Witch's Daughter And The Devil's Son

Chapter 32: Someone Adorable

Chapter 32:Someone Adorable

When Drayce entered King Armen's study, the war meeting was in full swing. He saw Arlan talking to a scarred man who looked like a war veteran, probably discussing the strategy to rescue Prince Cian.

Seeing the arrival of the King of Megaris, everyone in the room bowed to Drayce, except for King Armen and Arlan.

"King Drayce must have known about the situation till now," King Armen said, getting straight to the point.

Drayce nodded, and King Armen directly addressed the issue. "We are in need of help from Megaris. I hope King Drayce will help us. Abetha will make sure to return the favor."

Drayce nodded again before proceeding to accompany everyone around the huge wooden table. It was silent approval that he was willing to help.

Looking at the map, Drayce listened to the discussion for a while. After understanding the progress the men had made so far, he spoke as he pointed his finger at a certain place on the map, "We can take this route to reach Thevailes, through Hatha. It will be faster."

"It won't be easy," Sir Berolt said with a frown.

"That's why we need to sneak in the night. A small elite force that will focus on speed and stealth. Tonight, we have to enter Hatha's border and cover as much distance through this forest."

Arlan looked at Drayce as he gave him a meaningful look. "We are good at sneaking in, aren't we?"

Drayce understood what Arlan meant and looked back at the map. "At first, we will join the Abethan soldiers and Griven soldiers who will attack the northern fortress between Hatha and Abetha with their combined armies, and it will be a large military force the enemies cannot afford to ignore."

"To distract them," the military general concluded, and Drayce nodded.

"This way, Thevailes won't get any help from Hatha, and vice versa," Arlan answered.

General Cavrois looked at the map and spoke again. "Once we rescue the Crown Prince, it will be difficult to return through Hatha. By then, we will be a lone island, and the enemies will have become aware of his escape and will keep watch along the Hatha and Thevailes border."

"Don't worry about it," Drayce concluded with a smirk. He told them what solution he had in mind.

After another round of discussions, the military general spoke towards King Armen, "Your Majesty, as everything is set, we can leave for Thevailes as soon as you order it."

"After having a nice meal," Drayce added.

"Of course," the King of Abetha said, smiling lightly. "We will set off tonight. Eudes, see to the preparations of all the soldiers and knights participating in this campaign."

Lord Eudes bowed. "Yes, Your Majesty."

Drayce continued, "Of course, not just for my soldiers who are accompanying us. Every day, a three-course royal meal for the injured soldiers who will be staying back in Abetha."

Arlan looked at his friend in surprise as he couldn't understand why he suddenly made such a specific demand. Not like his soldiers would starve in Abetha in his absence.

"King Drayce can rest assured," said King Armen.

After everything was decided, they left the study and went to prepare for the upcoming battle.

On the way back to his bedchamber, Drayce turned to his personal knight who was accompanying him. "You know what to do, Slayer."

"Everything is set, Your Majesty," the knight called Slayer replied.

Arlan was walking with them. Looking at his friend's calm expression,? he realized what his friend really meant when he said the King of Abetha might need their help. "You were already aware that this would happen."

"Did you really think I would come this far to another kingdom just because you begged me a few times to attend the engagement ceremony of your brother? I have my own kingdom to rule and am not so free."

"King Drayce thinks so highly of himself," Arlan commented drily as he added, "And I did not beg."

Drayce stopped walking and turned to look at his knight, who walked behind them.


"Yes, Your Majesty?"

"Refresh Prince Arlan's memory of the way he asked me to come to Abetha."

This sudden demand caught the knight off guard. His expression turned awkward. 'Is His Majesty asking me to act like Prince Arlan?'

Slayer was a nickname he earned due to his merits in every battle he participated in. He was a merciless and brave knight on the battlefield, but at this moment, he felt like he would rather die.

He wanted to scream, but he had no courage to disobey his King's order.

"Wait, wait! No need," Arlan interrupted them, and the knight gave out a sigh of relief as he stared at him like a savior.

As he observed the knight, Arlan continued, "It will be cruel for me to personally see Slayer destroying my nobility and elegance. To act like me, you should better choose someone wickedly handsome like me."

Drayce ignored Arlan and said coldly. "Slayer!"

"Y-Yes, Your Majesty?" The knight was ready to act, putting on a face as if he's ready to be executed.

"Okay! I admit I insisted a little bit more," Arlan interrupted, and again, the knight felt relieved. Arlan continued, "Rather than begging, you can say it was a request filled with a high level of desperation."

Drayce gave him a cold glare, and Arlan finally backed down.

"Let poor stomachs enjoy the hosting of the Royal House of Ilven," Drayce replied.

Arlan looked at Drayce's knight, Slayer. "Such a soft-hearted king the Kingdom of Megaris has."


This sudden remark on his cruel and cold King startled the knight, and couldn't help but cough in surprise.

Ignoring the two, Drayce returned to his bedchamber. Someone was waiting for him, sitting on the window sill.

It was a majestic and proud eagle.

Drayce went to him, and he caressed his back.

"Seems like you enjoyed the rat," Drayce commented and then noticed something. "Did something scare you?"

The bird was quiet, and Drayce asked again in disbelief, "Who dared to scare you?"

The eagle rubbed his beak against Drayce's hand as a response. "Did someone scare you saying, 'I am a witch. I can burn you'?"

Drayce couldn't help but laugh remembering this. Seren said it to the rat, just in time for Drayce's ears to catch it.

There was no reaction from the bird, which signaled he was saying yes to what his owner said. Drayce asked again. "Was the starving kitten aiming to eat you?"

The bird lightly pecked his beak on Drayce's palm twice. Drayce understood he was not wrong this time. Drayce couldn't help but laugh again and didn't know what to think about this little kitten.

Even when she was in trouble, she would never forget to show her fake courageous act. She was interesting, and for the first time, he thought of someone as adorable.

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