Witch's Daughter And The Devil's Son

Chapter 43: Impressive!

Chapter 43: Impressive!



In no time, the room was filled with the sounds of swords clashing and furniture breaking.

"I could have killed you right away, but before that, I will like to taste you nicely, Prince of Griven," the general said while attacking and defending himself from Arlan's sword moves. Although he was older, it could be seen that his attacks were swift and ferocious. He did not even look intoxicated.

Arlan was thinking about when did the Thevailes general realize his identity. Could it be that he had given himself away during the banquet, or worse, did Giles Seeiso already know that enemies infiltrated the fortress?

"You will soon regret keeping me alive then," Arlan countered as he continued to give a tough fight to the old general.

Giles Seeiso was a skilled general who had served his entire life fighting with swords on the battlefield. Among the many clashes, Thevailes had against Megaris; his troop was one of those that gave Megaris a headache. Arlan knew he was not easy to deal with.

On the other hand, Arlan was the First Prince of Griven, and he had served in the military before he was officially appointed the Crown Prince. Not only that, as Drayce's friend, he had sparred way too many times with the fiercest fighter of Megaris. Although Arlan had less actual fighting experience, his swordsmanship was no less than the general's.




The guest room was a complete mess.? There was no beauty in the way they fought; two didn't mind climbing and jumping over anything to dodge each other's attacks—the vases broke, the wooden furniture smashed, and even the antiques destroyed.

The general chuckled. "I'll make sure you regret even coming into my sight once I make you bend in front of me."

"I'll make sure the general reaches the height of real pleasure," Arlan countered as he dodged the general's swift sword move by jumping along the wall. One of his legs kicked the general on his chest to make him move back and lose balance.

However, General Giles was quick to recover himself. "Young ones are really energetic, huh?"

"Better than rotten old bones like yours," Arlan commented as he prepared to attack again.

This time, the general dodged his attack and kicked Arlan, heavy enough to make his back collide against the wooden drawer chest behind him. A few more things fell on the floor, only to smash into pieces.

"Tough nut!" Arlan commented as he marched towards the general.

With how messy they were fighting, Arlan knew it was impossible to hope the whole fortress had not heard them fight. Soldiers must have been mobilized to surround the castle. He could only wonder if, at the very least, Drayce managed to reach Abetha's Crown Prince before mayhem broke out.

This time, Arlan's moves were swifter. He managed to close in with the general and hit his mouth with the fist that was gripping his sword.

General Giles stepped back as he felt a light sting in the front row of his tooth. He spat out a canine tooth coated with blood. The inside of his mouth was covered with blood.

The general wiped his mouth as he glared at Arlan.

Arlan gave him teasing and mocking smile. "Don't be angry. Your mouth throws out more shit than your rear. What is blood compared to shit?"

"Enough of this child-play now!" the general growled in anger as he lunged towards Arlan once again.

The more furious this pig became, the more Arlan liked it. But General Giles was not easy to handle, especially now that he was acting berserk due to anger.

"Take it easy, old man. You might sprain your back."

Arlan teased, but the angry general continued to attack him with ferocity. Arlan had no choice but to be more careful and evade those angry hacks. The blades were clashing so hard; they were emitting sparkles with each hit.

Soon, Arlan overpowered the general, taking advantage of his getting tired due to his reckless outburst. Making someone angry and then defeating them later due to their stupidity was Arlan's favorite thing to do.



General Giles's sword fell on the floor, its echo loud inside the enclosed room. The general lost his balance, only to be kicked in the chest again, and his body crashed on the floor.

"You don't deserve to stand in front of me," Arlan said as he pointed his sword towards the general. One reckless move, and he wouldn't mind piercing his sword through his disgusting body.

Instead of being worried at his defeat, the general chuckled. "Do you think you can kill me and get out of here? Your friends must have been captured by now."

Arlan chuckled back. "And do you think we didn't expect these ancient moves from you? How obnoxious. Or should I call you a fool?"

The general only glanced at Arlan, not saying anything.

Arlan continued. "No wonder. Your brain must be in that little soldier down there, a tiny brain that can't think of anything useful."

The general smirked. "Kill me and then see."

"Not so soon, general. I have a better plan for you." A wicked smile painted itself on Arlan's lips. "How about I get rid of your little soldier and leave you to get pleasure through your rear alone?"

General Giles laughed like he heard the funniest joke.

"You are good with words." His laughter stopped and the look in his eyes changed into a mocking one. "However you try, you can't change the fact that you will end up under me tonight."

The general licked the blood from his hurt lips.


The next moment, the door opened and four tall and robust soldiers entered the room, holding their swords towards Arlan.

The general looked at his soldiers. "Even if he kills me now, don't let him leave alive. Bury him with me so that his soul will be disgusted even after death."

Arlan didn't go to the general to take him captive as the general took that option away. He could only stretch his arm and prepare for a more thrilling fight.

The general looked at the calm, composed and still so confident Prince of Griven. Even in the worst situation, the young prince didn't waver or lose his composure, as if he was not scared of anything.

Definitely first class!

"Impressive!" the general exclaimed but his foul mouth couldn't stop spurting out disgusting words. "Now, I don't regret keeping you alive. Will be fun to take you to my bed later."

"In your dream, you pig," Arlan replied as his sight wandered around the door, as if he was waiting for something. Before anyone could react, the next moment, all four soldiers were on the floor as the blood dripped out of their bodies.

Two swords moved so swiftly, not one of the soldiers knew what had happened before they died.

One of the deadly swords belonged to the ever-confident Arlan, while the other belonged to a familiar young man with brown hair.

Unable to move from the floor, General Giles dumbly looked at the corpses of his soldiers, before his shocked gaze moved towards the tall man standing at the door, holding his blood-covered sword to one side.

"Prince Cian?" the general spoke in disbelief.

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