Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 591 - Chapter 591: Knight’s Origin, First Transformation of the Blood Source vs Ordinary Third-circle! (2)

Chapter 591: Knight’s Origin, First Transformation of the Blood Source vs Ordinary Third-circle! (2)

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“Master, I… I don’t know either. I’ve been strong since I was young,” Algerta said with his head lowered.

“Don’t be too reserved. I’m a gentle pharmacist, not a great evil person. I won’t do anything to you.”

“I just want to find some people to help me do things. As long as you are obedient, listen well to orders, and don’t cause trouble, you will definitely be much more comfortable here than in the black market,” Levi said.

The four fur clansmen nodded desperately.

“There isn’t much to do today. You can familiarize yourself with the environment of the wizard tower first. I’ll stay on the third floor, Algerta on the second floor, and the three of you on the first floor.”


After settling them down, Levi took some blood from them and returned to his bedroom.

Then, he took out the Rowling Crystal ball to see the bloodline composition of the fur clan.

First, it was Tiga’s.

[Unknown beast bloodline 27%, unknown humanoid bloodline 70%, human bloodline 56%…]

“As expected, the closest bloodline of the fur clan is still human or humanoid.”

Judging from the performance of the Rowling Crystal ball, even Lady Rowling seemed to have achieved very little research on the fur clan. All the bloodline was “unknown.”

Perhaps such a clan was not worth studying for wizards.

That was because the fur clan was too weak.

Other than being born with a strong physique and being good at physical techniques, they had no other use.

The upper limit of physical techniques was extremely low, and they could not be compared to spells at all.

The remaining Simba and Vada had similar bloodlines as Tiga.

They all had the bloodline of unknown beasts.

Last but not the least, Algerta’s bloodline was the same as well.

However, what was different about Algerta was that she had a bloodline that Levi was very familiar with.

[Silver Frost Wolf Bloodline 10%…]

“Silver Frost Wolf. Isn’t this the Primordial Ancestor of the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique?”

Levi muttered to himself.

He seemed to know the reason why Algerta was stronger than the other white wolves.

“The Frost Wolf Breathing Technique is only of shallow quality, or perhaps third-rate at best. Therefore, the inherent level of the Silver Frost Wolf should be quite low.”

Even if the [Silver Frost Wolf] himself came.

Levi estimated that the true level was only at the level of a mid-tier transcendent creature.

Therefore, even though the Silver Frost Wolf bloodline in Algeta’s body had reached 10%, it was only at the level of a top-tier grand Imight.

Compared to the bloodline in Levi’s body.

His Golden Snake Bloodline density was also 10%, but he was already a Blood Knight that was several levels higher than a top-tier grand knight.

This was the difference in the level of the breathing technique origin.

This also meant that if Levi had insisted on cultivating the Frost Wolf Breathing Technique back then…

Under the condition that it did not mutate, it could simply merge with other breathing techniques to break through the limit.

If the Frostwolf Breathing Technique was cultivated to the ancestral realm, it would be at the level of a mid-tier transcendent creature.

If one wanted to walk the path of bloodline, especially a bloodline that wasn’t theirs, such as the Silver Frost Wolf…

Then they would definitely not be able to surpass the Primordial Ancestor at the end of this path.

This was the limitation of bloodline!

After the Black Snake Breathing Technique had broken through its limits time and time again, it fused with the mutated Golden Horn Breathing Technique. The newly born Golden Snake Breathing Technique had long since broken through the limitations of the Primordial Ancestor.

If Levi cultivated the Golden Snake Breathing Technique to the extreme, reaching the level of the original Golden Snake, then he would be at a much higher level than the original Black Snake, and also higher than the Golden Horned Beast.

That was why he had to constantly mutate. Through mutation, he could jump out of the framework set by the Primordial Ancestor and break through the bloodline ceiling that was restricting him!

Levi would definitely not walk the path of the Primordial Ancestor. He wanted to surpass them!

He would create his own path of evolution for an ultimate creature!

The next day.

Levi woke up from his cultivation and heard the sound of footsteps below.

Algerta was tidying up some junk in the wizard tower.

“Algerta, what are you doing?” Levi asked.

“Master, I’m cleaning up the house. Isn’t this my job?” Algerta asked.

“There’s no need. The wizard tower has a magic circle. It can automatically organize itself after a period of time.” Levi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Then what can I do?” Algeta felt uneasy if she didn’t work.

She was worried that she would be useless to Levi and that she would send her back to the slave black market, where she would be teased by some wretched people all day long.

It was rare for Algerta to see a master who was uninterested in her like Levi.

She knew that she could not escape the fate of being a slave for the rest of her life, so she wanted to live as well as possible.

“I don’t need you to do these things. If you want to do something, I have two sword skills here. I heard that the fur clan is good at physical skills. Why don’t you try?” Levi took out the Gray Destruction Cross Slash and Golden Cross Slash Inheritance and handed them to Algerta.

“What? Master, can I learn the sword too?” Algerta blinked. Her wolf ears stood up, and her furry tail wagged. She looked a little incredulous.

“How are you going to protect me if you don’t learn the sword?” Levi smiled.

“I… My previous master didn’t let me touch weapons,” said Algerta.

After receiving the longsword from Levi, she skillfully performed a few sword moves on the spot.

“Looks like you have some foundation,” Levi said.

“Yes, I’ve seen others practice it before…” said Algeta.

Levi’s eyes lit up. It seemed that the talent of the fur clan was indeed not bad..

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