Womanizing Mage

Chapter 36: Difference of love and like

Chapter 36: Difference of love and like

Seeing more and more peoples were gathering around them, Long Yi was rather helpless, and again look at this Miss High and Mighty who despite having her face thoroughly red like the monkey’s butt, was still not letting him go.

“My Miss High and Mighty, I give up, so can we change the location?” Long Yi whispered, he was absolutely certain that many kind of rumors would fly around everywhere in a while. He didn’t care about it but it would be not so good for the reputation of this young miss.

“M-hm.” Yu Feng answered in a very small voice. But she didn’t know why she was this nervous in front of him.

Long Yi took Yu Feng and quickly mounted on the back of Red Cloud, then immediately escaped from that place, and disappeared from the view of those peoples.

Inside cathedral of Light church, Si Bi saw her beloved man leave with another woman with her own eyes. Her whole body quivered continuously, and her pairs of lustrous eyes, instantly lost their luster.

“Silly child, look inside your heart clearly, do you really want to hand him over to another woman on a silver platter?” Kai Lin lovingly stroke the long hair of Si Bi, and sighed. Although Si Bi was saying this with her own mouth, nevertheless her heart was extremely unwilling to give up Long Yi.

“I don’t know, I….I don’t know.” Si Bi shook her head absent-mindly, as her heart collapsed.

“Now he has better woman then me, I should be happy, isn’t that so? But why am I feeling heartache like this? Elder, why?” Si Bi tightly hugged Kai Lin, and wondered just like a lost child.

Hearing the murmuring voice of Si Bi, Kai Lin felt heartache, her eyes flashed with pain and reminisce: “This child, myself and Zhu Di are so very much similar, could it be that Si Bi also needs to suffer pain for all her life like us?”

“Silly child, this means your heart is unable to let him go, so go, go and get him back.” Replied Kai Lin.

Si Bi quivered, slowly shook her head, and said in a hoarse voice: “No, I can’t be selfish like this, I can feel that his heart is unrestrained, enthusiastic and yearn for freedom, so how can I confine his heart inside my small world?”

“But child, did you consider about your feeling and yourself?” Kai Lin however denied. She quivered with dissatisfaction, as she thought: “The love of this lass is so great and passionate, that she’ll do anything for the sake of her love. Even if there is hell before her, she’ll directly jump down without any regret for her love.”

Si Bi didn’t answer Kai Lin, she directly got up, obstinately wiped her tears, and said: “Elder, I want to become very strong.”


Long Yi took Yu Feng to a place where there was no one all around, then dismounted from the horse, and straightly stared at still blushing Yu Feng.

“Why are you staring at me like this?” Yu Feng was rather unable to bear Long Yi’s stare, so she asked him while avoiding his gaze.

“Now you are feeling embarrassed? Just a moment ago, weren’t you very bold? Also when you go back, you are definitely going to hear many rumors about how infatuation Miss High and Mighty was pursuing a man.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“I don’t care.” Yu Feng was after all a young lady of influential family, so without giving a shred of ground, she simply lifted her head and replied Long Yi looking face to face.

Comforting the blazing eyes of Yu Feng, Long Yi actually was rather unable to endure. He indistinctly guessed that she had seen through his identity, otherwise how could her attitude change like this within a single day.

“Thank you for saving me.” The voice of Yu Feng suddenly became very soft, and looking at Long Yi, her eyes became even more passionate. That view of his back of that time, it was impossible for her to forget throughout her whole life.

Pretending to be surprised, Long Yi exclaimed: “Aren’t you mistaken, I don’t remember saving you.”

“You bastard, son-of-a-bitch, rotten eggs.” Yu Feng suddenly outburst, then rushed in front of Long Yi, and started to punch Long Yi again and again.

Felling a barrage of weak punches of Yu Feng, Long Yi cried loudly inside his heart: “This clearly is the move of a sweetheart acting spoiled.”

Although not painful, still Long Yi couldn’t let her continuously hit him, so he caught both of her small fists.

“Okay, stop it, in the end what do you want?” Long Yi helplessly asked. Saying this was indirectly admitting that he was her benefactor.

Hearing Long Yi, caught Yu Feng again began to act out violently, however this time she use a bit more strength to beat him, denounced him for his shamelessness, complained that he seduced then abandoned, cast aside wife and discarded the son, seen her body and wanted to run and so on.

Long Yi repeatedly caught Yu Feng’s restless fist, and making a wry smile he said: “Then your wish is…..”

“Still need me to say? Take responsibility for your actions.” Yu Feng lowered her head, she as an eldest daughter of Phoenix clan was unexpectedly using a trick to force a marriage, she couldn’t help but found it laughable inside her heart.

Hearing Yu Feng, Long Yi was somewhat absentminded. Previously Si Bi had also used similar kind of argument and demanded him to marry her, but when he intend to accept it, she left him for a stupid reason.

“What happened to you?” Seeing Long Yi suddenly had a sad expression in his eyes, Yu Feng awkwardly asked.

Long Yi replied with a bitter smile: “I already have a wife.”

“Wha….what? You are married? Then what should I do?” Yu Feng was shocked, and her facial expression collapsed. Although Canglan continent didn’t restrict polygamy, but she was unwilling to share her husband with other woman.

Seeing the expression of Yu Feng, Long Yi guessed what was in her mind. Once more thinking of how Si Bi had left him so that he could find even more outstanding women and enjoy luck with many women, Long Yi thought about her even more. “This is exactly the difference between love and like.”

“You do as you see fit.” Said Long Yi, then didn’t speak anymore.

Yu Feng was dumbfounded, even if she agreed, her mother would definitely not agree. All through the ages, women were in-charge in Phoenix clan, and from past till the present men marry into her clan, so let alone becoming concubine, it was impossible for her to marry out too. But could she let him go just like this? He however was the first man she was greatly interested in, yet she could not force him to separate from his wife. So what should she do now?

“There are many men in this world, so you will definitely come across someone better.” Long Yi emblematically said this sentence, turned around, and disappeared without looking back.

Eyes full of tears, Yu Feng also spun around, but she sturdily didn’t let the tears to fall down, only muttered: “Although there are many better men in this world, but I only like you!”

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