed into light rain very quickly, after that completely stopped. And now the sky began to brighten.

Ha Lei and others looked at each other in blank dismay, they truly didn’t understand why the lightning struck exactly on that Achilles’ heel of Silver backed earth dragon in quick succession. Could it be that they were protected by Light god?

“Long Yi, Long Yi.” Lu Xiya yelled loudly and went out to find Long Yi, because the Silver backed earth dragon had tossed Long Yi in opposite direction to them.

When she saw Long Yi was half buried in muddy ground unknown whether he was alive or dead, Lu Xiya’s tears began to fall on the ground, then going to Long Yi’s side and supporting him, she sorrowfully called his name. She didn’t know when but Leng Youyou and Barbarian Bull were already standing behind her, and both of them had worried look on their face, even the indifferent face of Leng Youyou had a complex expression on her face.

Long Yi weakly opened his eyes, made a rigid smile, and comforted Lu Xiya: “Good girl, don’t cry, I’m fine.” Seeing Lu Xiya’s tear-stained beautiful face, Long Yi couldn’t help but remember Si Bi. Things had remained same, but peoples had changed.

And Ha Lei and remaining other people surrounded the corpse of Silver backed earth dragon, and they were sizing up this nearly roasted big guy while clicking their tongue.

“Ha Lei quickly dig out the magic core of this beast, it can be worth tens of thousands Amethyst coins.” Ge Leite said in trembling voice, his narrow eyes were clearly full of greed.

Ha Lei nodded his head, then raised his huge sword and began to dig the head of this Silver backed earth dragon. Merely this one magic core was several times bigger than the reward of this times’ mission.

Since the whole body of Silver backed earth dragon was destroyed by the lightning, therefore Ha Lei dug out silver with gold color in the middle colored magic core very quickly and as easy as blowing off the dusts in front of several peoples. Originally the magic core of the Silver backed earth dragon was silver in color, but since it was in the middle of evolution when it was killed, therefore a portion of its magic core had changed qualitatively like this. So the value of this magic core would increase by several times, and would be equivalent to half S-class magical beasts’ magic core.

“We got rich, we got rich.” Ge Leite trembled with excitement.

This time, not only Ge Leite, others were also excited. Even the always indifference Lan Tian nearly forget himself. Ha Lei stretched his big hand, this moment his eyes only had this magic core. As for Long Yi who was tossed far away, he had already forgotten about him. As a team leader of this adventurer team, this move of his was naturally not sensible.

Just when Ha Lei was about to grab the magic core with his hand, suddenly a shadow quickly flashed, and the magic core which he was about to reach unexpectedly disappeared. The excited people were stunned, raised their head to look over and saw that half black and half white small tiger was holding that magic core in its mouth, then that little tiger swallowed it whole.

Ha Lei and others roared madly and rushed towards it. That was however several tens of thousands Amethyst coins. And in just this fashion, this beast swallowed it, so how could they resign themselves to it. But although this little tiger was not big, nevertheless they were not able to catch it, even after chasing it for a long time. After running for a long while, it hide behind Long Yi.

“What are you all doing?” Barbarian Bull asked Ha Lei and other three after seeing they were out of breath.

“Quickly catch that little beast, it swallowed the magic core of Silver backed earth dragon.” Ge Leite loudly shouted.

“Long Yi turned around his head, discovered that little tiger was lying on the ground with its eyes closed, and its whole body was emitting pale silver radiances.

“He is absorbing the energy of magic core, quickly kill it.” Ge Leite shouted pointing at little tiger.

Long Yi raised his head and directly staring at Ge Leite with ice-cold gaze, he thought: “This greedy bastard wants to kill Little Three.”

Ge Leite instantly shut up and didn’t dared to speak after seeing the murderous glare of Long Yi. Then his body helplessly shrunk as he hid behind Ha Lei.

“No one is allowed to touch Little Three, or else don’t blame for being rude.” Long Yi gently pushed away Lu Xiya, and stood up. Although his complexion was pale, and was bloodstained all over, but no one was able to directly face those dense killing intent.

Ha Lei as if simple and honest scratched is head, then spoke to smooth the things over: “Let’s forget about this magic core, okay? Everyone don’t fight against each other for this reason, wait for us to find Lost city, perhaps you might obtain more valuable treasures. Now everyone is injured, so let’s recuperate for a day, then set out.” As a matter of fact, it’s not that Ha Lei didn’t want that magic core, but from the battle of Long Yi and Silver backed earth dragon, he knew that Long Yi was far more powerful, and he clearly understood that he himself was not his (Long Yi) opponent. Moreover Lu Xiya, Leng Youou and Barbarian Bull were standing at his (Long Yi) side, so by comparison, finding Lost city was even more important.

After Ha Lei spoke, Ge Leite and others also didn’t object, they were also not stupid. If now they have a conflict, it was very likely that all of them would die rather than Long Yi.

Long Yi look over to the direction of closed eyes little tiger who was in the process of absorbing energy from the magic core, then helplessly smiled and thought: “This kid actually have too much trust in me, don’t tell me it believed that hiding behind me was the safest place?”

After resting for one day, Long Yi’s internal injuries were almost healed, as expected AoTianJue was exceptional mystical skill for internal organs. After that the adventurer team once again set off in their journey. Long Yi knew that a greater rift had appeared in originally weak relationships within group, this eight peoples were clearly divided into two fraction. One fraction consist Long Yi, Lu Xiya, Leng Youyou and Barbarian Bull, and another fraction consist Ha Lei, Ge Leite, Lan Tian and Shi Yan.

Little tiger, Little Three was still continuously asleep, it seems it couldn’t completely absorb the energy within the magic core in short period of time. Long Yi felt that holding little tiger was not favorable to deal with dangers which lurks on every side of Huangmang plain, in case anything emergency occurred, he would be done for. But living things couldn’t survive inside space ring, or else he would directly place it inside his space ring. Long Yi actually thought to place it inside the space inside blood colored skull and let it stay with those skeletons, as he could place living thing in that dimension space. But a problem rose, that place was flooded with dark aura everywhere, so if he placed it there, only gods would know what would happen? And also if the little tiger disappeared all of a sudden, then he didn’t have any good explanation, he could give other.

The travelling party finally was out of desert area which was the Earth dragon’s territory, but before they had time to heave a sigh of relief, the scene before their eyes took away their breathe. There was a boundless marsh as far as the eyes could see. The whole place looked as if was enveloped with thin dark mist, and most of the place’s ground was emitting bubbles.

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