Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 202 - Chapter 202: Return of the King! (2)

Chapter 202: Return of the King! (2)

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“I, Baron Levi, want to go home, that’s all!” After Levi finished speaking, he turned into an arrow.


His speed was breakneck. He turned into a black blur and disappeared from the eyes of the guards on the city gate tower.

At the same time, a terrifyingly thick Black Gas Entwined formed around Levi’s palm.

Inside Levi’s body were the Black Snake, Giant Rhinoceros, Red Lotus, and Ostrich Mountain Life Seeds. They roared.

Levi had not gone all out since the battle with the Duke of Montenegro Mountain.

After such a long cultivation period, his strength was no longer the same as before. With the support of many top-notch Special Effects, he had already reached a terrifying level!

The Advanced Ripple Force gathered in Levi’s right palm.

This was Levi’s full-powered attack!

He was confident that no grand knight, not even the Fist of the Empire, could withstand this attack!


Golden Ripple Divine Palm!

With a palm strike, ripples bubbled, air currents rotated, gathered, and exploded!


Under Levi’s palm, the thick iron city gate suddenly deformed and dented!



After a few palm strikes, Levi stood in front of his burly body.

The city gate, which required a siege beast to break through, collapsed with a bang.

Dust flew into the air, and the soldiers behind were dumbfounded.

They thought that some giant beast was attacking the city gate.

But now, it was a person.

What kind of monster was this?

Even a grand knight             break the city gate with his bare hands.

Was he still human?

At this moment, Levi did not look like a human.

His entire body was covered in black gas, and his whole person was like a black fog giant.

His eyes were filled with killing intent.

“I am Baron Levi, the Lord of the Tulip Hill. Next, I will take over the city that belongs to me. Put down your weapons! Whoever launches a sneak attack shall die!”

When Levi finished speaking, the few soldiers facing him dropped their weapons in fear.

“Sam, come, carry out my order!” Levi said.

Then, the three brothers charged into the city with earth-shattering steps. Sam also led the Blood Red Cavalry and other soldiers into the city.

The Red Willow Divine Sword on the city tower was shocked.

He was amazed by Levi’s courage, but he was even more shocked by Levi’s strength.

“A top-tier grand knight?”

“Even the Black Snake Knight is nothing special in this world, right?” However, the Red Willow Divine Sword decided to do something.

Levi’s actions were no different from slapping his face.

“You trespassed into Flower City. I will punish you according to the laws of the kingdom!” The Red Willow Divine Sword leaped up from the city tower and slashed down at Levi with a sword technique that descended from the sky. Levi pulled out Frostmourne and used Golden Cross Slash to block!


One sword clash, the victor was decided!

The Red Willow Divine Sword trembled violently. His sword kept shaking and wailing as if in great pain.

“This person’s sword skill level is not inferior to mine!” This caused Red Willow Divine Sword to go numb.

Who was this god?

F*ck! With his strength, even the Nation Guarding Divine Sword, the leader of the Seven Godly Swords, would not defeat him.

But at this point, he could not retreat.

As he ordered his soldiers to surround Levi’s soldiers, he took the lead and charged toward Levi again.

Levi sneered. He could quickly kill the Red Willow Divine Sword if he fully unleashed his strength.

However, with so many people, he naturally would not use any abilities related to wizards.

However, just relying on the breathing technique was enough to defeat Red Willow Divine Sword!

They fought.

The three brothers charged forward, following behind the Blood Red Cavalry and killing the enemies. Instantly, blood flowed like a river, and flowers were covered in blood.

Under Levi’s attacks, the Red Willow Divine Sword was like a small boat that could capsize any moment. He was forced into a corner by Levi.

After so many moves, his sword had already been broken by Levi. Now that he was holding a broken sword, Red Willow Divine Sword was dumbfounded. “Seven Godly Swords? It seems like you’re not much, after all!”

Levi grabbed his broken sword with his large hand and struck out with his Golden Ripple Divine Palm!

With a single palm strike, Red Willow Divine Sword flew around like a broken catkin- This nalm strike would not take Red Willow Divine Sword’s life-

However, this palm strike had already crippled the Red Willow Divine Sword’s Life Seeds.

His grand knight cultivation was gone…

The Red Willow Divine Sword was already unconscious. His entire strength lay in his sword skills.

He could not turn the situation around because his sword skills were ripped away.

Levi picked up the Red Willow Divine Sword and shouted from the city tower.

“Those who don’t want to die, put down your weapons!”

Levi was like a demonic god, exuding a peerless aura. His black gas covered the sky, and the Red Willow Divine Sword hung weakly in his hand.

When the soldiers in the chaotic battle saw that their commander had been taken down, they immediately lost their will to fight.

It had only been a few minutes since the battle started, and the Red Willow Divine Sword, one of the Seven Godly Swords under the King, had already been taken down by the other party.

There was no need to continue fighting with such a vast disparity in strength.

The three brothers and the Blood Red Cavalry killed some who resisted.

According to the law, Levi could have defended himself against such an act.

Soon, this farce ended.

Levi ordered his subordinates to arrange for the captives who had surrendered.

He looked at the dazed civilians in the city.

“Everything will be the same as before. Remember that your lord is Baron Black Snake,” Levi smiled.

“Baron Black Snake…Are you Baron Black Snake?” Some of the older residents could not believe it..

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