Witch's Daughter And The Devil's Son

Chapter 38: Truly First Class!

Chapter 38:Truly First Class!

When it was finally the turn of their cart to be checked upon reaching the gate, a guard moved the curtain of the cart aside and looked inside.

Drayce spoke humbly as he lowered his gaze to hide his eyes, "For the Marquis's special guest."

The guard immediately understood and closed the curtain right away, but his gaze made Arlan pale. When he glanced at Arlan, it was as if he's saying, 'so he is the one tonight'; however, as a mere guard, he dared not make that demonic special guest wait for his feast.

Disgust was crawling all over Arlan, and he was ready to step out of the cart. "I'm not doing it! I'm not doing it! We already sneaked inside, and this is good enou—"

Drayce held his hand to stop him, "Yes, we are already inside the fortress, but do you want everyone to die?"

Arlan sat back and frowned as he looked at his friend, who was looking back at him calmly. "You sure are enjoying this, Drayce."

"Not until my sword tastes some blood."

All the carts successfully entered the fortress. As they continued to move farther inside, Drayce peeked out by pulling the curtain on his side aside to observe the scenario inside. His mind continued to make plans, although he, of course, would stick to the original one. However, he wanted to be thorough just in case complications arise.

The Barknor Fortress was a military base that had later expanded into a small city. Many buildings that looked like military barracks could be found inside, and although it was nighttime, many people, whether they be civilians or soldiers, were still walking on the streets.

According to the information the spy brought, most of the Thevailes soldiers were resting inside Marquis Godfrey Percy's manor. However, they were permitted to roam around the fortress, as everyone believed that the Abetha's forces were still fighting the army stationed in the southern region of Hatha.

After some time, the carts entered the Marquis's manor once the carts were verified, and they were led in the smaller buildings in the back, where the Thevailes soldiers were resting.

Loud noises of rowdy laughter and vulgar talking could be heard as if drunk people had gathered for entertainment.

As Arlan's cart was already labeled as someone for General Giles Seeiso, it received special treatment, and they were led to enter inside the Marquis's castle, where the higher-ranked guests were staying. Several beautiful women, who looked and moved like they came from brothels, were also being sent in along with them. No-one stopped Drayce and the four guards from escorting the Thevailes general's flavor of the night.

Arlan could sense everyone's strange gaze on him. Their open disgust and pity pierced him again and again, from the guards to even the women from the villages. It was as if everyone knew—no, there's no 'as if'. He was sure that everyone knew the general's preference.

Another disgusted shiver passed through his spine. The urge to run away was strong.

"Be calm," Drayce mumbled beside him, knowing what was happening inside Arlan's mind.

"You have to pay for my suffering. You just wait," Arlan warned through his gritted teeth.

Drayce didn't react as it was not a good idea to provoke his friend at such a crucial time.

They entered a huge hall where one old robust man could be seen sitting on a huge wooden throne-like chair at the head of the banquet table. The finely-crafted wooden table in front of him carried liquor and dishes.

The women who came along with them had dispersed among the officers, making sure at least one of them was accompanying each person. Two of the women went to the general and started serving him liquor. His lustful gaze observed them, and his hands moved accordingly.

Just as Arlan entered the hall with Drayce following him, General Giles's sight zeroed on him as he stood up from the chair. Upon coming closer, Drayce had lowered his head so the general wouldn't notice the color of his eyes. However, it wasn't necessary.

With the way the general's sight was fixed at Arlan, it was impossible he would look at someone else.

The dark-haired man who just entered had to be in his mid-twenties. Upon closer look, the man's long hair that was falling gently over his wide shoulders was not black but more ashy brown in color. It framed a perfectly sculpted face with high cheekbones and a sharp jawline, yet his appearance remained somewhat soft, noble even.

His eyes ought to be the deepest sea blue eyes one could ever see in the continent, with skin the healthy color of wheat, and his luscious lips were red like blood. Even though the man was wearing a simple dark blue garb, it complimented his soulful eyes, and it was open in the chest area, allowing everyone to see the beautifully toned muscles underneath.

The general had seen plenty of good-looking people in his life, but even the favorite concubine he had in his estate paled to the elegant face of the man before him.

Truly first class!

The red-faced older man licked his lips in anticipation, and he could not stop himself from moving closer. It was as if there was nobody inside the hall aside from him and the drop-dead gorgeous man that had entered the hall.

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