Witcher: I Can Extract Everything

Chapter 256: The Bottom of the Sea

Chapter 256: The Bottom of the Sea

Ka ka ka… The sound of teeth chattering could be heard.

Nina hid behind heath, revealing half of her head as she looked in front of her in fear. Her entire body seemed to be trembling from fear.

She said in fear, “Heath… could… could there be a ghost…”

The corner of Heath’s mouth twitched. Although… It really felt like that… Was it really appropriate for her to say that?

He shook Nina off. “Stop fooling around.”

Nina curled her lips in boredom and put away her solo performance. “You have no sense of humor at all. How boring.”

Heath did not reply but walked towards the bow of the ship.

At this moment, the sailboat had stopped. He looked at the dark sea that was filled with wreckage and shouted, “Is anyone there?”

“Is anyone there…”


Countless echoes came from the open sea, but the voice that came from far away did not receive any response.

Heath then released his spiritual power. If there were Wizards around, they would definitely be able to sense it. However, even after waiting on the deck for a long time, there was still no response.

He asked with a puzzled expression, “Is there no one?”

Shipwreck Bay belonged to a resource area. For foreign Wizards like Heath to enter and collect materials, they usually had to obtain the consent of the Wizard organization that belonged to the resource area.

“It’s probably because the person isn’t here…”

After shouting twice, there was still no response. Heath could only put it aside and wait for someone to explain it to him.

With this in mind, he set off the Wizard ship again.

After driving for more than ten minutes, they arrived at an empty sea area. It seemed to be a hillside surrounded by many reefs. There should be land under it.

Heath said, “Let’s go down and take a look.”

“Yes, Captain!”

Heath came to the side of the deck and took out a palm-sized iron box from his interspatial ring. After opening the box, there were two strange objects soaked in an unknown translucent liquid. They looked like fish gills.

Mermaid Sea Gills.

Equipped with it, a Wizard could have the ability of a mermaid, freely breathing and living underwater.

Taking out the Mermaid Sea Gills, Heath placed them on both sides of his cheeks, and then gently chanted an activation spell.

Immediately, the Mermaid Sea Gills began to squirm. Tiny holes opened up on the gills and stuck tightly to Heath’s chin. After a strange feeling, two gills appeared on both sides of Heath’s cheeks.


Heath jumped into the water, and a long string of bubbles appeared on the surface of the sea.

A strong suffocation quickly swept up, but soon, with the opening of the Mermaid Sea Gills, the seawater filtered out fresh oxygen from the gills and re-supplied to Heath’s respiratory tract, and the suffocation disappeared.

Huff! Huff! Huff! As Heath breathed, his gills swayed like squirming aquatic plants.

After getting used to his new respiratory system, Heath began to explore forward.

He let go of his limbs and let himself slowly fall to the bottom of the sea.

Due to the Dark Cloud Beast’s coverage, the light in this area of the sea was not very good. After diving into the water, the light became dimmer and dimmer, almost to the point where one could not see one’s own fingers. His vision completely fell into darkness.

This darkness continued for a few minutes before it finally changed.

A dot of light appeared at the bottom of the sea.

It was a small dot of light that was slightly blue. From a distance, it looked like a firefly dancing in the night sky.

As it continued to descend, the faint firefly-like dot of light began to slowly grow. First, it was a fist, then a head. At the same time, more and more faint blue dots of light appeared around it.

They were already several hundred meters underwater.

After sinking for a while, the blue light spot finally revealed its true appearance. It was…


These glowing creatures were actually jellyfish. Their bodies were suffused with blue light, and the blue light scattered out through their translucent bodies to form a light source.

These jellyfish were densely packed. They were not at the bottom of the sea in groups. They were like high-hanging lights, and the entire sea area was brightly lit because of their presence.

The magnificent scenery below was also clearly displayed in front of Heath’s eyes.

Below was an undulating mountain range. The undulating mountain slope was covered by various undersea vegetation such as corals, aquatic plants, and mosses.

Crabs, shrimps, and shellfish hid in the thick vegetation, devouring seaweed, or eating the passing microorganisms of small fish, and so on.

All kinds of colorful sea fish scuttled between the mountain range, passing through the corals, passing through the mountain slope, and densely gathered together like a whirlpool at the bottom of the sea.

Quiet, harmonious, beautiful, and gorgeous.

These were the adjectives that Heath could think of, but it was not enough to describe this magnificent and magical scenery.

“So… beautiful…”

Nina looked at everything in front of her in a daze. Her eyes were filled with all kinds of colors. This was something that she had never come into contact with since she had been studying in the academy.

Heath nodded and praised, “I’ve heard that the scenery at the bottom of the sea in the Golden Islands is the most outstanding scenery in the Old Land.”

“Such beauty is indeed rare.” Nina shouted happily, “Ah, there are so many fish. I want to join them too.”

As she spoke, she twisted her body and turned into a translucent fish. With a swish of her tail, she jumped up and joined the fish.

The good thing about spirit bodies was that without a physical body, their bodies could freely change their form. From a certain point of view, any spirit body was a master of shapeshifting, and if the spirit body was willing, it could maintain this form forever.

“Pay attention to your soul power.”

After giving a simple reminder, Heath also began his work.

He looked around and considered his target.

He had never come into contact with the creatures under the water before. Basically, any creature could have its attributes extracted from it.

Thus, after scanning around, Heath did not hesitate. He casually grabbed the jellyfish in front of him. Under the effect of the Wizard’s Hand, the jellyfish quickly flew into Heath’s hand.

Heath grabbed it and observed it.

Its appearance was similar to that of an ordinary jellyfish. It had a large umbrella-shaped body and transparent soft tissue. The difference was that there was a blue ball of light in the middle of these jellyfish. It looked like a glowing lamp.

He had read about this jellyfish in a book before. It was a demonized creature called the Sea Lamp Jellyfish. It belonged to the low-level Apprentice level. It was very weak and did not have much fighting strength. Its body contained a lethal poison. Therefore, it would not become food for other sea creatures.

They lived on the seabed. Because they could emit light like lamps, they had this name. This was also one of the important sources of light in the underwater world.

Taking out his dagger, Heath aimed at the jellyfish’s center and stabbed it.

Some blue blood that looked like fog spread in the water. The jellyfish that was shaking stopped struggling, and the blue light in its body dimmed like an extinguished candle.

What could this thing extract?

Heath held the jellyfish’s body with excitement and anticipation. He thought to himself, ‘Extract.’

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