Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 782 - Chapter 782: Flower Knight (5)

Chapter 782: Flower Knight (5)

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His right eye was wearing a weird-looking single-rimmed glasses. The glasses seemed to be made of some kind of polished crystal, with extremely complicated miniature arrays and runes carved on them.

Levi held the casting materials in his hand and chanted the incantation for Sun Flame Explosion. Soon, five golden flames grew in size in his hand, spinning and fusing rapidly. Finally, they turned into a golden sun with a diameter of about ten meters.

The golden flames were thrown out and exploded.

The shockwave from the flames engulfed Levi.

Boom, flames soared into the sky.

At the same time, numbers began to appear on the lenses of Levi’s glasses.

[Attack energy detected. Attack strength coefficient: 33 Cas.]

“Sun Flame Explosion cultivated to Perfection, its attack strength is 33 Cas… Not bad. After all, the upper limit of a third-circle spell’s attack power is only 39 Cas. This kind of power is enough to shatter most of the third-circle defensive field. This wizard named Caslot is a genius. He actually invented this thing.”

Levi took off his glasses and put them away.

These single-rimmed glasses were called [Caslot’s Eye]. It was a small tool developed by a high-ranking wizard in the Wizard World called Caslot a few years ago. So far, it had not been mass-produced, so most low-level wizards did not know about this thing at all.

It was because Levi had gotten to know Rose that he had learned about this item from the Witch’s Family. He then spent 3,000 Aether Stones to buy one to try it out.

It was said that if it were not for the war, the Wizard Council would have been ready to promote the [Caslot’s Eye] in the wizard civilization.

At the same time, a system to classify the attack power of spells would be gradually applied. That was the “Caslot’s Test”.

This test method would change the messy and inconsistent spell strength grading system of the previous wizard civilization. It would abolish the so-called S, A, B, C, and other general grades.

From then on, all attack spells would be measured and judged by the ‘Caslot’s Strength’ that could be achieved after the spell was cultivated to the limit, without any other amplification variables, or simply ‘Cas’ in short.

The standard of 1 Cas was based on the Fireball Technique as a basis of comparison.

A Perfection Fireball Technique would have an attack power of 1 Cas.

The upper limit of the attack power of a first-circle spell was 3 Cas, a second-circle spell was 12 Cas, and a third-circle spell was 39 Cas.

The upper limit was the theoretical limit that a spell could reach. Generally speaking, only those standard S-rank spells could reach the upper limit when cultivated to Perfection.

The attack power of most spells was very far from their upper limit, and the further one went, the larger the range of spell attack power.

Under normal circumstances, the power of the Sun Flame Explosion was only around 27 Cas, which was already very strong.

Levi was able to reach a terrifying 33 Cas because of the Aether Dominance Special Effect and the amplification of the Fire Dragon True Form. He was only 6 Cas away from the theoretical limit.

But these 6 Cas stumped 99% of the third-circle spell.

“With this Wizard Tool, it will be of great help to me in testing the power of my spells and in choosing a suitable innate spell for myself. If I can synthesize an offensive spell with an upper limit of 39 Cas, then with the addition of the Special Effect, my actual attack power will definitely exceed 40 Cas, reaching the lower limit of a fourth-circle spell.”

In other words, if Levi had a full set of top-grade third-circle spells that could reach the upper limit of his attack, he would be able to fight against an ordinary fourth-circle wizard even without relying on the path of knights.

After all, the highest-quality third-circle spell was not much different from the most trashy fourth-circle spell.

Of course, top-grade spells were extremely rare. For ordinary wizards, it was much more difficult to obtain a top-grade third-circle spell than an ordinary fourth-circle spell. It was not worth it.

However, for Levi, with the proficiency panel, as long as he had enough low-level spells, he could synthesize top-grade spells.

To Levi, top-grade spells were like equipment that had no level restrictions in an old online game in his previous life. This allowed Levi, a level 3 player, to use level 4 equipment in advance.

“That’s right. When I wear the glasses in the future, I can also detect the strength of the enemy’s spell attacks. This way, the battle will be more number based and it will be less likely to fail.”

It was worth mentioning that Caslot’s Eye could only test spells below high-level spells. As for high-level spells, grand spells, and legendary spells, there was no way to measure them at the moment.

After reaching the high-level realm, the spell’s strength would undergo a huge change compared to before. It would already exceed the range of the instrument’s measurement.

Levi tested the other third-circle spell he had. The Glacial Sword Finger which was at the Maximum at level 8 had an attack power of 20 Cas, which was far inferior to Sun Flame Explosion.

Thunderbird was 12 Cas, which was the theoretical limit of a second-circle spell. Sword Blade Storm was 10 Cas, and Glacier Descent was 9 Cas.

“Oh right, let’s see if I can test the strength of my physical attack.”

Levi revealed his normal Fire Dragon True Form and punched out. Boom! It was accompanied by the pouring of energy.

In the void before his eyes, the number began to soar.

In the end, the intensity factor stopped at around 30 Cas.

“Under the normal Fire Dragon True Form, an ordinary punch can actually produce a power of 30 Cas… If I use the [Serious Punch] of the Furious Dragon Lord and the Giant Dragon Warrior, I’m afraid it’ll be more than a hundred.”

Levi tried the Destruction Sword Qi again. A greyish-white air current surged out from the longsword and shot out with a loud bang, piercing through gold and breaking rocks!

[Attack strength coefficient: 39 Cas]

“This has actually already reached the limit of the third-circle. If this has the form buff, it would probably be able to reach a hundred Cas as well.”

Looking at it, Levi felt that he had done it again. After all, the theoretical upper limit of a fourth-circle attack was only 200 Cas.

After testing his combat strength, Levi immediately returned to the Nether Capital.

In a few days, he would be going to explore the secret realm. He had to make some preparations.

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