Womanizing Mage

Chapter 40: Fire element Master Archmage

Chapter 40: Fire element Master Archmage

The reason why Long Yi was disappointed was not because the peoples of both sides were not trying their best, on the contrary they were going all out regardless of danger to their life, merely the magicians of both sides were jointly firing magic attacks at the barrier of each other. Magnificent magic were exploding like a fireworks on the barrier, the momentum was really great, but even after cross firing for a long time, there was not a single injured person. So it was not that exciting to watch.

Right now this battle of thousands of peoples on both sides resembles a fireworks party instead of battle, but the power of magic were really excellent, in a single word strong. Long Yi and his group had already retreated and again retreated. Now the ground outside the barrier resembled freshly ploughed field, was full of bumps and hollows. The after effect of magic also caused the blood and qi of spectators to roll over and over.

The sky gradually darkened, the crescent moon mischievously emerged from the clouds. In the dim light of night, the magnificent magic looked even more magnificent.

“When are they going to end playing like this? Watching this, this bull almost fell asleep.” Barbarian Bull droned. He was already somewhat restless.

“What’s the rush? Wonderful drama is about to begin.” Long Yi said with a smile. He discovered that the barrier of both sides had already began to fluctuate, clearly it was almost at its limit.

Sure enough, a little while after Long Yi finished speaking, the magic barrier of both side violently swayed, after that basically at the same time, they disappeared. After that the magicians of both sides simultaneously began to launch widespread attack magic, and the fighters who came to help respective sides rushed towards the other side just like cruel beasts of prey. It was common knowledge that the close combat ability of magicians was almost negligible, so at close combat, fighters could slaughter magicians just like killing chickens.

When the melee battle truly began, horrible shriek rose one after another. Meteors showers and hailstones started to rain down from the sky, earth thorns began to grow from the grounds, fissures started to appear on the ground, pure white holy light illuminated the night sky and so on. This confrontation cause both sides to suffer heavy losses, horrible shriek never stopped, and people died in even more strange ways, some peoples were roasted into charcoal, some peoples were freezed to popsicles, furthermore some peoples were stabbed by earth thorn into meat skewer.

Long Yi and his group were dumbstrucked watching this devastating and chaotic war of magicians. Just a moment ago, he was feeling disappointed, but now he again felt too excessive. The power of thousands of magicians truly was too immense.

“Be careful, quickly retreat.” Long Yi warned, as he saw meteor shower was raining towards their side.

Just when all four of them were about to retreat, the ground suddenly shook violently, and all four of them lost their balance and fell on the ground. And what was even more terrible was, many huge cracks were spreading towards their sides from the battlefield, and just at this moment, the meteor shower was already before them.

Long Yi cursed inside his heart: “It turns out curiosity not only kills the cat, but also kills humans.”

“Barbarian Bull, protect them.” Long Yi immediately shouted loudly. Then he took out huge sword from inside the space ring, and brandish his sword. Ding ding dang dang, the falling meteor shower was split open. Barbarian bull also took out his weapon, a super mace, and knocked the rain of fire causing to scatter in all direction.

Long Yi and his groups were very lucky, the earth fissure finally stopped not far away from them, and only the meteor shower was sudden and unexpected, but all four of them were completely uninjured, they were merely in a slight difficult position nothing else. But many of the other onlookers were not so lucky, many of them were killed or injured by the chaotic magic which flew everywhere.

“Long Yi, we should withdraw.” Lu Xiya said with lingering fears.

Long Yi nodded his head and said: “I agree, it’s too dangerous here, we should withdraw.”

At this time, Long Yi felt sluggish, and the air around seemed frozen. And the place in which magic were being fired in full swing suddenly muted. Everything looked abnormal.

“Ah, the magic element around are completely shucked out.” Leng Youyou suddenly exclaimed in extreme surprise.

Long Yi released his spirit power, sure enough not a single bit of magic elements gathered.

“What is going on here?” Long Yi doubtfully asked.

“There is only one possibility, someone meddled in.” Leng Youyou replied.

“Who is so powerful?” Long Yi exclaimed.

“Should be one of the 5 Master Archmage, as for who, you’ll know right away.” Leng Youyou answered.

Just after Leng Youyou spoke, a red figure flashed through the sky. Wearing an extremely gorgeous fiery red magic robe, an old man who had fiery red hair and beard appeared at the battlefield of Aoyue magician guild and Nalan magician guild. Seeing his magic robe’s fine decorative pattern, one would know that he really was Master Archmage.

““Fire element Master Archmage PuXiusi.”” Leng Youyou and Lu XIya simultaneously exclaimed.

“PuXiusi?” Long Yi asked very idiocy question. Even Barbarian Bull looked at him as if he is rustic. And also looked at him as if not knowing PuXiusi’s name was a heinous crime.

Long Yi made a wry smile in his face. Then searched his memory, he indeed faintly recalled person with such name. But you can’t blame Long Yi for this, blame the ignorant and incompetent Ximen Yu. With the exception of women, everything else were very vague in the memory of this boy.

PuXiusi looked at the miserable condition, couldn’t help but had blue veins in his forehead twitch. The number of casualties on both sides exceed 100 people, among them there was no lack of Master Magician. He himself was not person of Aoyue Empire or Nalan Empire, was also not the people of Kuang long Empire, rather was from the small country called MiYa, whose population was less than one million. But because he was Master Archmage, the bordering country including three big Empire had very courteously receptive his small country.

“This is the matter of the magician guild of your two countries, so I don’t have jurisdiction over it, but you all seriously disturb the silence of mine. Now all of you disperse, if you create further disturbance by continuing your battle, don’t blame me for being impolite.” PuXiusi said loftily.

Hearing PuXiusi, not even one among more than one thousands peoples below dared to rebut. All of them quietly began to clear away their companions’ corpse. In their eyes, Master Archmage was supreme existence. Absolute majority of peoples had joined such large scale battle of magicians for the first time, so many peoples calmed down only after losing their voice from crying in pain.

Watching slowly dispersing crowds, PuXiusi sighed and said while shaking his head: “It seems Canglan continent will no longer be peaceful and tranquil.”

PuXiusi knew that this large-scale war between two countries’ guilds would definitely strain the relation between these two countries by a great degree. Basically magicians were very scarce, and cultivating them were not easy too, now all of a sudden many casualties appeared among them, that would definitely affect the relationship.

Just when PuXiusi was about to leave, he suddenly sensed unusual gaze on himself, so he instinctively turned around his head and looked over, only to see a handsome youngster at a distant place was unscrupulously sizing him up and also looking at him with full of curiosity.

PuXiusi couldn’t help but become amazed. He knew that with his identity, even the emperors of three big Empire would look at him with extreme respect, who would use this kind of gaze to look at him, he couldn’t help but want to try and see the weight of this youngster. So he congealed his spiritual power, and fired two essence just like sharp knife towards Long Yi from his two eyes.

Even after this he saw that the eyes of Long Yi only flashed, but refusing to yield an inch, Long Yi continued to look at him face to face.

“Oh, good boy.” PuXiusi said with surprise.

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